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Moving sensitive items in bad weather 


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The weather conditions can make you even more stressed out about your relocation. Luckily, if you prepare well and leave nothing to surprise, you can do better even when the conditions are not so bright. Try not to panic and don’t pack in a rush. Take your time. Here are some tips on moving sensitive items in bad weather conditions. 

Organize your move to avoid surprises

The first and probably the most important tip on moving sensitive items in bad weather is to organize. Make a detailed plan of your relocation process. This will come in handy if you decide to move by yourself, but it will also help if you book one of the moving companies Southern NH. Having a plan, a to-do list, and a list of necessary packing supplies is a great way to start ahead. Moving during bad weather can be as good as having a sunny day if you are prepared for it. Checking the weather forecast can help you get an idea of what to expect. Though the weather can change quickly, you will at least know if there will be any extreme conditions. In case of storms, heavy rain, or snow you can try to reschedule the relocation if possible. 

to do list on paper
Being well organized and making to-do lists can help you get through the relocation easier

Moving sensitive items in bad weather

Sensitive items require a little more attention. When the relocation can’t be rescheduled, or you simply want to get it done with, read below what you need to know. In case you feel like you are struggling, take a deep breath and try to relax. Call your friends to help you pack or simply hire professionals. A friendly reminder: purge before packing! You would be surprised how much unnecessary stuff you will find laying around. Donate or toss what you don’t need to save space and time on packing.

Get quality packing supplies

Invest in some better quality boxes, and opt for plastic containers with lids if possible. You can get recyclable ones, or simply sell them online if you don’t need them anymore after the move. Get waterproof plastic wrap for larger pieces such as furniture, or let the antique furniture movers take care of your precious items. Distribute the weight to multiple smaller boxes to avoid lifting heavy stuff. Be extra careful if there’s ice on the pavement. Get some anti-slip shoes to avoid falling and hurting yourself. Sturdy boxes usually can endure some moisture, but if you want to keep things extra safe, put a layer of plastic wrap over the boxes while they are outside. 

Moving sensitive items in bad weather like this teal sofa in the picture can be tricky
Moving sensitive items in bad weather requires a bit more preparation. Protect your furniture from the rain with waterproof covers

Take extra care with sensitive items

There are certain materials that are sensitive to temperature change. If you remember your physics class, you’ll know that some materials tend to expand and contract in hot/cold temperatures. This is applied to wooden items, also metal and porcelain. Make sure you give those items some extra time while packing. To make some insolation, wrap the items in bubble wrap and snug them in a piece of cloth. The extra protection will make moving sensitive items in bad weather a bit easier, as you won’t have to worry about them much. You can always get packing services if you still feel anxious about protecting your valuables. 

In case of extremely hot weather

We covered the rain and the cold, but moving in extreme heat is also not easy. If you are as sensitive to high temperatures as many are, try avoiding the hottest part of the day for packing. The same goes for the move. Try getting an early start with movers, or do it in the evening if you don’t mind moving in the dark. What’s also important to remember is that summer is usually a busy moving season, so contact and book your movers in advance. Pack on sunscreen and stay hydrated during the process! Have refreshing drinks for you and the crew and take enough breaks. Keep in mind that food doesn’t travel well in any conditions, especially when it’s too hot. Don’t stay in the sun for too long. Set up some chairs in the shade so you can hide a bit from the sun and rest.

glass of water
Moving during high temperatures is also challenging. Drink plenty of water and avoid being exposed to direct sunlight for too long

What you should also have in mind

  • Don’t forget to put warm clothes on and protect your feet and hands from the cold. The place you are moving from will most likely be cold as the doors will be constantly open, so remember that.
  • Prepare towels for you and the crew so you can keep things dry
  • Protect the floors and rugs from the water! There’s a big chance you will be constantly going in and out of the place with wet shoes. Place floor protectors to avoid damage.
  • Prepare some hot drinks to get you warmed up quickly 
  • If you have extra-sensitive items such as registered weapons, make sure you contact experienced gun safe movers Merrimack NH
  • If you have kitchen appliances that use water, make sure everything is defrosted, cleaned, and dried beforehand. In case there’s any water residue, it can freeze in the cold during transportation and damage your appliances. 

Moving sensitive items in bad weather can be scary at first. Do what you can to get well prepared, and to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Hiring an experienced moving company can make this process a bit less for you. Make sure you don’t neglect your other obligations and your health! It’s very easy to catch a cold while running with boxes around in rain or snow. Keep yourself dry by having some extra warm clothes on hand to change after you finish loading the boxes. Prepare some snacks and hot drinks for the road. If you plan everything properly, there’s no reason to be worried. Be patient as the weather can cause traffic jams and delays. 

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- Paul Provencher

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