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Pro packing tips for moving


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Packing is one of, if not the most important parts of the moving process. The success of your relocation is based on what you find inside your moving boxes once you get to your new home. If you do a good job packing, your belongings should be in perfect condition and ready for further use. However, if you don’t pay attention and slack off, you could end up with broken, damaged, or lost items. Our packing professionals at Michael Brooks Moving NH advise making a packing plan or calendar weeks before your moving day to make things easier for you later. Furthermore, since packing is so important, you should learn how to pack various items to ensure they are safe. Our movers are happy to share some pro packing tips for moving you can turn to when planning your relocation.

Pro packing tips for moving large items

Large and heavy items are the biggest – no pun intended – challenge when relocating. It would be best if you started thinking about doing some deconstruction first. Whatever large items you have in your home, chances are that you can find a way to take them apart into pieces. Wardrobes, cabinets, sofas, pool tables, exercise equipment, and large house decor can be taken apart and put into moving boxes or professionally wrapped bu your moving crew. Of course, if you have valuable furniture in your home that you don’t want to damage, you should contact antique furniture movers, who can pack and move it for you. You should follow these steps when making a decision:

  • find the furniture assembly instructions you used in the first place
  • have a peace of paper ready to keep track of individual parts like screws and fasteners
  • do one item at the time 
  • pack each piece in reverse order so that you can unpack and assemble it quickly when the time comes 
a couple packing large items
One of the pro packing tips for moving is to disassemble large items.

Small items can still pose a significant challenge

On the opposite side of the moving challenges spectrum, you could run into trouble when packing tiny items. Small item moves in NH are something we are familiar with all too well. These items should be grouped into different categories. Smaller things that are not breakable can all go into large moving boxes together. For example, cushions, pillows, and stuffed toys can all fit into one large moving box, and you won’t have to worry about these items getting damaged.

Use wrapping paper to your advantage

If you have collections of books, records, magazines, and similar collectibles and items of particular value, you can fit them into a box of appropriate size. Be sure to wrap each part of the collection separately. If you, for example, have figurines made of breakable materials, then using bubble wrap to protect them is a good idea. Your book collection might benefit from the generous use of packing paper. If you have rare and antique books in your group, you should ensure not to put them at the bottom of a moving box.

Valuables and breakables need extra care

If you’re moving valuable art pieces, you should never put them inside a moving box containing something else—Reserve special, separate boxes for these items. You can again use bubble wrap to cover the specific peace. It’s also a smart idea if you move with some soft material, cloth, or stuffing. If you’re transporting paintings, use paper covers and be extra careful when loading them into a moving van. We strongly advise contacting professional movers and packers if you need to move valuables.

inside of a moving box
Use cloth and packing paper to protect breakables.

Packing your clothes and shoes

Moving on to something many people seem to be in two minds about, let’s talk clothes and shoes. If you live in a place that has various weather conditions, you likely have plenty of winter and summer clothes, along with massive winter boots and warm yet bulky garments.

How to handle shoes?

Firstly, you’ll need packing paper and lots of it. If you have shoe boxes, your job is simple and doesn’t need much explanation. If you have shoe boxes, your job is simple and doesn’t need much reason. Put the shoes in the boxes where they belong. However, if you don’t, it would be wise to wrap each pair of shoes separately into packing paper and remember to tie do laces together, so the pair doesn’t get separated. You can find a variety of plastic shoe containers or bags online.

What are the pro packing tips for moving clothes?

Preparing your clothes for relocation can be rather tricky. If you have some expensive pieces in your closet, we strongly recommend storing them until all the moving commotion is done. On the other hand, your everyday clothes could be fine if left in a dresser during relocation. However, we strongly recommend removing the drawers from your dresser and then wrapping the drawers in plastic covers. Furthermore, your clothes should be carefully folded to not take up too much space. Learn how to fold your clothes properly first!

a girl packing clothes
Fold your clothes neatly before you put them in a moving box.

Do an inventory and label your boxes

With our pro packing tips for moving, we hope to help you handle all the daunting packing tasks. It’s important to pack and organize everything properly. Don’t rush. Give yourself enough time. Keep an inventory list of all your boxes.  Label each box and be sure that the content of it corresponds with the label. Don’t forget to put the large and bulky items to the bottom of the truck, and you’re all set! For additional assistance in organizing your packing or moving process, contact us directly and let us know how we can help.


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