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Should you use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating to another state


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You might think that figuring out which moving boxes to use is a trivial matter. However, this is a common rookie mistake because it’s quite the opposite. Those small and trivial things make all the difference and are essential. The moment you realize that the box containing your record collection has been crumpled or soaked during relocation is the moment you know that the little things truly matter. As well as thinking about whether to use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating to another state. If still not sure, it may be wisest to consult movers Southern NH before you decide. They will advise you depending on the length and conditions of the trip. Of course, they will also take into account your needs and requirements, and tailor the perfect solution for you. Until you do so, here are some pointers and things to think about.

Plastic containers or good old cardboard boxes?

There are some crucial things you need to consider when choosing moving supplies for your move. Consider carefully all the details of your move, such as the distance, shipping model, climate and weather conditions, etc. If you need a trustworthy moving partner, get in touch with one of the best interstate moving companies New Hampshire has on offer and you will get the best possible service. Or advise you and recommend the best option for your relocation.

aerial shot of a highway
Decide which moving supplies to use depending on the moving distance.
  • First, how long will the journey be? For short and easy relocations, with not so much inventory, cardboard boxes will do. However, when relocating across the country, you’ll surely want sturdier packaging for your items.
  • Next question is, how valuable are your things? Common and everyday items are not a problem, but if you’re packing your expensive violin, you’ll need better protection.
  • Whether you are moving to a place with increased humidity? Consider how to secure the inventory in that case.
  • Will you be unpacking immediately or will the items remain in storage for a while? These are all questions you must answer before you decide which boxes to use.
  • The type of transport is also important, whether by plane or by moving truck.

Why are cardboard moving boxes a good choice?

Cardboard boxes are the perfect solution for easy and short relocations. They are easy to obtain, and also easy to dispose of. Simply flat them down and save them for future use. Be sure that sooner or later you will need them for something. You can obtain them in several ways, buy them, or borrow them. People tend to give them for free after relocation, so you can browse sites like and discover where to find free stuff in NH. Or you can ask your local vendor to save a few for you.

Their prime advantage is affordability, so they are a good solution if you’re moving on a tight budget. Also, they come in a variety of sizes, which can be handy. And special ones are also made for mattresses, mirrors, paintings, and similar items. Boxes made of corrugated cardboard with dividers are the best solution for glasses and fragile items. 

two girls playing with cardboard boxes on their heads
Think in time whether to use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating to another state.

Weak points of cardboard boxes

If you opt for cardboard boxes, beware of a few disadvantages. New boxes are pretty strong and durable, especially when reinforced with packing tape. However, they are not suitable for extremely heavy objects, like tools. At the same time, cardboard easily deforms under weight and pressure. And it is not resistant to moisture or pests either. Have this in mind if you plan to keep your boxes in storage for a while or move during the rainy or snowy season. Avoid placing them on the floor for that matter, rather put them on the shelves. Packing services Merrimack NH are at your disposal, in case you lack time or experience. And our capable team of movers can handle even the most delicate valuables.

Plastic bins and containers 

In case you’re moving to another state, plastic bins can be your best option. You want endurable and safer packaging, with no chance of the contents of the box being spilled or lost. They are firmer than cardboard boxes and can endure heavy items. Also, they do not require taping or additional insurance since they have their locking lids. Another positive side of plastic containers is that they can last very long. You can use them over and over, and they’ll remain solid, unlike cardboard boxes. Save them and reuse them as many times as you like. They do, however, occupy some room, but the good news is they are stackable. Plastic bins are also easy to acquire, you can buy them or rent them from movers Mont Vernon NH. And everything you pack inside is safe from moisture, dust, pests, and damage of every kind. 

two recycling boxes, for paper and plastic
Plastic bins are more durable and last longer, while cardboard boxes are cheaper and easy to get.

Bad sides of plastic containers

The downside of using plastic containers is that they tend to shift and collide during transport. The same goes for items inside the box, so make sure to add padding material between the items. Wrap each item separately, and by all means, don’t skimp on wrapping material. A common tip is to rent or buy plastic containers from the same manufacturer, as they fit perfectly on top of each other. Maybe it seems to you that cardboard boxes are an eco-friendlier choice than plastic bins. However, plastic ones are usually made of recycled plastic, and their lifespan is very long. And it is almost 100% certain that you will repurpose them. So it is worth investing in plastic bins, as long as you pick those made of recycled materials. They are somewhat more expensive than cardboard boxes, though.

Choose wisely whether you’ll use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating to another state

Once you think it through, you’ll get an idea of what is the best choice for your relocation. Whether to use plastic bins or cardboard moving boxes when relocating to another state? It may be best to combine both types, as both have their good and bad sides. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s made of recycled materials. Protect nature and have a green relocation. 


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