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Most common moving day superstitions


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Let’s face it – movings are pretty hard and stressful. You need to think about a lot of things, plan and organize. To brighten up the heavy subject, we have something that also follows the process of moving house. Traditionally, there are a lot of myths surrounding relocation and starting life at a new place. We have listed for you the most common moving day superstitions from all over the world. Whether you’ll believe in them or just find them fun, it’s up to you.

Most common moving superstitions

Don’t move on Friday or Saturday 

People for some reason believe that moving on Friday or Saturday brings bad luck. According to the Indians, moving on Thursday is the way to go. Allegedly, Thursday is the luckiest day to move into the new place. We strongly advise you to book your Southern New Hampshire movers in advance, especially if you are moving during summer and don’t worry about the day. Whether it’s Thursday or Friday, the only important thing is to book an experienced moving company and finish it as stress-free as possible. 

One of the most common moving day superstitions includes burning sage bundle like the one in the photo
One of the most common moving day superstitions is related to burning sage. The smell cleans the house of negative energy.

Enter and exit through the same door 

A legend says that when you first enter your new home, you bring in your energy. You should go out through the same door, so you get the potential negative energy out of the house. We are not sure if that also applies to your antique furniture movers while they are carrying in the super heavy couch.

Sprinkle salt and burn sage 

Sage and salt rituals are very common even nowadays. Sprinkling salt on the floor of every room, especially in corners and doorsteps is considered protective. The bad spirits can’t enter your new home because the salt keeps them away. Similar goes for the sage. Burning sage purifies the energy of your new place, getting rid of all negativity. 

A Housewarming party is a must 

When you are moving to a new neighborhood, you have to throw a party. Making and offering food to your new neighbors is considered to be a good way to start a new friendship. Superstition or not, it’s quite logical. It’s a nice way of meeting your new neighbors and making some friends. Who doesn’t like a nice house party with homemade party food and free drinks? 

Sharp things as gifts are not so good 

Speaking of a housewarming party, we have to tackle the gifts too. A nice bottle of wine is great, but knives and sharp things, oh no! According to this belief, getting a set of knives or a pair of kitchen scissors means your new friendship won’t last long. We usually use sharp tools to cut, so the friendship will end up being cut. You can prevent this by giving a coin to the person who gifted you a sharp thing. The “spell” will be broken and you get to keep your friendship. 

a brush for floor sweeping
According to the Chinese superstition, the brooms and brushes from the old place need to go. They keep dirt and bad energy, and you don’t want to bring that to your new place.

No old brooms in the new house 

According to the Chinese belief, you should throw away old brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools you used for the floors. They are said to be keeping the old dirt and energy locked in, so you don’t want to bring that into your new place. Buying a new broom symbolizes a new beginning

Bread and salt 

An ancient Jewish tradition suggests that you should bring bread and salt the first time you enter your new place. The bread so the family should never know hunger, and the salt so your lives are always full of flavor.


One of the most common moving day superstitionsIn in the Philippines is that throwing coins on the living room floor brings fortune and prosperity to the new home. This is supposed to be done on the day of the move, so your new beginning is blessed with good luck.


  • Most common moving superstitions are related to invoking good fortune and banishing the bad energy from your new home.
  • There are also ones that include bells and candles; ringing a bell in the new house cleans the energy, and a lightened candle brings light
  • Painting your front door blue will stop the ghosts from entering. Blue paint symbolizes the water, and ghosts are allegedly afraid of it.
  • There’s a common belief that if you plant a pomegranate tree in your yard, it will bring fertility and good fortune to your family.
woman ringing a tibetan bell
Ringing a Tibetan or any other bell awakens the good energy of the place and banishes the bad one.

When we put superstitions aside

Superstitions are part of the folklore of every nation in the world. Before science and rationality, people had to have some way of explaining the events that are happening. What you want to know is that you can do all that if you believe in it, or if you simply think these small moving rituals are fun. The important thing is that you need a good amount of time to prepare your entire household for the relocation. We hope this article helped you relax a bit and get your mind off the stressful stuff. To avoid stress and anxiety in the long run, you should make a good plan and stick to it. There are things you can easily forget, so make sure you write to-do lists and plans. Packing supplies and contact for local movers Southern NH should be on the top of your list.

To sum up

There’s nothing wrong with taking a part in these most common moving superstitions. Relocations can get very emotional, especially if you have been living at the same place for ages. If these fun rituals help you feel a bit less anxious about the most common moving day superstitions, go for it. Having a housewarming party is a great start. Whether you look at it as superstition or not, it is a great way to introduce your family to the community. But first, you have to actually move in, and that requires a lot of work. If you feel overwhelmed, get your friends to help you with packing. Decide how do you want your move to be arranged, should you go DIY, or with small moving companies NH. There’s a lot of work ahead, but with the help of professionals, you will be burning sage in your new house in no time. 

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