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5 Essential Reasons You Should Hire Professional Piano Movers

How much is your piano worth to you? Chances are hiring professional piano movers will be totally worth it. Click through to find out 7 essential reasons why.


While piano ownership has declined some in recent years, these 88-keyed wonders have been considered ahousehold staplefor over a century. When it comes time to move, oftentimes your piano is the object that gives you the biggest headache.


Pianos are both delicate and bulky, requiring that you move them with the utmost attention despite their impressive weight.

If moving a piano is in your future, hiring piano movers is often the safest, most cost-effective, most predictably route to take.


Here are 5 reasons why:


1. Pianos Are Heavy and Oversized

Pianos come in all shapes and sizes, but they're always heavy. Not only this, but they're bulky and awkwardly shaped.

Both of these considerations mean that moving a piano yourself is going to be extremely difficult. The weight of a piano is often not evenly distributed, making the task even harder. When you consider that your piano may have to travel up or down staircases, it makes it all the more necessary to hire professional movers.


2. Moving a Piano Yourself Could Lead to Damage

If you're moving a piano from one home to another, chances are it's valuable to you. Pianos aren't always cheap, and the sentimental value attached to a piano can make it virtually priceless in your eyes.

If you decide to take onmoving your pianoyourself, you risk the outcome that the piano gets damaged in any number of ways. This could lead to either expensive repairs or the heartbreaking decision to get rid of your piano. It's not just the piano you need to be worried about damaging. Your walls, your floors, and your doorways will thank you if you hire a professional for the job.


3. Piano Movers Already Have the Tools They'll Need

If you've ever looked into how to move a piano, you know it often isn't as simply as lifting and carrying. Professional movers will have a long list of tools at their disposal that will ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible.

Professional movers will show up prepared with a piano moving dolly, ramps, a truck big enough for the job, and skilled movers who have a lot of experience. They'll also know the best way to transport your piano so it is the least likely to get damaged during the move.

It may seem easy to underestimate how difficult it is to move a piano until you try it. The truth is, those three steps up into your living space from the outside can amount to a much bigger hurdle than you'd imagine. Moving pianos up and down stairs and through narrow corridors requires the knowledge and experience of professionals in order to avoid damage or injury.


4. Moving a Piano Yourself Could Lead to Injury

We know you love your piano, but do you love it so much you're willing to put your back out for it?

Pianos can weigh over a thousand pounds, which is way too much for two inexperienced people to carry and maneuver through strangely laid out spaces. Even if you have a more average-sized piano, it is still likely in the 300-500 pound range.

Do yourself a favor and don't leave yourself open to the possibility of injury. Not only would an injury in you or one of your buddies be painful, uncomfortable, and potentially expensive, but it will also likely leave your move half done.

Hiring professionals means that you're protecting your body and your helper's bodies from unnecessary injuries.


5. Hiring Professional Piano Movers Gives You One Less Thing to Worry About

Moving is stressful, no matter how organized you are and no matter how much help you have.

That being said, getting professional help with bulky, heavy, oversized items can really give you one less thing to worry about. Moving a piano yourself would require you to rent a truck and equipment as well as enlist some buddies to help. All of this will take time away from your other vital moving tasks, and may not even afford you any cost savings.

While people tend to move things themselves to avoid the cost of hiring professionals, the damage done to your piano, house, or body could end up being more costly. When you factor in how much time you will devote to getting the necessary equipment, trying to come up with the best game plan, and actually moving the instrument, it's likely to be cheaper to let the pros handle it.

Don't you have enough on your plate? With securing a new place to live, possibly ending one job and starting a new one, and starting a new life in a different neighborhood, or even a different state, moving a piano is likely going to take more time and energy than you have to devote to it.


Leave Piano Moving to the Professionals

It's easy to try and cut corners when you're moving, trying to save money here and there to keep costs down. Piano moving, however, is not the place to try and save a few bucks.

If you've decided to move your piano from one home to another, that's because it's important to you and you'd like to keep it in your life. While nothing is certain in life, hiring professional piano movers can greatly mitigate the risk of you losing your piano to irreparable damage or worse, injuring yourself.


If it's time for you to move your piano, we'd love to help! Contact us todayto get a free estimate and schedule your move.

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