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Moving with kids; what to keep in mind?


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Moving can be more than just exhausting and when you have an additional person or little people to take care of, it can get even more complicated and tiring. Managing all of your daily obligations, new ones that concern the relocation, being in contact with your Southern New Hampshire movers, and taking care of your children seems not only as a lot but as unmanageable. Therefore, moving with kids can be quite an endeavor and you are probably thinking about giving up. Because this is something you can take on but will need help with, we have created a guide of some sorts that you can rely on. You will find tips, tricks, and common mistakes as well as how to avoid them and will be good to go as the super parent you are. Let us begin.

Why is moving with kids so complicated in the first place?

Generally speaking, some kids accept the moving process much easier than others. This can have a big influence on the way your relocation further evolves. Everything can also depend on the age your kid or kids are. If you have a baby, you will have a problem with organizing the entire process.  You will probably not have to think about the emotional impact. On the other hand, teens might be easier to work with and you might even have an extra hand as help. Yet, they will probably have a hard time managing their emotions. Whether because they will lose contact with their friends or because they are simply moving away from everything they know and find familiar. All in all, many things can represent an additional complication when you have kids and must relocate. Still, we will help you get through it.

A tired woman and excited kids in the background.
Managing a move and your children at the same time is definitely tiring but you will make it though as you always do.

How to approach the situation

First of all, organization, as with everything else in life, is key. There are many things that we cannot have control over but there are some that we can maneuver with more or less. Therefore, before you dig a hole for yourself with numerous obligations and unexpected consequences, remember to organize every last bit of your move in advance. Look at it this way. If you manage all the details beforehand, you will have time and space to handle any emotional reactions your child might have to the relocation. Our honest suggestion involves you, a calendar, pen, and some blank papers. You will use this to organize your entire relocation in advance. Start off with your moving services because household movers can take care of the most boring and difficult parts of your move.

Moving with babies and toddlers

Small children are often easy to work with. You must find a way to talk to them and help them understand the reason behind your move. Perhaps try and get them excited about the new home or even a new school if you are moving from state to state. Just keep in mind that, when it comes to the practical part, you might want to rely on packing services because keeping your child entertained and handling work is kind of exhausting. Besides that, everything else should be just fine. If you have grandparents at your disposal or even a daycare, you might want to rely on them as well, if nothing else, then on the day of the move.

Moving with teens and older children

If you have an older child or a teen, then having a conversation regarding the move can result either in utter positivity or end like a complete disaster. Teens are coherent beings and they will understand what you are telling them. The only question is, will they let their emotions get the best of them? It is very probable. That is where a real problem can occur. You see, when a teenager is displeased or feels unhappy, everyone else is more or less required to feel the same way.

A teen boy holding a pencil and doing some work.
A teen might help you but they are usually too busy with their own schedules. Besides, you never know how the will take the news emotionally.

If they are not, your teens will do everything they can to make you understand their emotions. Even if it means sabotaging you in every possible way. Therefore, the best thing you can do, in the case that involves a teenager, is to talk to them. Explain yourself as honestly as you can, ask for their help. Of course, hope and pray for the best reaction.

Their emotions are even more important than the relocation and do not forget that

This is the most common mistake people make and it almost always results in tears and disasters. Your child, whatever age, might have an emotional meltdown. You should not neglect it because you have more important things to take care of. Absolutely not. Wrong answer. The best thing you can do, and the only right one, is to dedicate yourself to your, now more than ever, vulnerable child. If you manage to resolve things with your kids, then you will have a much easier time resolving everything else concerning the relocation. Remember, a happy wife, a happy life? No, just make sure your kid feels safe and calm and everything else will be just fine.

An angry little boy who is crying.
Emotions are normal and neglecting negative ones is not good. Help your children, do not ignore them. They are little people in the making and deserve your time.

When moving with kids, just remember to be kind

All in all, if you manage to contact your professionals and organize everything in advance, you will have enough time to help your kids with their feelings, the packing process, and anything else they want your attention to go to. Keep in mind that, regardless of their age, they are and always will be your kids. That means that they do not want to feel neglected, even if you think that their tantrums can wait, it is best not to keep them waiting. When it comes to moving with kids, you will certainly need luck. Therefore, we wish you good luck!

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