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What to learn about Londonderry before moving


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Perhaps the best part of any relocation is getting to know a new place. Starting over and discovering things about your new home, can be exciting. And there are sure to be tons of fun places and activities you can stumble upon even in the smallest town. You’ll get a complete picture if you add practical and general information about your surroundings. We did a little research for you to learn about Londonderry before moving. Just so you know what to expect once you get there. Southern New Hampshire movers and our top-notch services will ensure you have a stress-free moving experience. An easy relocation is a great head start for your brand-new life in a new town. Let’s start with the positive vibes and learn a few interesting facts about Londonderry NH. 

History of  Londonderry, New Hampshire

Don’t let its size and population misguide you, a lot is happening in this little town. According to the 2020 census, the population exceeded 25000 and still growing. It’s a small family-friendly town, that offers a rural feel to its residents, while it’s at the same time sort of a Boston suburb. It was founded by Irish and Scottish settlers back in 1718. They called it Nutfield because of the dense nut forests in that area. Four years later they changed its name to Londonderry, after the town of the same name in Ireland from which many fled. Before Irish settlers came, it was inhabited primarily by Native American tribes, mostly Penacook Abenaki. Only rare items of pottery and arrowheads testify to their presence in these areas.

old farms in the countryside
Londonderry has a rich and interesting history.

In the early years, the population was engaged in the production of linen, which brought it fame. Even George Washington wore clothes made of Londonderry linen. They also started growing apples early, so already in 1800, there were several local orchards.

Apples made this small town famous

Even today, Londonderry is famous for its apple orchards. Growing apples has become a lucrative business, providing many people with jobs. It is the engine that drives the whole area forward, which affects sales, housing, the job market, etc. There are four major farms, and the most famous and oldest is Mack’s Apples. A small family orchard founded in 1732, has survived many turbulent times and turned into a successful business. During the picking season, you can spend a day at the farm, picking apples and pumpkins, and tasting pies, fresh cider, and other farm products. Apart from this one, there are 3 more working orchards in the area. 

  • Sunnycrest farm
  • Elwood Orchard
  • Moose Hill Orchard

 Learn about Londonderry before moving and the quality of living in it

Londonderry may not be the cheapest city to live in, but its other qualities easily make up for it. Namely, except for the prices of healthcare and transport, other items are above the national average. A family of four needs about $4463 per month, rent included. However, the median household income is $107, 686 which is pretty much wealthy compared to the rest of the US. This is supported by the fact that the average income of its residents is 40,369 dollars. Whilst the national average earnings are only $28555. According to, Londonderry’s overall index of life quality is 120, which is 1.2 times higher than the national average. This is quite favorable data if you’re considering moving to Londonderry. Our reliable and affordable movers Londonderry NH can perform your relocation as quickly as possible.

Perks of living in Londonderry NH

This promising small town is ideal for young families who want a quiet place to rise their kids. And it is also a good choice for active retirees being close to the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. It is away from town only 5,6 miles, so traveling and visiting relatives won’t be a problem. And besides, the Londonderry school district has excellent schools. To be exact, it has 6 schools PK and K-12, with about 4000 students. Its schools have a good reputation and rankings. Londonderry school district ranks as the 4th best school district for athletes in NH and the 10th best school district in the state.

white airplane on the clear sky
The first thing you should learn about Londonderry before moving is that is only a few miles away from the regional airport.

One more thing you should learn about Londonderry before moving is the safety of the area. Safety is also an important item when we’re considering relocation to another place. And Londonderry ranks particularly well when it comes to the crime rate. Its crime rate index is 71, which means is safer than 71% of American cities. As far as crime is concerned, the safest neighborhoods are Londonderry West and Town Center. You don’t need to worry about your valuables once our antique furniture movers unload your possessions.

How to spend your free time in Londonderry?

It may not seem so, but there’s a lot of fun and activities waiting for you in Londonderry. Nightlife in Londonderry is limited to a few bars and restaurants, but it does have some good breweries in the area. So after a barbecue at Smoke Shack Cafe, you can head right to Pipe Dream Brewing and try out some of their 29 beers, which they make onsite. And if you would prefer to spend the evening in a more relaxed setting, don’t miss the Tupelo Music Hall. It’s a pleasant venue with good acoustics that hosts talented performers, musicians, and tribute bands. 

And if you’re more of an outdoorsy person, you’ll love Londonderry. Except for visiting nearby farms and orchards, there are quite a few hiking trails. You might enjoy wandering through the corn maze in Elwood Orchard. For extra fun, visit during the night time and try to find your way out of it. Hiking enthusiasts would also enjoy 10 miles long Londonderry’s Apple Way. The route curves past the orchards and through the countryside encountering old farmhouses and local sights. Also, there is a couple of gyms and workout places in the town. But if you prefer to exercise privately at your home, our home gym equipment movers NH could transfer your gear, too. 

a small boy in the corn maze
Corn maze wandering is a very popular activity in Londonderry.

Embrace Londonderry’s quiet and relaxed lifestyle

If you’re searching for a peaceful and friendly little town for your family, search no more. Do your research and learn about Londonderry before moving as much as you can. That way, once you move, you will have the feeling that you have always lived there. 


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