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Packing a studio apartment before moving to Goffstown


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You have decided that you want to leave your studio apartment behind. Congratulation! A new chapter of your life will soon start. As exciting as it sounds, moving can be also difficult. Every relocation process has hiccups, that’s why you should always stay relaxed and positive. Your best friend in this situation is an everything will be alright attitude, and one of the moving companies Southern NH. A failproof way to avoid mistakes is to have a packing strategy planned. Moving out the right way will help you move in much more organized. Here are a few strategies you can use while packing a studio apartment before moving to Goffstown.

Packing a studio apartment before moving to Goffstown – tips

Investing time in developing a moving plan will help you tremendously. Getting stressed during a move is unavoidable, but this way it will be very minimal.

Couple packing up things for relocation
A moving plan can help you a lot

General information about the place you are moving to – Goffstown

Goffstown is a small, safe town full of friendly people. The schools are very successful, with high rates. Because of this, Goffstown is the perfect place to relocate to if you have kids. It is a rural place, with lots of woods and suburban-type neighborhoods. Really good for people that want to get away from the stress of living in a crowded big city.

Pack up the least used items first

As you begin packing up, make sure to pack the items you rarely use first. What are the odds of using those items now, when you don’t use them every day? The first place you would start packing up is the attic or garage. To decrease clutter and avoid being disorganized, start with the items that are not stored in storage bins first. Whenever you finish packing a box, don’t forget to label it to avoid confusion. This way one of the movers Goffstwon NH that you hired will know exactly where to put the boxes upon arrival. Pack up items that you don’t use on a daily basis next, like artwork, books, and movies.

Make sure that the least used items go in the truck first

It is important to clear out an area for storing your packed-up moving boxes. If your old place has a garage, that is a really good spot since the boxes won’t get in the way. Since you have packed the least used items first, those boxes will go into the moving truck first. Make sure that the packing service you hired knows this! This way, these boxes will get unloaded last, since you won’t need them that urgently. Because of this, the priority will be the boxes that were loaded last. If you packed right, the insides of these boxes will be filled with essential everyday items.

Have boxes ready for items you don’t need anymore when packing a studio apartment before moving to Goffstown

Even if you decluttered before starting to pack, you might end up purging even more during the actual packing. If you take these items with you, they will probably end up tossed somewhere in your new home. Have boxes prepared for tossing, donating, and gifting.

Color-coded labels for each room are a big help

Whoever you picked to help you during your move, friends or one of the small moving companies NH, won’t pay too much attention to the labels you have written on the boxes. This is not because they don’t care, it is simply because some labels won’t make as much sense to them as they make to you. Because of this it Is important to dedicate a different color to each room in the new place, and label each box appropriate to that. This way you increase the chances that every box will go into the right room.

Put labels on both sides and on top of the boxes

Label every box with the color-coded labels mentioned above on top and both sides. This way, whichever side the box gets picked up from, there will be a label visible.

labeled boxes on the table
Labeled boxes make it easier for your movers

Keep clothes from dressers in the drawers

There is absolutely no need to bother packing these items. Also, if someone else is helping you pack, chances are that you don’t want them seeing the clothes you have stored here. Because of this, keep everything the way it was, and tape some packing paper or plastic wrap over the drawer. Make sure to take the drawers out while moving the dresser, to make it easier to lift.

Pack an essentials bag for each family member when packing a studio apartment before moving to Goffstown

It is very important to pack bags with the essential items for the first night after moving in. You should pack things like:

  • Toiletries
  • Pajamas
  • Change of clothes
  • Chargers for electronic devices
  • Some books or activities (this is especially important if you are packing a studio apartment before moving to Goffstown when having kids)

Make sure to pack bedding for the first night

To continue the previous point, it is necessary to also think about the sleep arrangements for the first night or two. The beds could be assembled, or you could sleep on an air mattress. Get the bedding, pillows, and sleeping bags ready and put them in an easily accessible place so that they don’t get lost in the whole process.

Keep track of disassembled screws and parts of furniture

If you have large furniture that needs to be disassembled, keep the screws in separate ziplock bags for each piece of furniture. Label them properly and put them in a separate box. Put the box in an easily accessible place, since you will probably reassemble the furniture early on in your moving in process.

Screws next to a screw driver
Losing important parts and screws from furniture pieces can be frustrating

Packing a studio apartment before moving to Goffstown – conclusion

Packing a studio apartment before moving to Goffstown is a process where a lot of mistakes can happen. But if you do it properly following the tips above, there is no need to stress. Just take it easy and slow, and try to embrace the process of starting a new chapter of life. Good luck!

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- Paul Provencher

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