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The Ultimate Guide to Relocating from Bedford to Pelham


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Relocation is a blissful experience. Naturally, when you are relocating from Bedford to Pelham, you should know what to expect from it. That is why you should read this article because we prepared everything that you need to know. The ultimate guide to this relocation is all you need to read before the move. With the help of our professional team at Michael Brooks Moving, you will be in your new destination in no time!

Relocating from Bedford to Pelham – the basics

First and foremost, you need to know a few details before heading deep into this topic. Both Bedford and Pelham are located in New Hampshire. Bedford gives residents a suburban feel. It numbers over 23,157 residents. If you like small communities, you love living in Bedford. Similarly, Pelham also gives a suburban feeling with many affordable places to visit. Moreover, in this article, we will explore how Beford and Pelham differ in terms of their affordability, meaning the cost of living, average incomes, etc. Despite being similar in some ways, both of these cities have unique features that residents love and cherish. If you want affordable small moving companies NH, just contact us and you will be in your desired location in no time. We will explore these categories in more detail:

  • Cost of living
  • Job market
  • Educational opportunities
  • Overall lifestyle
family preparing for relocating from bedford to pelham
Relocating from Bedford to Pelham comes with a few important details

The Guide to Bedford

Even though this is essentially moving from Bedford, you still need to know the basic facts of this city. These facts will help you in further comparing to Pelham. Know that you can always seek help from reliable movers Bedford NH that will help you with all of your concerns.

The cost of living

We need to approach this topic from a few aspects, especially in the terms of housing. Firstly, if you live alone in Bedford, there are a few things you need to consider. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is $1297. A somewhat cheaper option is the apartment outside of the city center which is $1094. Therefore, if a person is living alone, the utilities are much cheaper. The basic utility plan for one person (electricity, water, heating) is $111. Add an internet plan to that price which is $67.5. The situation for families is a little bit different. An average family living in a three-bedroom apartment in the city center pays around $2279 per month while a cheaper option costs $1805. Normally, the utility cost is more expensive and the usual price is $169. 


Of course, you need to consider groceries too. The usual price for groceries is $548. Consider the fact that this price rises if there are more people in one household. For example, coffee lovers pay $4.38 for one cup of cappuccino. Dinner for two in a restaurant can cost you up to $60.3. On the other hand, fast food meals can go up to $8.82. This gives you an idea of the average prices for eating out.

You also need to consider transportation for driving and riding a bus or a train. Driving a car can be more expensive than driving, however, it is useful for faster commuting. The average price for gas in Bedford is $0.98 per liter. Keep in mind that you also pay for frequent car maintenance expenses. The local transport ticket in Bedford costs $2.24 per ride. However, you can also get a monthly pass which is $58. Taxi or Uber rides can cost you up t $16.8. Credible local movers southern NH know all tips and tricks of making life in Bedford affordable and vibrant.

Job market

The job market in Bedford is thriving and always seeking new employees. The current salary range in Bedford is $118,453. The most popular and desirable jobs in Bedford are account director, manufacturing associate, controller, software developer, factory applications engineer, and plenty more. Account director usually receives a salary from $80k to $110k per year. Controller’s annual salary goes from $225k to $275k. On the other hand, software developers reach the salary range of $150k to $170k per year.

Of course, for a prosperous job, you will need a good educational background. There are a little over 4000 students in Bedford County. Many residents choose Academy for Science and Design High School and Academy for Science and Design Middle School. Kiddos go to Peter Woodbury School, with a loving teaching staff and plenty of others.

three students in school hallway
A good educational background is important for a prosperous job

Things to do in Bedford

Despite being relatively small, Bedford is a vibrant and lively city. There are many popular spots that both residents and visitors love. For example, many love to see Manchester Country Club for its authentic country vibe. Moreover, art lovers like to see The Palace Theater and enjoy various performances. The fans of natural sights like Livingston Park and its picturesque landscapes. The sightseeing of Bedford could be endless and just a couple of words for their beauty are not enough to describe it. Foodies love Cooper Door for the authenticity of American food.

Relocating from Bedford to Pelham –  the basics of Pelham

Now that we saw what life in Bedford looks like, we can take a look at how it is different from Pelham. As we said before, Pelham and Bedfrod are somehow similar in the terms of their size, but living in each of these cities can be different. Once again, we will explore previously mentioned categories – the cost of living, job market, education, and an overall lifestyle and what you can do in Pelham. For making your move successful, you should hire reputable movers Pelham NH for a good experience.

The cost of living in Pelham

One interesting thing about Pelham is that 90% of the population own their homes while only 10% rent them. Still, we need to look at housing prices from different perspectives. If you plan on moving to Pelham alone, a one-bedroom apartment will cost you $1290 per month. You will already save up a lot on housing in Pelham. Secondly, if you plan on moving with your family, the average price for a three-bedroom apartment is $2180. Moreover, for a four-bedroom apartment, you will pay $2350. The housing prices in Pelham are considered to be moderate to even low. They are even lower than the national average. This means you will significantly save up while renting or even owning a place in Pelham.

Pelham and overall New Hampshire are both tax-friendly and have a low cost of living. New Hampshire doesn’t have a state sales tax. Its population has been growing for its benefits and affordability. The best of all is that healthcare access in Pelhan is very affordable and it goes to the overall affordability of New Hampshire. Whenever you are about to move and pack for transportation, you can hire professional packing services Merrimack NH for easy transportation.

white house in suburban neighborhood
90% of Pelham’s population own a house while only 10% rent it

Job market

There are many jobs in Pelham that rise in popularity. The most popular jobs in Pelham are customer service representative, library assistant, dog daycare attendant, scheduler, and many more. The range of salaries is different for each of these jobs. For example, a customer service representative earns from $35.2k to $44.6k annually. Library Assistants’ salary range goes from $28.1k to $35.5l per year.

Many residents say that schools in Pelham School District are friendly and accepting. You can choose from a variety of their schools for your kids when relocating from Bedford to Pelham. For example, you can choose Pelham School Administration and also Pelham High School. Aspiring students can apply to many different programs at the University of New Hampshire. Some of the programs that the University of New Hampshire offers are: business, management, marketing, engineering, communication, psychology, and many more.

a person working on a laptop about relocating from bedford to pelham
There are many schooling options in Pelham

Things to do when relocating from Bedford to Pelham

Landscapes and sightseeing are absolutely amazing. There is something for everyone! For example, your kids will love Canobie Lake Park and Altitude Trampoline Park. Camp Runels is also a great place to visit with your little ones. If you want a relaxing weekend with your family or friends, you can visit Little Island Pond or Pine Valley Golf Links. During hot summer days, you can visit Water Country Water Park in Pelham. For science and history geeks, you will love SEE Science Center and Manchester Historic Association. For foodies out there, you can visit Chunky’s Cinema Pub and Strokers Bar and Billiard. You can meet like-minded people here with whom you share similar interests. It will help you feel more welcome in the new community. Many say that Ya Mas Greek Tavern and Bar is excellent for date nights, especially on Valentine’s Day.

man sitting with his bike
There are many indoor and outdoor activities that you can explore in Pelham

Relocating from Bedford to Pelham – the ultimate overview

Now that we covered the basics of both cities, we can take a look at an overview of both cities. Firstly we will start with the town of Bedford. The usual price in Bedford for housing is around $1200 for a one-bedroom apartment or a 3-bedroom apartment if you live with a family. Utilities cost somewhere around $110 and transportation will cost you from $60 to $100 per month. Of course, it all depends on what type of commuting you prefer, either driving or riding. Groceries may cost you around $200 depending on how many members of the household you have. Interestingly enough, the job markets in Bedfrod and Pelham are somewhat similar, so you won’t have to worry about finding a completely new career path.

From this, we can conclude that living in Pelham is much cheaper than living in Bedford. Considering the fact that almost 90% of Pelham’s population owns a house, you won’t have to worry about that in Pelham. Moreover, you will significantly save while housing is considered. As we mentioned before, both job markets are thriving in these cities, but so are the educational opportunities. If you have a future student in your household, they will love educational options. The University of New Hampshire is a top choice for many students in this beautiful state. Naturally, every student wants a perfect moving experience for university. Their valuable such as electronics and uni books are expensive and needs to be taken care of. Even if you are moving something precious with you, you would need professional help. That is why you should hire reputable piano movers NH. Piano movers are specialized in moving fragile and precious items. You can send your kid to their uni life peacefully.

a student in a university library thinking about relocating from Bedford to Pelham
You will significantly save on housing when moving from Bedford to Pelham

Have a successful move with the right movers

There you have it! We saw what relocating from Bedford to Pelham looks like! In addition, we saw what you can expect from one city and how it differs from another. We assume that moving may be difficult for some people, but it should not be! Think about all of those beautiful spots that you will see, how many interesting people you will meet, and so much more!

Of course, that is only possible with the right movers by your side. Our experienced team of professionals knows all tips and tricks for a successful move. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about time-consuming and overwhelming moving tasks. Packing, loading, unloading? Leave it all to the credible moving company! And do you need the best thing of all? You can hire a professional for an affordable price! The rule of thumb is not to DIY for several reasons! You can injure yourself while moving heavy objects. Planning a move can be a long process and you can lose yourself in it. You need to prepare yourself and your family for a move. All you need is to read this article and hire our experts. We wish you a happy and successful move!



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