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Ways to cut moving costs when moving from Merrimack to another state


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Relocating to another state can be exciting, but also it can notably shake your budget. The main parameters that affect the moving prices are the distance and size of the load. So out-of-state residential moves can cost quite a lot, from $2500 to over $10000, due to distance and due to the numerous inventory. So it’s not out of place to think about the ways to cut moving costs when moving from Merrimack to another state. Michael Brooks Moving can find the right modality that will fully meet your needs, at affordable prices. Whether you want a full moving service or you choose only a specific service, we will provide you with one. And we will also show you tips to reduce relocation costs and stay within your budget.

All the costs you have to factor in when relocating

In addition to the common costs associated with moving such as hiring a company, there are many other costs you need to consider. All of it from moving supplies, remaining bills, repairs, and new documents to licenses and deposits for a new place, will pile up. No matter how trivial they seem to you, in the end, they can turn into a real avalanche if you are not careful. The best way to deal with expenses is to make a checklist and determine priorities. And then finally reduce some moving costs. You can do this in several ways, which we will list below. Then again, you can always opt for affordable moving companies Merrimack NH. Ask them for an estimate then you can negotiate the rest of the details.

couple in outdoor outfit with cardboard boxes discussing how to cut moving costs when moving from Merrimack to another state
Think through and opt for the most affordable method.

DIY relocation is cheaper

Relocation on your own is quite a venture but it’s doable if you know what are you doing. Still, beginners may regret embarking on this adventure when facing all tasks. So it may be wiser to hire interstate moving companies New Hampshire if you are moving for the first time. But if you already have previous experience with relocation, this shouldn’t be a problem for you. You certainly know which things you can save on and which are worth paying for. Relocating on your own terms can prevent unnecessary spending and save you some money.

Renting a moving vehicle

Compared to hiring a moving company, renting only a moving vehicle is definitely less expensive. When you hire a company, you’re actually paying for its crew and their wages, and also for other company services and resources. And when you decide to rent a truck, you’re paying just for the vehicle and gas. However, this also depends on the number of your items and miles you’re about to cross. The average price for renting a moving truck is about $130 for a one-bedroom apartment across the city. Still, the prices vary depending on the size of the vehicle, the total distance, and the total number of days. So for a distance of up to 450 miles, you will pay $710, and for 1750 miles you will pay $1640. Moving season and whether you’ll add insurance for the moving vehicle also affects the moving truck rental price.

white truck driving toward the snowy mountains
Renting a truck can cut moving costs when moving from Merrimack to another state.

Depending on the state you’re about to move into, maybe you’ll have to pay a tax fee, which is usually between 6% and 10% of your total rental cost. Also, some states require paying environmental fees. And fuel refill is mandatory at the end of the move.

Free moving supplies

This is another aspect of relocation where you can spend a significant amount of money. The more items you’re about to relocate the more moving supplies you’re going to need. On the other hand, this is a category where you can save up the most money. All your blankets, quilts, suitcases, and travel bags, could replace pricey moving bins, blankets, and wraps. It’s also a good idea to use the original packaging for items such as tv, or laptop. That’s how you’ll save on foam peanuts and other fillings. In fact, you can use anything you already have in your household. Even regular garbage bags can do the trick.

If you need more sturdy packaging, try to find free moving supplies online Freecycle site, or ask your local retailer to save a few boxes for you. People are usually donating their used boxes after relocation, or they’re leaving them in recycling centers. Look for necessary cardboard boxes in a nearby center.

Reducing your inventory can also cut your expenses

Yes, decluttering can make a difference and cut moving costs when moving from Merrimack to another state. A smaller moving vehicle costs less than a large moving truck. So make sure to purge your household and get rid of all damaged and unwanted stuff. This especially applies to old bulky furniture that takes up a lot of space in moving vehicles. If you plan to replace your old worn-out sofa once you move, it’s more practical to sell it or donate it before the move. You surely don’t want to pay for transporting it to a new location only to throw it away later.

Reduce your inventory as much as possible, and only afterward choose transportation accordingly. Because you don’t want to pay for the lease of an oversized truck that you don’t even need. Therefore downsize and minimize your inventory, which will save you money and make unpacking easier. For a one-bedroom apartment, you’ll need a 12ft truck, while for 3 room home you better rent a 20ft truck.

smiling woman trying to put a cardboard box on her friends head
With the help of your friends, your relocation can go smoothly.

Find some willing helpers

You’ll surely need some help, at least with furniture and appliances. And also packing and crating can take some time. So consider packing services Merrimack NH, or find a few willing friends. If you ask your friends and family to help you out, you won’t have to hire movers. You will save on their daily wages, but don’t forget to offer some refreshments and food to your helpers.

Hiring a moving company doesn’t have to cost a lot

We must also mention that hiring a professional company does not have to cost a fortune. You don’t have to opt for a full moving service. You can choose only the transportation without packing service or crew members, for instance. And thus you can cut moving costs when moving from Merrimack to another state.



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