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There are many kinds of moving services that companies provide to their clients. More often than not, you see big house moves and grand apartment moves. Yet, what happens when your situation requires a different approach? Perhaps your moving needs include smaller endeavors, and you are wondering whether there are any small moving companies NH residents will recommend for the job. Michael Brooks Moving is a professional you can rely on for every kind of assistance you need, even small moves. Visit the website or contact us directly to inform yourself about everything we offer.

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Contact one of the best small moving companies NH has and easily request our services for your small move.

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What is different about us is that we have a lot of experience in moving people and different things. Since 1983 we have constantly been moving, almost every day of the year. We learned a lot from this process. Where did we make mistakes, what are problems that typically occur, how to deal with bad weather, different laws and regulations between the states, and a lot of other things… We developed services for almost everything! All of our services are meant to help you and us in making moving easy and fast!

One of the fastest ways to find out what we are talking about is through reviews! We don’t have to talk; the are other people talking instead of us. Good news travels fast, and bad even faster. That is true! There are no bad reviews, and people are generally satisfied with the way our experienced small movers in NH are handling relocations.

Our mission

We, as a reputable company, want to grow and have satisfied clients. We started as a small company. Now we are a much bigger company that offers a lot of services that will make everything simpler and easier. Our mission is to become one of the best small moving companies NH can provide, and we think that we are on the right track. We also want to become the best mover that provides a lot of high-quality services.

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Our small movers in NH can assist you throughout any moving process

Calling friends and family might seem like a good option, but it is not always the safest one and, therefore, it is not the best one. Our movers are reliable and trustworthy experts who are ready to help you as your friends would but with the experience that can ensure success. You are probably wondering whether we will approach your small move with the same dedication and care as we would other, bigger relocations. With us, you never have to doubt the quality of the service you will be provided with. All of our clients are treated with the same respect, and all of their wishes are taken into consideration. In other words, whether your move includes serious planning in advance or just executing the transfer of certain items, you will get the same positive and pleasant experience either way.

Moving only a few items is possible with us

It is very often that people find themselves in a situation where they need assistance with moving a few items to a storage unit, to another house, or anywhere else. Most moving companies do not accept these so-called small moves, and even if they do, they do not approach them with the same professionalism. When you rely on us, that is not the case. We can help you move any item. From pool tables and piano moving to gun safes moving, you can trust us even with the most fragile and expensive items. Rest assured that we will do our best to handle them with the utmost care that you deserve.

A pool ball on a pool table.
We can handle all kinds of items for you.

A guide to your best options when moving

We want to point out first that a small move is considered everything less than 2000 lbs. We will mention some examples of small moves and know that we can handle them all.

College dorm room move

Usually, what is important for people who are going to college are books, sometimes beds, sheets, pillows, clothes, wardrobes, and things like that. Most of the colleges offer beds and wardrobes, so in most cases, they won’t need all of this. If you are a student and need relocation, you should consider small moving companies in New Hampshire like ours to relocate you fast.

Local move that doesn’t involve moving to a different neighborhood

If you just need transport to your new home that is in the same neighborhood, we consider that as a small move. Even if the weight of the stuff is above 2000 lbs, because of the short distance, this isn’t your regular relocation. A lot of people would do this by themselves, but we, as long-standing small movers NH trusts, also recommend hiring movers to avoid mistakes that sometimes cost a lot of money.

Moving special items

Sometimes people hire us to move only special things they can’t carry on their own. Maybe because the things can get damaged easily or they don’t have the equipment that they need. A good example of this can be a pool table or a bathtub. We move every kind of load, and we gladly answer all your request. As a moving company, we developed and grew in many ways. We know that people have different requests, and that is why we are going to respond to this kind of move. That is what reputable small moving companies in NH do, after all!

Studio or a one-bedroom apartment

Moving to a small apartment means that you only have a small number of boxes and some furniture to move. This is also considered a small move by standards. For this, always hire the best small moving companies NH can provide. In that group of movers, we stand proudly. You can request a free estimate and find out about your moving.

We can help relocate seniors to their new homes

It is commonly known that relocating a senior to a new home requires a transfer of very few items. Many moving companies do not accept these kinds of moves or any senior moves at all. If you, your parent, or grandparents have decided to move to a comfortable senior home, we are the movers you can rely on for help. Our company in New Hampshire aims to meet the standards and needs of all our clients and, therefore, also aims to provide services that can be customized to satisfy every moving situation. There is no need for you to trouble yourself with anything at all; we are there for you.

A girl and a senior women talking and sitting on a bench.
Seniors do not take many items with them, and we are happy to help them in any way.

Your small office is equally important to small movers NH offers as it is to you

We do our best to respect all of your wishes and demands. All to earn your trust. You might think that finding movers who will handle a smaller office is not easy. Yet, we offer you the same quality as we would any other business relocation. Both big and small. Our professionals will make sure to handle the relocation of your business with the same efficiency and dedication. We understand that deadlines are an important factor and that they control the downtime you go through. Because of this, we always inquire about instructions and information that is relevant. All to help you get to your goal more efficiently. For other, bigger business moves, we provide our official office relocation services.

Things to consider when planning a small move

The best option, in our professional opinion, is to plan everything well. A good plan gets half the job done. This is what you need to consider when making a good plan for small moving:

  1. Fragile items – If you don’t have what it takes to transport things like this, consider movers!
  2. Deadline for moving – Fast moving is always better done with the best small moving companies NH can provide
  3. Storage needs – You can always consider renting one
  4. Budget – Making a good budget is important. You need to know how much you can spend
  5. Time and energy – You need to ask yourself if you have the necessary energy to pull this off.

With all this in mind, we can make everything much easier for you and your family. Through many years we have seen many people struggle to achieve their goals when moving. People who don’t deal with moving daily are not experts in the field. That is why we offer to make a plan for you. You still need to get involved, but harder things are on us.

Calculate and make a budget when hiring the best small moving companies NH can provide
Always calculate everything and make a budget!

We also offer other kinds of services that you might need

Besides all the moves that we cover by providing our small moves service, we provide many other services that are even more popular. Amongst them are the following and more:

  1. Interstate moving
  2. Household moves
  3. Delivery services
  4. Packing services

All of these options can be, more or less, incorporated into your small move. All you have to do is talk to our experts regarding your needs and requests. We are certain that we can come to a mutual agreement that will satisfy you completely. After all, that is our main goal. Therefore, please feel free to strike a deal with us regarding anything at all. We are professionals who have handled many different moving situations since 1983, and not one of them has led us to anything but success.

Local moving compared to small moving

As we already said, people mix this thing a lot. And the prices are different. They can be both local and small and long-distance and small. Everything below 2000 lbs is considered a small move except if the distance is in the same neighborhood. We mentioned that. Local moving is, by definition, everything below 50 miles. If it is more than 50 miles, it can be considered a long-distance relocation. Our company, thankfully, has experience with both types of relocation. We move people locally and long-distance. Whatever you need, we are there for you!

Furniture movers

You don’t have to deal with your furniture at all. That is where we come in. Especially if you have furniture that is high value or antique. We know how important furniture can sometimes be for people, and that is why we have all the necessary equipment for bringing and securing that kind of load. If you are not sure that you can pull off moving your precious furniture, it is always a better solution to call furniture movers when relocating and let them do all the work.

People carrying furniture
Leave the heavy lifting to experts

Home Gym Moves

Some people have a personal gym in their house or apartment. And moving that kind of heavy load can be a trouble. As a long-standing company, we recognize that and, as a result, offer a home gym relocation whenever you need one. We come, disassemble, secure, and transport you to your new destination. After that, we assemble everything back again, and you are ready to use it. This is a great option for all people who don’t want to deal with this or don’t have the time. It can be exhausting to move all this on your own

As one of the most reliable small moving companies in NH, we are a safe choice

As you can see, our movers are ready to meet you halfway and go the distance to satisfy the needs of our respected clients. Please feel free to contact us today and inquire about all the details that you are interested in. Start your move the right way and relieve yourself of the trouble of finding assistance for your small move. As one of the small moving companies NH locals had pleasant experiences with, Michael Brooks Moving is there to make everything easier for you.

“I have used Michael Brooks Moving Co. 3 times and was completely satisfied every time. His staff is professional and very careful with the whole moving process. I would hire them again and know it is going to be done right and worry free.”

- Paul Provencher

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