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Why Moving to Southern NH Might be Your Best Decision Yet


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Are you thinking about moving to a new place? Have you thought about moving to Southern NH? This beautiful part of New England has so much to offer, from beautiful nature to a thriving business and tech scene. So before you call moving companies Southern NH, here is why moving to Southern NH might be your best decision yet.

Best cities in Southern NH to move to

There are lots of beautiful towns and cities in Southern NH and each one of these has its own unique charm. Here are the best cities that are totally worth moving to with the help of apartment movers Merrimack NH.

Nashua, Southern NH
There are many beautiful cities in Southern NH.


This is the second biggest city in New Hampshire and it has a population of about 91.000 residents. It’s a popular destination for tech companies. HP, BAE Systems, and Dell have a presence in Nashua. Also, the city has a lively downtown with many shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.


This is the biggest city in the state with a population of about 115.000 residents. This city is a hub for healthcare, technology, and education offering lots of job opportunities. Companies such as DEKA, Dyn, and Anthem are in Manchester. Also, the city’s culture and arts scene is growing with lots of galleries, theaters, and museums to explore. If all this sounds good to you, consider hiring moving companies Manchester NH for a stress-free relocation.


This is a charming coastal city that has a population of around 22.000 citizens. Its history is interesting and rich, going back to the 1600s. There are some interesting historical sites in the city too. These include USS Albacore Museum and Strawbery Banke Museum. Also, the downtown area is vibrant with lots of unique bars, shops, and restaurants.

Southern NH is a good place for nature lovers

If you spend lots of time outdoors, then this place is going to be perfect for you. There are miles of biking and hiking trails, large parks and reserves to explore, and lots of lakes and rivers that are great for fishing and kayaking. This means that there’s no shortage of nature to enjoy. Some of the must-visit places for nature lovers include Mount Monadnock, Lake Winnipesaukee, White Mountains National Fores, and Pawtuckaway State Park. If all of these sound good to you, make sure to hire movers Merrimack NH for a quick and easy move. 

lake with the forest around it
The nature in Southern NH is beautiful.

Pros and cons of living in Southern NH

Just like with any other location, there are also pros and cons of living in Southern NH. These are the main ones you should consider.

Pros of moving to Southern NH

  • Amazing scenery: Southern NH has charming landscapes with beautiful forests, stunning landscapes, and sparkling rivers and lakes.
  • Low crime rates: Southern NH is a safe place to live because many towns and cities have low crime rates.
  • High-quality education: There are lots of great private and public schools in Southern NH.
  • Thriving economy: The economy in Southern NH is growing with a focus on tech, education, and healthcare.
  • Proximity to Boston: Southern NH is close to Boston meaning you will have easy access to everything the city has to offer if you move here.

Cons of moving to Southern NH

  • High cost of living: Housing costs in Southern NH are higher in comparison to the national average.
  • The winters are harsh: Winters in New England are harsh and cold with snow and ice being around even in the spring.
  • Public transportation is limited: Even though some towns and cities have public transport, they aren’t as extensive as in bigger cities meaning that having a car is a must.

A Hub for business and technology

Southern NH is home to a growing business and tech scene. There are many companies that have moved here because of the region’s talented workforce and good economy. Some of the notable industries in Southern NH include education, technology, and healthcare. The biggest employers in these fields are Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Oracle, and Southern New Hampshire University.

man and woman shaking hands
Moving to Southern NH will give you lots of job opportunities

One of the biggest reasons why Southern NH is a business and tech hub is because it’s close to Boston. Lots of companies move here because they have access to Boston’s talent pool and resources without having a high cost of living and working. This created an interesting ecosystem with a blend of startups and established companies that work together to drive growth and innovation.

Rich history and culture

The history of Southern NH goes back to colonial times. Most of the towns and cities have kept historical buildings and landmarks. This allows anyone to go back in time and see what life was like ago a few hundred years ago. The most popular historical sites in the region include:

  • Strawbery Banke Museum: This is a living history museum. It’s located in Portsmouth and it has lots of historic buildings that were restored to their original condition.
  • Canterbury Shaker Village: This is a village in Canterbury. It’s a national historic landmark featuring dozens of Shaker buildings.
  • Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site: This used to be the home and studio of Augustus Saint-Guadens, however, today it’s a park and a museum.

In addition to its rich history, the region also has a growing arts and culture scene. Most of the cities have galleries, museums, and theaters that display national and local talent. Some of the popular destinations include The Palace Theatre, The Currier Museum of Art, and The Music Hall.

In conclusion

Moving to Southern NH will be great for anyone who loves history, nature, and innovation. Whether you are looking for a laid-back relaxed town or a bustling city, there are lots of options to choose from. With its amazing scenery, good economy, and rich culture, Souther NH is a great place to call home.


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