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What to pack first and what last when leaving Merrimack


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Everything comes to an end eventually. Even for a small and humble town such as Merrimack, the time has come to move on with your life in pursuit of something new. At first thought, it seems like a logical and smooth idea, but then you question yourself, what to pack first and what last when leaving Merrimack? We’re not saying that doubting yourself is good, but it is the first step toward answers. And as a matter of fact, we will go through the essentials of moving to avoid the stress that comes with it. Doing this last minute is a hell of a job and it can end up in complete disarray. So start by getting whatever information you can from experts. Movers Southern NH will help you out. Not only are they seasoned moving professionals but they can also give you advice on preparation for the move.

Make a list of all your belongings

Note down your evidence of everything you want to relocate. It’s important to know what you’re dealing with to even have a slight idea of how to start planning, let alone packing. The whole process requires thorough and detailed planning. That way you’ll be sure that you packed everything correctly without mistakes when you unpack in your brand-new home. But you will also, in the meantime, likely stumble upon valuables such as books or movies that are no longer of any interest to you. Try to declutter whenever is possible during the whole process. You should always have a couple of boxes prepared for items that you simply forgot about and wouldn’t think would catch you off guard. This goes for all segments of packing your belongings. Before you get into the praxis part of work you should ask yourself if you are prepared both mentally and equipment-wise.

Make sure that you have the right amount of supplies for packing

Supplies for relocation are inevitable. The following tools are essential to any kind of relocation:

  • boxes, lots of boxes
  • box cutter
  • scissors
  • markers
  • labels
  • bubble wraps
  • stretch wrap
  • tapes

    A smiling girl sitting between a pile of boxes
    Boxes are accessible and easy to find. There’s never enough of them in a relocating process

Fragile items require special care

This segment is a special one on its own. You need to take special care with these items throughout the whole process of packing and relocating. Vases, glasses, bowls, and dishes are just one of the many items we all own and it requires proper nursing. However, if you happen to own uncommon belongings, for instance, musical instruments, or laboratory equipment, packing services Merrimack NH got you covered. The movers are specialized for that matter as well but should be noted about before the deal is reached. Feel free to contact them at any given time.

A few crucial tips before you initiate what to pack first and what last

Each type of item has a special approach for protection. What applies to almost everything is that boxes should be filled so that there is no space between the items for them to shake. However dinnerware, for example, should be placed vertically and not horizontally so that they don’t endure pressure from above. Also using thick and sturdy boxes and flimsy is crucial for that matter. Secure the bottom of the box with extra strips of tape. Those are just one of many pieces of advice on how to be sure that everything is packed in’s the right place. Now that we got that out of the way, we can move on to the main topic of what to pack first and what last when leaving Merrimack.

A man and a woman securing furniture with wrapping bubbles
Making sure everything gets back in one piece is a delicate skill

Books, records, and anything of decorative nature is what you got to pack first

Essentially, your mission will be to pack as much as you can. These are your belongings after all and with you, they are the safest. Take care of the smaller goods while the reliable and swift movers Merrimack NH do the harder part of the job for you. The main idea here is to free the shelves and cupboards, as well as picture frames from the walls and any kind of decorative artwork. Books, DVDs, CDs, video games, or even albums. They go together in the same category because as much as it means to all of us, it is not of essential significance. After all, you could single out a box that will be within the reach of your hand. If you can’t memorize the box, labeling solves all the trouble.

Clothes and shoes

It’s time to go through your clothes. Begin with seasonal clothing that you aren’t currently wearing. Start packing coats and jackets now if your move is in the summer. Pack your shorts and tank tops if you’re moving in the winter. You should be left with your current wardrobe once you’ve finished. Reduce your wardrobe to the clothes you intend to wear in the coming weeks and store any extras until after your move. The same applies to shoes.

The priority box is what you’re gonna pack last before movers come

Try to pack this part about a week or less before the movers come to take care of the big stuff. With most of your non-essential stuff packed away, you should be left with items that you use on a regular basis or that you will need back soon as you move in. This box or boxes should be your priority until the day when it lands at your new address. Memorize where you will put it, or label it for yourself to know and put it in the most obvious and reachable place. We’re talking about essential items such as sanitization items, toothbrushes, cleaning supplies, gadgets and electronics, and linens. You will need it very often after all, and some of it is being used daily.

A picture of somebodies hand writting down what to pack first and what last
Making thorough planning only means you know what to pack first and what last when leaving Merrimack

Decluttering can make someone else’s day happier

A little extra you can do if you followed our advice on having a spare box for unimportant and damaged items. If you did then you are likely to have a decent chunk of material for decluttering. Damaged items are as good as trash. You could check out whether is there anything that can be recycled. And for the rest, you can look over to who you can gift it. Whether is it for charity or a gift to a companion, it’s up to you to decide on whose day you will delight.

Be sure that the path is clear

Before the big day, it would be smart to double-check and clear the path from furniture and bulky items that leads toward the exit. Carrying heavy furniture can be a potentially dangerous task, which is why the movers need a clear path. The last thing that everybody needs is a mover injured in his work, and a tiny piece of marble is enough to do the job.

We hope that we delivered useful tips on what to pack first and what last when leaving Merrimack and gave you the courage to carry on this journey. To be completely sure in this pursuit, contact interstate moving companies New Hampshire to finalize a flawless moving. Everyone deserves a seamless and stress-free moving after all the hard work, and in the end, it all undoubtedly pays off.


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