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Most common reasons why people move to Merrimack


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So, you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle of the city and are considering moving to Merrimack NH. You’re thinking in the right direction since this little town in New Hampshire offers its residents a more suburban feel.  While at the same time is not so remote since it’s a little less than an hour away from Boston. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a calmer place to live but not so far from the conveniences of a big city. In recent years, NH has been one of the states with the biggest increases in in-state relocation. That means, people do move, but not leaving the state. So, what is it that makes people stay here? And what are the most common reasons why people move to Merrimack? We’ve tried to figure it out and explain what is it that draws people to Merrimack. If we convince you by the end of the text to move to Merrimack, you’ll want to get in touch with Southern New Hampshire movers. Our professional team of movers will provide you with the best possible moving services. 

Quality of life in Merrimack

To begin with, Merrimack is one of the best places to live in New Hampshire. And Money Magazine ranked it 23rd of the 100 best places to live in. At the same time, it ranks 8th as the most populated city among 238 NH cities. According to the census from 2020, this little town had a population of 26632 residents. Since 2010, a constant increase in the number of inhabitants has been recorded in Merrimack County. This trend reached its peak between 2019 and 2020 when the influx of new inhabitants reached 1,5%. This is undoubtedly the best indicator of the quality of living. Movers Merrimack NH had their hands full during that period.

Four people on the viewpoint
Quality of life in Merrimack comes with a price, the higher cost of living.

People moved in search of more favorable conditions of living, a healthy environment, better job opportunities, etc. This and much more than this await you in Merrimack since its quality of life score is 66. Although the cost of living in Merrimack is 11,1% higher than the national average, its other good features make up for it. Still, take it with a grain of salt, numbers can misguide you. For example, if you’re moving from New York to Merrimack your cost of living will reduce by 69,3%. Or increase by 13,8 relative to the cost of living in Dallas. 


New Hampshire has always been known as a tax-friendly state. It has no sales and no state income taxes, nor social security taxes and no pension taxes. This is certainly a crucial factor to think about when facing relocation. And living in Merrimack offers this kind of benefit. However, things are not so black and white, since NH is ranked 4th highest for its property taxes rates of 2,05%. While at the same time Merrimack has an even higher property tax rate of 2,42%, which makes it 4th among ten NH counties. 

hand takes a five dollars bill out of a wallet
The lack of taxes is one of the reasons why people move to Merrimack.

Low crime rate

Merrimack has rightfully been called a calm and safe town, as the crime rate is rather low. New Hampshire has the 3rd lowest crime rate and the lowest property crime rate in the US. Which is way below the national average. And Merrimack ranked 10th safest city in NH, with 0 violent crimes and only 10 property crimes per 1000 people. It’s in the 91% percentile in the terms of safety. This indicates that only 9% of American cities are safer than Merrimack. And if you ask its locals, they’ll tell you that the west part of the town is the safest. 

Solid education system

If you’re moving to Merrimack with your kids, you’d be thrilled to know that the educational system of New Hampshire ranks 2nd in the US. In Merrimack, 6 public schools serve 3575 students from pre-school to 12 grade. Those schools are governed by Merrimack School District and are above the national average. lists Reeds Ferry School and Merrimack High School as best-rated in Merrimack. Also, there are 2 public colleges near Merrimack, Nashua Community College, and Manchester Community College. And there are also the University of New Hampshire at Manchester and the University of Massachusetts – Lowell. Your child will have only one problem – deciding which school to enroll in. Since the median age for its residents is 41.5 years young, it’s easy to conclude how many people move to Merrimack precisely for education.

Average commute time and multiple job opportunities 

Perhaps the best side of living in Merrimack is its location. The nearness of Boston is certainly a huge advantage, while at the same time sits between the two biggest cities in the state, Manchester, and Nashua. It takes only 18 minutes by car to Manchester, while Nashua is 13 minutes away. You might think the commute time is shorter than the national average. But you’d be wrong since it is somewhat higher, 29,5. A few minutes up or down is not big of a deal, so generally, you wouldn’t have a long commute. However, you don’t even have to commute, since Merrimack offers a lot of job opportunities. Many local businesses along with two major companies such as PC Connection and Fidelity Investments are recruiting. If this has piqued your curiosity, keep in mind that our apartment movers Merrimack NH have years of an experience in terms of home relocations.

A pleasant climate and beautiful nature

This part of the country has a mild climate with warm summers and snowy winters. If you don’t mind freezing occasionally, it’s quite certain you’ll love it here. There are on average about 58 snowy days per year, more than twice the national average. If it’s any consolation, the temperature rarely drops below -10C. Summers are pleasant with temperatures around 28C when you can roam the beautiful Merrimack countryside. There are numerous conservation areas and parks with hiking trails, where you can go hiking or horseback riding, fishing, etc.

the beautiful countryside is one of the reasons why people move to Merrimack
Nature is beautiful in Merrimack at any time of the year.

Merrimack is a nice place to live in

If you’re fond of living in suburbs, snowy winters, and no taxes, Merrimack is definitively your cup of tea. These are precisely several of the main reasons why some people move to Merrimack. In case you decide to give it a chance, browse our packing services Merrimack NH. We’ll provide you with the best moving experience there is, with quality service and reasonable prices.


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