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Useful tips on packing your book collection


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The main part of every relocation is packing things up. You need to pack your whole life into a bunch of boxes and relocate them to a completely another place. It is not that complicated as it sounds if you know how to do it properly. Especially when you are packing your book collection. You need to know exactly how to do it. For many people, books are very important. And you need to keep them safe, even during the relocation. You can’t just leave them behind, or pack them however you want. It will destroy them. Instead, find useful tips on how to do it and have your books safe at your new home. Movers NH will take care of them during the relocation part. So, you have nothing more to worry about. Just make sure you packed them safely and separately. That is the most important part.

You must wonder, why is packing your book collection that important?

There are various reasons why you should take care of your books while relocating. It’s not only for relocation though, it’s for every situation when you need to pack them. For shipping, for traveling, moving, and so on. Maybe these things are not important that much for people who generally don’t read books. But, if you are a true book lover, the whole relocation might be stressful for you if you pack them in the wrong way. Do you want to see ripped pages, bent spines, dog-eared corners, some water damage, or leather bindings dehydration on your favorite books? Definitely not! Well, you are lucky because you can protect them. Antique furniture movers will sure have more tips and advice for you. And it’s really important that you discuss this topic with them.

Bookshelf with books on it.
Start packing your book collection from your favorite books.

Every book lover understands how much books are important. They require special care and you don’t want to break that just because of one relocation. They have all the knowledge you earned, and all the stories you’ve read on those pages. It’s considered as something very important and useful. Having your books delivered on your new bookshelves completely fresh and untouched is a perfect feeling. Therefore, try to avoid each mistake, in addition, to have that result in the end.

What moving supplies you will need for this?

As for every other packing, there are certain moving supplies that you will need when packing your book collection. So, while you are preparing and reading useful tips on how to do it, you can write down the supplies you will need to make this happen. And of course, make sure that you have everything you need even before you start. It can be really uncomfortable having to run to the store in the middle of packing because you forgot something. So make sure you have all the needed things from the list. Also, keep in mind that you can pack your books and then use the delivery services and have them delivered to your new home.

Boxes – you can buy a decent number of strong cardboard boxes. In fact, you don’t need to buy them, you can rent them. But, whatever you do, make sure that you buy small and sturdy boxes that are no deeper than 16 inches.

Tapes – find the brown packing tape and you need it quite a lot. Also, consider that it’s easier to remove the masking tape and if the tape comes with contact with the book itself there are fewer chances for small damages.

Newspaperyou will need rags or newspapers to fill in empty air and gaps inside of the box. This is just to make sure you have extra protection.

Girl holding lots of books.
You can even add more books to your bookshelf once you relocate.

Now make sure you follow these steps, in addition, to pack your books properly

First of all, before you start packing anything on your own, remember that there are packing services Merrimack NH that you can use. It will cost more, for sure, but it will be much faster, and probably safer. They are experienced movers and packers, and they know what they are doing. While you are most likely doing this first time and you are not completely sure about yourself. But many people decide to pack on their own since it’s something private and they want to know exactly how the things will be packed. It’s also easier to unpack like that.

Packing your book collection in a few simple steps can start

The first step of this process is for sure taking the cardboard boxes that you have now. Once you have them, you should line the boxes with some tissue or packing paper before you start filling them. If you wonder why should you do that, it’s because if you are packing hardback books that feature attractive slipcovers, this will protect it. After that, you should start filling in the boxes. Start with your largest and heaviest books first.

What is important here is that you pack the books flat. You shouldn’t pack them vertically if you want to avoid mishaps when you stack other boxes on top. The number of books in one box depends on the size and shape of your boxes. But normally it should be around two separate stacks of books.

Remember not to overfill a box at any cost! Leave empty space at the top between the top of the box and the books. The empty gaps fill in with the newspaper or material similar to that one.

In the end tape the boxes around several times. Don’t be afraid to do it. You need to secure it well. And of course, don’t forget to label all the boxes so you know what’s inside of each box. It will be easier for the unpacking process.

Girl sitting in a corner and reading.
Make your own reading corner at home.

Do you have a perfect place in your new home for your book collection?

Once you pack all of your books and you have them delivered into your new home, it’s time to unpack them and put them somewhere. This is the reason why you should definitely buy some nice and new bookshelf and make yourself a nice reading corner. You can add a lazy bag or some sofa, a carpet and some nice lighting with lamps. Just be creative and enjoy the coziness of your new home to the fullest!


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