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Tips to help seniors settle in Londonderry


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Moving can be a challenging transition for anyone, regardless of age. As such, the process is made up of various parts and many factors affect what it will be like for its participants – especially if they are seniors. Whether it’s leaving a long-term home or adjusting to a new environment, everyone needs a little aid to get used to the new normal. So, before you contact movers NH to assist you, think of ways you could help seniors settle in Londonderry. They will be grateful to have someone like you along for the ride, and you will be glad you made this difficult process easier and more beautiful for someone close to you. 

Understanding is the path to acceptance 

Moving to a new city and a new home can be a little daunting for our oldest family members. You have to take into account that change in any form can be difficult, especially when it comes to them. This depends on various factors. It is often about the home to which they are emotionally attached, as well as the things in it. These are things that in a way give them a sense of security and make them feel grounded. Such feelings are not always easy to understand. But if we dig a little deeper below the surface, we will realize that in the end, we are all just people. It is normal to be afraid of change. Everything is different though the people that are closest to them are there for them. 

Help seniors settle in Londonderry and they will be happy that they have someone like you by their side
If you help seniors settle in Londonderry, they will be happy and grateful

Try to let them know that even though they change their place of residence, nothing really changes. Try to talk to them, and more importantly – listen to them. Seniors are kind of like kids – they may not always know how to communicate what they feel in the best way. Make them feel safe and try to let them know that you are there for them at all times. Ask them often what they want and respect their opinion. Everything is easier with a little teamwork. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes 

There are two ways to understand this. The first – that it is okay to keep as many old habits as possible. Help your seniors get used to a new life in Londonderry by explaining to them that they don’t have to actually give up anything. It is good to stick to certain routines and not neglect the hobbies they love. That way, the new place will make them feel more and more like home. If they do things they have always loved to do, the change will not seem so drastic to them. That leads us to another way – change is sometimes a good thing. Help them see how interesting it is to explore a new place, meet a new neighborhood and be interested in new friends they can make. This way, everything will look nicer and easier. 

A man and a woman walking
Get them excited about meeting new friends and getting to know the new neighborhood

Help seniors settle in Londonderry – hire the right people for the job 

Packing is certainly one of the main nightmares of all people who move. Unpacking is even worse. For seniors, both can be a problem – if they do not have adequate help. That’s where you step in. One of the most important things is to find the right movers Londonderry NH that will understand the needs of your oldest family members. Make sure you do some thorough research, as well as letting them know about any special requirements you or your seniors might have. A good moving company will listen to you carefully and will be extra cautious and considerate towards seniors. 

There are many small moving companies NH that will be much more committed to your relocation than larger ones. They take care of the details and try to listen and fulfill every request of their customers. A couple of things you need to check to determine if you are choosing the right moving company are: 

  • They need to be licensed – Safety comes first, especially when it comes to seniors.  
  • Read moving reviews – It is important to read about various experiences with different moving companies. 
  • Get multiple moving estimates – Don’t just settle for one moving estimate from one moving company. When you get multiple estimates, you are making sure that you’re choosing the best offer. 


Two women packing
When unpacking, a little help goes a long way

Explore Londonderry together 

The best way to fall in love with a new place is to get to know it first. We are sure that your seniors would like to see what all this wonderful city has to offer, and they would certainly enjoy being in your company while exploring. So, before you opt for one of the local movers southern NH, be sure to do your perseverance. We talk about the beautiful nature, friendly faces, and apple orchards that Londonderry is famous for. Take a look at the interesting farms that offer wonderful tours for the whole family. 

After the move 

With moving to a new place comes many new opportunities. These are opportunities for socializing, opportunities for enjoyment, and learning opportunities. Ask your seniors if you can help them decorate their new home, and together explore decorating tips that will make their home a welcoming and warm place. If you are able, visit them often, and if you live a little further, call them even more often! Show them that change does not have to be a bad thing, but an opportunity for a more fulfilled and beautiful life. When you help seniors settle in Londonderry, it will make the whole transition less stressful and more fun! 

“I have used Michael Brooks Moving Co. 3 times and was completely satisfied every time. His staff is professional and very careful with the whole moving process. I would hire them again and know it is going to be done right and worry free.”

- Paul Provencher

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