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Mistakes people make when choosing movers in Manchester


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While choosing movers in Manchester isn’t rocket science, it surely is a process. If you want your move to run smoothly from the beginning, then you need a crew of specialized movers. This is why searching for movers includes background checks, comparisons, and so on. Otherwise, you risk either getting scammed or having your move handled poorly. To help you avoid these mistakes, our team at Michael Brooks Moving curated this handy guide that will save you time, money, and headaches.

Mistakes you should avoid when searching for moving companies in Manchester

To know how to pick the right movers, you must learn how to avoid common mistakes people usually make during their search for movers. Moving is a process, therefore nothing that comes with it shouldn’t be rushed.

focused couple choosing movers in Manchester
Choosing movers in Manchester becomes easy when you know what mistakes to avoid.

Settling for a first company that shows up in search results

The last thing you should do is hire a company that happened to be among your first online search results. The algorithm surely doesn’t guarantee those particular movers are right for you. Although that company might be 5-star rated, there’s additional research you mustn’t skip. Hiring a company without giving it a second thought is super risky for the reasons below:

  • Theft – It’s not a rarity for a seemingly legit company to drain clients’ finances with extra fees you didn’t see coming.
  • Dreadful moving experience – Careless movers won’t care about your well-being.

Failing to confirm whether the company is registered

What people also tend to ignore is a company’s registration. Does it have licenses? Does it operate within legal frameworks? If not, move on to the next mover. The reason is obvious – a company that can’t prove the legality of its work is beyond suspicious. Therefore, don’t let anyone talk you into hiring a mover that hasn’t been registered yet. Every reputable moving company has to be certified and fully registered. Once you are sure the company operates legally, you can proceed with a further background check. There are online databases like FMCSA’s where you can search plenty of licensed companies with unique USDOT numbers. If the company can be found there, you have nothing to worry about.

Not paying attention to whether a company offers a free estimate

If you hire a company that doesn’t offer a free estimate, the chances to get scammed are greater. Every professional, top-rated moving company offers a commitment-free quote that allows you to learn about the approximate costs of your move. To avoid this, check if the movers whose offer you’re considering have a free quote button on their website.

a man holding labeled moving box
Avoid hiring movers in a rush.

Ignoring the company’s packing services

Let’s say you have some weights, a punching bag, and a treadmill to move. The movers arrive and surprise you with the fact that they don’t handle such items. This is why it’s essential to make sure the company has all your moving needs met. If you have a home gym to relocate, check if the company has home gym equipment movers NH listed on their website. If you are moving an art, search for art moving specialists that know how to pack it up and move with ease.

Keep in mind that movers often don’t go into details about various packing services on their web pages. For example, if they offer piano movers NH, chances are they can complete a music studio relocation. Don’t hesitate to ask contact the companies you’re interested in for additional information. Let them know about all the special items intend to move to avoid misunderstandings later on.

Forgetting to check if the company actually provides storage services

Some movers, although specialized in long-distance moving projects, don’t offer storage services. As it’s obvious, storage facilities are extremely important aspects of longer moving journeys. Therefore, don’t take any company for granted. Although top-rated and praised for its interstate moving projects, the company may not provide storage services. So, make sure to check this matter with the movers.

blue self-storage unit
Check if the companies you’re interested in provide storage and other additional services.

One of the mistakes you should avoid when choosing movers in Manchester – Not comparing moving quotes

You might be missing out on better deals and higher service quality if you hire a mover without comparing it with others. Even if the company seems decent, postpone until you’re fully sure their services and price range sit well with you. Contact several movers, and book their free estimates. This is how you’ll make the best choice for yourself.

Signing a contract without going through each clause

Another mistake that can put you in a risky situation is failing to read the contract in its entirety. This is why you should sit with company representatives and go through the contract. Don’t hesitate to ask for an additional explanation if something seems unclear. You must be aware of how the company works and whether your best interests come first.

Tips to help you choose Manchester movers you can rely on

There are several ways to reach credible moving companies Manchester NH residents praise the most:

  • Make a list – List and compare several movers you’d hire based on their experience and services.
  • Contact moving matchmakers – Nowadays there are many reputable companies that work in their client’s service. Once you fill out their form, you won’t wait long until you get a list of movers that match your needs and budget.
  • Ask for recommendations – Make sure to ask only those you know who had a stress-free moving experience and didn’t get scammed.

Read what previous customers had to say

Customer testimonials reveal a lot about the company’s work. Plus, you can get first-hand information about general customer experience. So, make sure to read multiple reviews before choosing movers in Manchester to handle your relocation. Aim for those that give more insight into the service quality and the crew’s courtesy. That’s how you’ll learn more about the company and decide whether they should be entrusted with your move.

“I have used Michael Brooks Moving Co. 3 times and was completely satisfied every time. His staff is professional and very careful with the whole moving process. I would hire them again and know it is going to be done right and worry free.”

- Paul Provencher

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