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A venture such as relocation can consume a significant amount of your time and energy. Mistakes are common and there are many ways your move can take a wrong turn. This is especially the case when dealing with fragile and valuable items that need to be transferred in an appropriate manner. Especially if it is a valuable and bulky item such as a piano. Instead of compromising the safety and condition of your beautiful instrument, opt for relying on professionals. Our moving company, Michael Brooks Moving, will provide you with trained and experienced piano movers NH. And not only that, but we offer a wide range of the finest moving supplies to ensure the safe transportation of your instrumentsContact us today, browse our high-quality services, and book your date. Our capable team of movers will take care of everything else.

a moving truck of piano movers NH
Allow us to assure you of the quality of our services and the professionalism of our piano movers in NH.

Why choose our piano movers NH

Pianos, although they look sturdy, are actually very fragile and prone to various damage. Every mishandling can result in scratches or something even worse. Hence, moving a piano without proper equipment and a skilled crew is not recommended. There are many steps and rules that one must follow for the safety of the piano, but also the safety of the entire moving crew. Piano moving companies NH are more than experienced and will know how to manage every single part of your relocation. Including heavy and expensive instruments such as a piano. There are many parts of your move that you would, perhaps, be able to handle on your own. However, relocating the piano requires a certain skill level as well as equipment like dollies, stripes, and special blankets and padding.

This is exactly what we offer to our customers, regardless of the size of the piano or the relocation distance. Equally demanding is moving furniture, and our company also provides furniture movers in NH. You’ll find even more details on our company’s website.

We are experienced and well-trained piano movers

Our experience has taught us many things and one of those is not to take heavy items lightly. All our movers have passed training and trials, and are qualified to work with heavy household items such as a piano. They are all professionals who have performed myriad relocations. We have been doing business since 1983 when the company was founded. Company with such a long history and our satisfied customers testify to the quality of our services. One of those countless services is indeed our piano moving service. In other words, with so many decades of experience, and we are still counting, we are more than a reliable choice. We are one of, if not the best moving company in the city of New Hampshire. There are many reasons why you should allow us to assist you in this endeavor and we will not fail to name them all.

two hands on the piano keys
Entrust your precious piano to our piano movers NH.

Moving a piano upstairs is not a problem for our capable team of movers

Perhaps the most challenging part of moving large instruments such as pianos is moving them upstairs. And descending from higher floors is equally difficult, so we strongly recommend hiring piano movers NH. This is something you shouldn’t attempt without professional help. Our team will measure the space and make the strategy to make sure, your piano can pass the doorways and hallways without a scratch. They will also secure the stairs with plywood creating a ramp to move the piano up or down. First, they will measure the stairs, and get plywood of a certain thickness, which can support the weight of your piano. In this way, our movers prevent continuous lifting and dropping, as well as the possibility of damage and injury.

Our piano movers will then close the lid and secure it with tape. The next step is covering the instrument with moving blankets and taping them once more. Finally, they will place the piano on the cart and secure it firmly with moving straps. Only when they are sure that they have wrapped the piano well and tied it tightly, our movers will move the piano. Our piano moving team is well coordinated and their pre-prepared routine will ensure that the piano is moved quickly and safely down and up the stairs. It’s the same with other heavy household items, such as home gym equipment. Our company also offers home gym moving services in NH, which we move according to the same principle.

woman pushing a dolly and thinking of hiring piano movers NH
Dollies are essential tools for piano movers NH.

We can handle pianos of all sizes and purposes

The people who actually play this instrument know exactly what we are talking about. There are many different types of pianos and their sizes vary from small home pianos to grandiose concert specimens. They differ not only in size but also in quality and therefore fragility. If you decide to work with us, you will not have to worry whether our movers are capable of relocating your concert grand piano. Our long-years experience can confirm the quality of our moving services. Rest assured that we will handle the relocation of your piano with the utmost care and dedication, regardless of its condition or price.

A woman sitting in front of a grand concert piano.
Regardless of the size of your piano, piano moving companies NH will take good care of it and ensure its safety.

The packing process begins with cleaning the instrument, dusting, and polishing. Dust can enter the piano and mess up its mechanism. That’s why we pay special attention to cleaning and preparing the piano for packing. As far as polishing is concerned, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. To safely move the piano, our crew will inspect and measure the space, and remove all the obstacles. And they will carefully wrap it beforehand and secure the edges. In case you want to cut your expenses and pack your inventory, you might want to learn tips and tricks for packing your furniture for a move. You can always consult with our team of movers, whose experience and advice will come in handy. They will gladly recommend you the best packing materials and advise you on proper packing.

We work with modern, reliable, moving equipment

When relocating a piano, it is very important to hire a company that specializes in piano moving. Moving a piano without the proper tools and training can damage the piano. Not only that, recklessness can lead to serious injuries when moving heavy objects such as a piano. Specific professional tools, as well as other equipment, are vital for a safe transfer that will be executed without any damage. Not to mention the experience that you must have in order to avoid common mistakes, which can result in damage and injuries. Especially if it is necessary to bring the piano down from a floor without an elevator. Such endeavors can be extremely dangerous if performed by an unqualified person without experience.

a grand concert piano in the middle of the scene
With the help of our piano movers NH, you will not have to worry about the relocation of your grand piano.

Depending on the size of your piano, our movers can use either a piano dolly or a piano skid board. The first type is suitable for smaller upright pianos, while the grand piano requires a piano board, as well as stripes and protection. Pianos can weigh from several hundreds of pounds to over 1000 pounds. That’s why the dollies are essential tools for our movers, which make their work much easier. They use tying straps to fasten the piano’s fragile parts from jostling during transportation. Lifting straps help your movers to distribute the weight evenly. Of course, when moving a grand piano, the legs must be removed and properly wrapped, too. To protect your piano from mechanical damage during transport, our piano movers use padding and blankets. We pay special attention to details, so we assure you that we will not forget to additionally cover the keys and pedals.

With us, your instrument is protected in every way

If you could guarantee the safety of your own piano, you would move it by yourself. Since moving a piano is quite an undertaking, and requires professional equipment most people opt for professional help. If you entrust us with moving your piano, we can help you in several ways. By hiring our piano movers in NH, you will get professionals who are willing to share their experience with you in order to help you. Our team will tailor the best possible solution depending on your wishes and needs. You will be guided and informed every step of the way. From getting the free moving estimate to packing to unpacking the instrument, and throughout the entire process, you will be up to date with our actions. Together, we’ll find the safest way to transport your precious piano. Because our goal is a successful job done and your satisfaction at the end of the move.

Piano moving in NH is just one of our various services

A moving company of our rank can boast a variety of services. Rest assured that we’re prepared for every type of relocation and situation. Whether your move is demanding or you have valuable items that require special attention, you can completely rely on us. We know exactly what to do to ensure that everything goes according to your plan. Besides, we will gladly customize our options so that you can get the best possible moving experience. Except for our moving services, we can advise you about every aspect of your relocation, from packing to unloading.

A couple happy because they hired piano movers NH.
Hiring our movers is the best way to ensure your relocation ends successfully.

We would highlight the following services you might require:

  • Household moving services imply relocation of the entire home, whether is a house or an apartment. Our movers will unerringly estimate the size of the inventory and the time required for packing.
  • The office moves we provide are suitable for both small and large businesses. We’re fully committed to our customers, so we strive to successfully and quickly complete the relocation process. Our goal is to avoid downtime in your business during the relocation.
  • With us on your side, you don’t need to worry about the tiring and time-consuming packing process. You can rely on our packing services without fear of not being able to pack on time. We will do it for you, properly and on time.
  • In addition to our moving services, we also offer delivery services. In case you make a purchase that doesn’t include delivery, we can deliver it to your doorstep.
  • Also, we can provide you with gun safe moving services. Regardless of its size and weight, our trained movers will properly pack and secure your gun safes.

Call our piano movers today and allow us to handle your valuable instrument

As we mentioned earlier, we can provide you with piano movers NH as well as all the necessary equipment. We are a licensed and accredited moving company, in business for almost 4 decades. Our numerous recognitions and positive customer reviews speak of our quality and reliability. Since your satisfaction is our mutual goal, you can rely on us. We can even offer you customized services, to enable the best possible moving experience. You can tell us your requirements and expectations, and we will gladly discuss with you all the details and options. Michael Brooks Moving is a professional company that always has a solution to your problem and an option for customers who don’t quite know what they want. Allow us to help you with your relocation and all your items, as well as your piano. Book your moving date by contacting us and enjoy a stress-free relocation. 


“I have used Michael Brooks Moving Co. 3 times and was completely satisfied every time. His staff is professional and very careful with the whole moving process. I would hire them again and know it is going to be done right and worry free.”

- Paul Provencher

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