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The highest paying jobs in New Hampshire


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New Hampshire is a small state in the northeast of America. It has a population of 1.389 million residents, and it has experienced a slight increase in its population in the past years. This is due to all the great things that it offers, which you can enjoy if you hire Michael Brooks Moving and relocate there. Some of the benefits that life in New Hampshire offers are no state and sales tax, low crime rates, beautiful nature, and an opportunity to live a tranquil life. But there is one major concern that you should think about before you move, and that is your job. Moving often includes changing jobs, and you need to pick a place that offers a variety of job opportunities. Does The Granite State offer good employment opportunities and what are some of the highest paying jobs in New Hampshire?

What are the education levels of residents in New Hampshire?

Everybody would like to have good pay, but it is greatly influenced by the education level. One of the most valued levels of education is the Masters’s degree which 15% of the population of New Hampshire has. This, and both Bachelor’s and college degrees are owned by more residents in this state than it is the national average of 20%. This shows that if you hire local movers Southern NH and relocate to New Hampshire, you will have quite the educated competition to get a job.

Picture of a group of young people studying in order to get one of the highest paying jobs in New Hampshire
The residents of New Hampshire are highly educated and skilled

How much is the median household income?

The recent price surges have greatly impacted everyday life. Since everything is more expensive, many people struggle to make ends meet. The national average income for a household is $65,000, while in New Hampshire this is higher, $77,900. This is the fourth highest income in the country, which makes it a desirable place to live. But this is also followed by high property taxes. Luckily, this is the only type of tax that people in this state pay.

The major industries offer the most job opportunities

The major industries of New Hampshire have changed drastically with time. In the past, its economy relied on traditional manufacturing, which now only contributes to less than a quarter of its economy. Today, the biggest income-generating industries are:

  • Tourism – even with all the changes, tourism has remained a big industry in this state. Some major touristic attractions are the Lakes Region and the White Mountains. They attract people from all over the world, and some even decide to move there with the help of one of the best moving companies Nashua NH has to offer. The distance between Nashua and these attractive places is no more than 100 miles. This makes it a great location for a family trip.
  • High-tech manufacturing industry – it is no surprise that this made the list, with the amount of high tech that we use today. Some of the biggest companies are located in the Merrimack Valley and the Seacoast. 19% of the state wages are from this sector alone.
  • Healthcare – biomedical research is very advanced in New Hampshire, mostly due to the aging population that it has.
Picture of a person holding dollar bills
Some of the highest paying jobs in New Hampshire are in the field of medicine

What are the highest paying jobs in New Hampshire?

Now that you know the biggest industries in the state, we can talk about the highest paying jobs in New Hampshire. Logically, the major industries have the jobs with the highest salary, and this is the case here. An employment opportunity in healthcare is viewed as a prestige job in many parts of the world. It takes good education and dedication to succeed in this field, but it is well worth it. Moving with the help of reliable movers Bedford NH will have you living in the biggest city in the state, Manchester. The urban areas are the ones offering the greatest variety of jobs in other industries as well, which will be discussed below.

Physician Assistant

This job makes it top of the list of the highest paying jobs in New Hampshire, with an income of $163,000. You can expect this payment from one of the prestige medical centers like Parkland Medical Center and Epsom Family Medicine Center. But this is a job that requires a specialized Master’s degree.

Family Practitioner

You can expect to gain $160,000 as a family practitioner. The requirement for this job is a finished 4-year medical school and a residency. This kind of doctor treats people of all ages, so apart from education, you will also need to be good with people. The majority of family practitioners work in private clinics. But, you can also work in some of the centers mentioned above. The Portsmouth Regional Hospital is also an excellent place to look for a job in this field.

Public Health Dentist

Even though a lot of people are scared of the dentist, it is still a very well-paid job. The average payment that public health dentists in New Hampshire get is $145,000. If you manage to land this job after moving with interstate movers NH you will have a payment that is well above the national average. But this comes with a lot of responsibilities in the area of prevention and control of oral diseases.


With healthcare being one of the most developed industries in the state, you will notice that other jobs are lower paid than these. But an average salary of $95,000 is still a good amount of money. The job of a manager or supervisor is to oversee and control the team working in the sector that he is leading. Since tourism is well-developed in New Hampshire, you will find many hotels and restaurants in need of managers. Most companies require a bachelor’s degree or an Associate degree for this job, aside from experience and other important managerial skills.

Picture of a man helping his team member work on the computer
Being a manager is a well-paid job no matter where you live

Final thoughts on the highest paying jobs in New Hampshire

As you can see the highest paying jobs in New Hampshire are in the field of medicine. But if you didn’t pick this career, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a good salary. But if you are moving with school-aged kids, they will have a chance to work in this sector. Luckily, the state of New Hampshire also has top-class public and private elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. These will offer plenty of opportunities for your kids to get the education that will ensure them a good job. But this depends on them, as picking one of the best jobs depends on you. Just keep in mind to find one well before moving, as you never know what can happen. We wish you good luck!


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