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What to expect from specialty moving


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Everybody knows that relocation is a process that involves many things, from detailed planning and organizing to hiring a professional moving company. It is considered to be one of the most stressful experiences alongside the death of a family member and divorce. If you have moved before, you know that relocation requires a lot of attention from both you and your mover. However, sometimes it requires specialty moving services. Those services include different types of relocation as well as packing and moving your belongings, especially valuables. So, it’s essential to hire moving companies that offer specialty Moving services, such as moving companies Southern NH. To get familiar with this type of service, read our article on what to expect from specialty moving. Hope it will be helpful.

What is a specialty moving, and why should you use it?

Specialty moving is related to the moving of your most valuable possessions. It is used in cases when your belongings are too fragile and prone to damage. Such belongings include pianos, antiques, fine works of art, glassware, expensive electronic devices, and anything of high value. Also, what fits into the category of specialty moving are bulky, large, and heavy items that don’t normally fit into the regular relocation process. That means they require special packing, handling, and transportation. So, to keep the items safe and secure during the move, you need to use specialty moving services that regular movers are not able to handle.

A woman wondering what to expect from specialty moving
Sometimes your belongings require specialty moving so they arrive safe and sound to your new home

When should you use specialty relocation services?

Sometimes regular moving services are not enough to handle your relocation process. Of course, you can hire regular movers, and they will o their best to perform the relocation successfully. However, when using this type of service, you won’t have all the benefits of specialty moving. Also, you risk damaging your most valuable possessions. Wonder when to use specialty moving services? Here are a few cases. First, use it if you want to move fragile and sensitive items. Then, use it for moving your works of art. Most importantly, use specialty moving when relocating your business. Your office equipment, furniture as well as your documents require extreme caution. And, last but not least, use specialty moving when you must relocate quickly. Relocating in a hurry can bring many problems. What’s worse, it can damage your belongings.

What types of things does specialty moving include?

As already mentioned, special moving services are often related to things of extra-large dimensions, things of high value, and an unusual type of care and handling. What are the most common household things, and what to expect from specialty moving of those things? Let’s have an insight into some of the items that can qualify for this type of moving:

  • Special pieces of furniture: If you have a piece of valuable or antique furniture that requires extreme caution, then specialty moving should be your choice. Specialty movers are experienced in disassembling different types of furniture. They use special packing supplies for protection.
  • Piano and other instruments: instruments are valuable and expensive, so they should be handled with special attention. Sometimes, you cannot do it yourself, nor can the regular movers. Improper handling and transport can damage your piano and its strings, which will make it useless. So, piano movers NH are the solution. Experience and special care are what you can expect from specialty moving.
  • Antiques: the rarity of these things makes them unique, precious, and priceless. So, there’s no doubt that they need a specialty moving strategy.
  • Sports equipment: In most cases, sports items require special handling. Such things include billiard tables, gym equipment, and sports cups.

Besides these things mentioned above, works of art also fit into the category of specialty moving.

A man about to play a piano
Special handle and care is what you can expect from specialty moving

Moving your furniture

The biggest part of your requirements is moving your furniture from the entire household. Do you have antique furniture, ceiling-high mirrors, or bulky glass cabinets? Then, specialty moving is a must. Don’t try disassembling the furniture yourself, especially the antique one. Instead, hire antique furniture movers NH to make sure it is disassembled and reassembled successfully without any damage. That won’t only save you a lot of money but will save you a lot of nerves, too. Nobody wants their furniture of high value to be damaged during the move.

What to expect from specialty moving?

If you choose to hire movers with experience in specialty moving of all kinds, you should know one more thing. They won’t only disassemble, pack, store or transport your belongings. By using specialty moving services, you can expect fast and safe relocation and, most importantly, professional service delivery NH wherever and whenever you choose to move. You won’t have to worry whether your belongings will arrive on time. Efficient and fast delivery is the top priority of any specialty moving company.

How to prepare for specialty moving?

Now that you’ve got familiar with the main characteristics of specialty moving, it’s time to prepare for the relocation process. It’s similar to the process of regular relocation but with slight differences. So, here’s how to prepare for it. First of all, when hiring specialty movers, inform them about what items you want to move. That way, they can make an effective moving plan. The more information you provide, the better the moving estimate you’ll get. Also, inform them about the approximate size and weight of your belongings. This is important since they must provide you with suitable packing materials.

A couple giving high five
The success of your relocation depends on the level of specialty moving

Have a successful relocation with Michael Brooks Moving

Now that you know what to expect from specialty moving hire professional and skillful movers. Wonder whom to hire? Well, search no more. You are in the right place, at the right time. Check out our specialty moving services, contact us as soon as possible, and get a free estimate. We promise you won’t regret hiring Michael Brooks Moving. By using our services, your relocation will be safe and smooth. We are awaiting your call. Have an enjoyable relocation.

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- Paul Provencher

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