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Tips for packing your pantry


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We are all very aware of the fact that the movings can be a lot of work. A lot of stuff to plan, organize and pack. To avoid maximum levels of stress, start in advance and be meticulous. If you feel like you are struggling, the best option for you might be to book one of the moving companies Southern NH. Whether you decide on hiring professionals or moving by yourself, packing your pantry can seem scary, so we got some tips.

Before you start packing up everything

You should have in mind a couple of things that are specific to the contents of your pantry before you start packing.
As you already know, most of the food can easily be spoiled if it’s not properly stored. If you decide to book local movers Southern NH, make sure to check if they are willing to move food. There’s a big chance they will be able to help you, especially if you aren’t moving far. You can also move food on your own if that option comes more suitable and let the professionals take care of everything else.

Regular cardboard box like the one in the photo is suitable for packing your pantry
You can use regular cardboard boxes for packing your pantry

Prepare for packing your pantry

First off, you should change up the shopping routine couple of weeks before the move. That is a good way to shop in your pantry, aka use up everything you can, therefore have fewer items to pack. Pay attention to what you have already opened and try using that first. Check the expiration date on everything you have there, and do some purging. To avoid throwing away foods, try using as much as you can from the pantry. Good thing is that having a stash of unopened goods makes it easier. If the expiration date is not near, you can safely pack these even if you are moving long distance.

Packing your pantry

When planning your move, you should also have an idea of what packaging materials you need, and how many. When packing your pantry the best option for the food and canned goods is to get plastic boxes. Get the ones with lids for easy and safe transport. Unopened dry goods are okay in their original packaging. If you have unopened snacks in regular packaging ex crisps, you can open those and put them in air-tight containers. Your snacks will stay fresh and safe from getting crushed. If you are going to travel longer, pack some of those snacks for the road. Donate stuff that might be complicated to pack.

canned food
Canned goods last long and are easy to pack. Avoid overloading the boxes because they can be quite heavy

Be careful about canned goods

They are easy to pack and usually can last a long time. The problem is they can easily cause the overload of the boxes. That’s gonna make them harder to carry around and might cause breakage and mess. To avoid this use smaller boxes and distribute the weight. This way the team of movers Londonderry NH can safely move the boxes and avoid any possible injuries. You can fill the boxes with crinkled packing paper to fill the gaps and minimize the movement of the cans for extra safety.

Pack strategically to avoid problems

You can use regular packing boxes for packing your pantry. What you want to do is strategically divide the contents of your pantry into groups. After you discard and donate everything that you don’t want to move, get to grouping items.

Glass is a bit tricky

Glass jars and bottles are the trickiest to pack, but it’s not impossible. Double-check if the contents have to be stored in glass, or you can safely move them to plastic containers or bags. Say you have an unopened bottle of nice wine and you don’t want to get rid of it, you can probably do something about it. Carefully wrap it in plastic wrap, put it in a regular plastic bag, and top of with bubble wrap or a textile kitchen towel. Put it in a box with other stuff, and again use paper to fill the gaps to stop it from moving much. Do this with all glass items you have to carry and make sure to avoid already opened stuff, especially liquids.

spices in glass jars
You can pack spices in small zip-lock bags. Put each spice in a separate bag and label it for easier unpacking

Extra tips

  • Packing your pantry probably includes a decent amount of spices. Small zip bags can be handy for spices and herbs. Pack each spice in a separate bag and label it so you know what’s in there when you unpack later.
  • You can also do the same with flour, sugar, and salt, just use bigger bags.
  • Pre-opened dry foods such as pasta can be transferred to plastic containers, or you can re-seal the box with a couple of layers of tape
  • The contents of your fridge and freezer are not suitable for travel! Food can get spoiled during transportation, cause leakage and ruin your stuff. It can also attract bugs and pests, so it’s not a good idea to move these things.
  • If you are still confused about how to pack and move your pantry, you should consider hiring packing services Merrimack NH.

Packing your pantry is more demanding than packing your clothes or books. The key to a safe and mess-free pantry move is being organized. Use the same strategy you use for packing everything else – begin with things you won’t be using soon. In this case, it’s the stash of canned goods. You can start by packing those, especially if you have more than just a few cans. Make sure you prepare enough paper, boxes, plastic containers, and bubble wrap. Don’t forget to do a purge before you frantically pack everything in sight. Try switching glass containers for plastic ones anytime you can, and double-check expiration dates on everything. Donate everything that is good to eat to a local charity. It will save you space and probably money, and you won’t be throwing away good food. Helping those in need will make you feel great, so it’s a win-win situation.


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