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Pros and cons of moving in with roommates


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Planning a move and relocating is difficult. While doing this you might be considering moving in with roommates. This decision has both good and bad sides and it’s up to you to weigh them out. Moving with one of the Southern New Hampshire movers has only good sides, try it to see for yourself! It depends on your lifestyle and your tolerance to other people how you will put up with this. We put together a list of things that people see as major benefits same as things that people don’t stand. We hope that this will help you make up your mind when it comes to this dilemma.

Pros of moving in with roommates

Same as everything in life, moving in with roommates had both good and bad sides. Sadly, nothing is perfect, so if you want to enjoy some benefits, you also have to put up with some annoying things. Moving with one of the moving companies Manchester NH will take away all of the annoying things connected to relocation. Below you can see listed the pros of this decision.

Roommates enjoying an afternoon together
To enjoy benefits, you have to put up with bad sides also

Good friend potential

Moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone is difficult and scary. You will for sure be concerned about making new friends. Or maybe you are just not used to living alone. A person that you share your living space can easily become a good friend. Plus, if you have similar interests, like going to the gym, for example, don’t hesitate to call some of the home gym equipment movers NH. Make sure to ask about things like:

  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Things they like doing in their free time

Saving money

This is the main reason why people consider roommates in the first place. Renting an apartment on your own is almost always expensive. For people that are just starting their careers, renting is expensive. if you think that you won’t be able to pay it by yourself, moving in with a roommate is a good move. And hiring a professional service delivery NH is always a good move. Your wallet will be the most thankful to you if you make this decision.

Extra help

Doing household chores is never fun. But doing it with someone will for sure make it easier. An extra set of hands will make cleaning faster and more efficient. And don’t forget the time saved. Make a chore schedule, and get to do it like a team.

Cons of moving in with roommates

The good sides often outweigh the bad sides, but we still have to mention them. This is an important decision you are about to make, and you should have an insight into the whole picture.

Conflicting schedules can be a potential bad side

This is the main reason why many roommates have arguments and issues. While one may like to get a full night’s sleep, the other might like to stay up all night. That can be a bad fit. If you cannot find someone with the same schedule as yours, at least try to understand theirs before you agree to move in with them.

You have to share everything

Once you agree to pay rent with someone, you are agreeing to share your living space. If this is something that you cannot imagine, a roommate is not for you. Sharing is the basic principle of having a roommate, and you cannot avoid this if you have one.

Roommates on the couch
When you have roommates, you have to share everything

Less privacy

If you love your privacy, a roommate might drive you crazy. If you have a roommate with the same daily schedule as yours, privacy will be a luxury. Alone time will be possible if your day-to-day schedules don’t align, so it will be more tolerable.

Moving in with roommates – final thoughts

After reading our article about moving in with roommates, we hope to have given you a general idea of what it’s like living with someone. Think about everything well before making a decision, so that you don’t regret your decision in the end. We wish you good luck!


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