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Packing for a local move in NH: how to do it right


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That you are moving locally might make you think that this relocation will be easy. Packing for a local move in NH still has a lot of tasks that need to be done. It is one of the most stressful and dreaded parts of moving, and many people will agree on it. And the distance of the move won’t make much of a difference. But hiring one of the moving companies Southern NH will for sure make a difference. Read our guide and find out more about how to efficiently pack for a local move.

Gather the needed supplies

Whatever type of move you need to complete, we recommend hiring some packing services Merrimack NH. You will also need the right packing supplies, which include:

  • Good quality boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Markers
Couple packing for a local move in NH
Moving locally doesn’t mean that the relocation will be easy

Pack the most important last

Those items that you don’t use often, you can without a doubt pack first when packing for a local move in NH. They will also go first into the van of one of the small moving companies NH you hired. Since they will be in the back, they will be unloaded last, which is what you want to do. This won’t disturb the course of your everyday life. As moving day draws nearer, you can start packing up the more essential items like dishes, toiletries, and everyday essentials.

Get everything ready before the movers come

Since local movers Southern NH charge by the hour, try to do as much as you can to prepare for the move. This way they won’t work for a long time, therefore reducing the costs. If you have packed your items by yourself, have everything taped and labeled when they arrive. You can even go the extra step and put all the boxes in one room, to make the process more straightforward. If you have furniture that needs to be disassembled, do it by yourself, but only if you know how.

Get your car ready when packing for a local move in NH

When moving locally, you will probably drive your car to the new destination. This means that you should pack some items in your car because you want to or you have to. Some items are not allowed in the moving van, so you will have to transport them by yourself. Some of them are irreplaceable items, pets, plants, etc.

Pack valuable items with care

Even during a local move, fragile items can get damaged. All it takes sometimes is a minor bump in the road. That’s why you need to invest extra time into packing your valuables if you want to avoid heartbreak. Use sufficient and good-quality materials like bubble wrap. The boxes should also be sturdy and durable. Also, don’t rush. Pack your fragile items first, while you are still relaxed and not under the pressure of not having enough time. Finally, don’t forget to label the boxes. This will ensure that your helpers know that something fragile is in the boxes, so they will treat it with more care.

Egg about to be smashed by a hammer
Potentially all it takes is a bump for your items to be damaged

Packing for a local move in NH – conclusion

Whatever the distance, local or long distance, a move is a move. It will always be stressful and hectic. But properly packing for a local move in NH will significantly diminish the stress. We hope to have helped you in accomplishing this and wish you good luck!


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