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What to know before moving to Salem


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No one can argue that New Hampshire is a great state to live in. Its proximity to Boston, low crime rate, and abundant breathtaking nature make it a strong contender for anyone seeking to relocate somewhere beautiful and prosperous. However, not many people know of New Hampshire towns that offer excellent living conditions. One of such towns is Salem, located in southern NH. Even though it is ultimately inviting to all newcomers, there are a few things you should know before moving to Salem. Learn more about the opportunities that await you if you decide to call up your Salem movers at Michael Brooks Moving and make that leap into a new chapter of your life.

Salem is a small town with a predominantly young population

Once you decide it is time to leave your current place of residence and move to Salem, you should start your research about the area. Whether you are moving to pursue a new job opportunity or to be close to your family in New England, one thing is for sure. You will most likely need a list of moving companies Salem NH residents call for moving-related services. Once you gather your contact information, be sure to reach your preferred movers and set this relocation in motion.

father with daughter contemplating about things to know before moving to salem
Young adults comprise the majority of the Salem population thus it becomes a great place to raise your kids

If you move to Salem, you will become a small community of around 30 thousand residents. The population is a mix of all generations, but you will find data that says young adults are the predominant age group. Salem is not well known for its ethnic diversity to expect the majority of the Salem community reports to be White. This New Hampshire town is the seventh-largest in the state but has excellent potential to attract more newcomers into the area.

Holding a central location between Boston and Manchester is a great advantage

A few places in the country have such a superb location like Salem, New Hampshire. It lies right in the middle of the mountains and the beach. It is on the way to large cities and the lake. Because of its location, it is a desirable destination if you plan an interstate move to come and be near your family in New England. When you settle here, you will be living halfway from Boston and Manchester airport. Also, you will easily commute to work by accessing the Northern Expressway. Before relocating to Salem, be sure to learn how you can reach destinations you are interested in.

Shopping in Salem is something everyone can enjoy

The great thing about the state of New Hampshire is that there’s no sales tax. That alone makes Salem a great place to go shopping. There are a few places in town that are filled with shops of all types and sizes. You can find big brands but also local shop owners offering their products and services. If you are moving here for the first time, you will be interested chiefly in furniture stores, local furniture dealers, and similar. You can organize a professional service delivery NH from most of the places and have your items in your new home without breaking a sweat. Also, there are a few malls with many shops and they all invite you to take advantage of the no sales tax situation and enjoy your shopping experience to the maximum.

woman in the mall shopping
Tax free shopping is a great perk of living in Salem NH

Enjoy the breathtaking New Hampshire scenery right at your Salem doorstep

Living in a state that is known for its natural beauty is a privilege. When you settle in Salem, you will most certainly enjoy its parks and trails. There are many parks suitable for families with children, offering outdoor activities that kids will enjoy. If you turn around, you will see your neighbors running and strolling down the park trails. Also, there will be a lot of people riding their bikes. If this is something you enjoy doing in your free time, you will be utterly content with your new community. If you are looking for something exciting to do with your family, you can always visit some of the ponds in town once you settle. It is an excellent place for swimming and sunbathing, and you can have a great outdoor picnic in the park.

New Hapshire
The first thing to know before moving to Salem is that is breathtakingly beautiful like its home state of New Hampshire

The cost of living is affordable, and the school system is highly rated

When considering Salem as your next place of residence, you should know that housing is affordable. Buying a home in Salem NH will cost you less than in some neighboring towns. Still, the average price of a home in Salem is higher than the state’s average. However, the standard of living is good, and the town is becoming more of a city, with its population growing steadily through the years. The Salem School District comes highly recommended and highly rated. There is a significant number of excellent public schools, but also private schools worth of mention. If you are moving to Salem with your family, rest assured you bring your kids into an excellent school system.

There are a few other things you should know before moving to Salem

Salem HN is, by all means, a great town to settle down. However, there are a few negative aspects of life here you should know before moving to Salem. First, there is the traffic. With more and more people coming to reside in town permanently, the number of cars is multiplying fast. Also, the no sales tax policy sometimes proves to be a real hassle, when at Christmas, you have to wait in long lines along with your Massachusetts neighbors. They come to town to shop tax-free. In conclusion, there are more pros than cons to living here, so be sure to embrace your new Salem community. You will love it here.

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