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If you are searching for quality movers Bedford NH residents had truly pleasant experiences with, then Michael Brooks Moving is ready to show the portfolio of reviews our satisfied clients left for us. Since we have been in the moving business since 1983, you can imagine the enviable number of reviews that we have under our proverbial belt. We are a professional moving company and we are more than capable of meeting all of your standards as well as making sure that your needs are settled. You can contact us today or even request a free moving quote on our website. We will be happy to work with you.

One of the movers Bedford NH poining a finger at you
You will be more than happy to know that we can help you manage your entire relocation more efficiently than you thought.

How we can help you achieve your moving goals

As we previously mentioned, Michael Brooks Moving has been in the moving industry for a long time. During that time, we have performed many different services and executed numerous relocations of all kinds. We have clients all around New Hampshire and they were always more than pleased with the result of their relocation. Why? Because that was our primary goal. Our experts use their skills to help each and every one of our clients reach their goals. You have the idea and the deadline and we know exactly how to meet it.

Moving services that can help you achieve your relocation goals

As a company that is clearly dedicated to success, we have always worked on improving our services and the performances of our movers. When you hire us, you can expect only the most pleasant experiences. Both you and your items will be treated with respect and dedication in our company. That is simply our policy. We understand that movers can go both ways but we hire and train only skilled experts who will be able to meet your standards. No amateur can execute a move properly and we would not be in the business for so long if we offered amateur services. From our company, you can expect the following:

We can ensure the safety of everything you own in your home and office

Whether in your office or in your home, you surely own many items and they are all valuable to you regardless of their actual monetary value. To us, everything you own is handled as if it was the most fragile and expensive thing in the world. You can even rely on us for packing and preparing to ensure the complete safety of your possessions. Our movers will use only quality packing supplies and you will rest assured that everything we do is done in the best possible way.

Expensive white furniture
We can handle your items with care and skill like true professionals.

Move with the best local movers in Bedford NH

Bedford is not a big place. Still, that doesn’t mean that local relocations here can be taken lightly. If you hire one of the best movers in Bedford NH, you will enjoy a smooth and stress-free relocation, regardless of the size and the distance of your move. Our team consists of the finest local moving specialists that have been operating in Bedford for years. We know how the town breathes and how to ensure swift and efficient relocations within Bedford as well as in the surrounding area.

Call us even if you are leaving New Hampshire

We are known as one of the best moving companies Bedford NH has to offer. However, we can do much more than just simple local relocations. If you are thinking about leaving New Hampshire altogether and you plan to move across the country, our movers in Bedford NH will make it happen. We have the experience and vehicles to ensure even the longest relocations go in a smooth and enjoyable manner. Planning a long distance move is the most important part and we carefully plan every relocation we handle.

Don’t think that your move is too small to call one of the best moving companies Bedford NH has to offer

No relocation is too big or too small for Michael Brooks Moving. If you are moving a three-story house, give us a call. If you are moving from one furnished apartment to another furnished apartment and you have only a few items to relocate, our small move service will be perfect for you. Efficient and cheap. You will wonder why you ever moved on your own.

movers Bedford NH packing boxes
We handle all moving tasks regardless of their size

Professional packers in Bedford are at your disposal

As one of the best moving companies Bedford NH has to offer, we provide a variety of additional services as well. And one of our most popular services is definitely professional packing. Packing is something that most people avoid doing. And since it is such an important part of the process that simply cannot be disregarded or poorly handled, we decided to organize a team of professional packers that will know how to properly secure all types of items regardless of their size or shape. If you are not sure that you can properly pack your items, give us a call. We will utilize all our skills, knowledge, and top-quality packing materials to ensure your items arrive at your new destination in mint condition. Hiring our packing services ensures the safety of your items but also saves your time and energy.

Our delivery service is fast and reliable

As we already mentioned, we are open to all types of tasks regardless of their complexity. We don’t shy away from the biggest or smallest tasks. If, for example, you need something delivered, you can hire our delivery service to handle it for you.

We can handle even the most difficult moving tasks

At Michael Brooks Moving, you can hire one of the most experienced and well-equipped movers in Bedford NH. We have the skills and equipment to handle the most challenging moving tasks. Wondering how to move a piano without damaging it? The simplest way is to let our piano movers handle it. That heavy gun safe won’t move an inch? Our strong movers will lift it for you. Whatever your problem is, we have the solution.

piano moving
We are one of the best moving companies Bedford NH has to offer when it comes to piano moving

We are handling your furniture with extra care

Many people pay a great deal of money to own and maintain expensive and luxurious furniture around their homes. Some are even antique lovers and that makes the entire process of transferring furniture much more difficult than one might think. Our professional movers are aware of these and other important facts. Since they are experienced, they have seen more than just their share of different furniture. Whether you own large and bulky furniture, fragile antiques, or simply very expensive couches, chairs, and tables, we are one of the best moving companies in Bedford NH for that task.

Deadlines do not represent a problem for our professionals

We understand that you have a schedule to keep up with. We also understand that you decide to hire our professionals based on how much they can help you make the entire process quick and painless. Even if you think that your relocation requires an impossible approach and that it is simply too difficult to manage within a certain timeframe, you are wrong. Our professionals know exactly how to approach each individual move, depending on its characteristics. You can give us the deadlines and continue with your regular, daily tasks. We will be able to manage everything else if you so request. Since we run and operate our own successful business, you can trust that we certainly know the consequences of being late. Therefore, no such complications will be possible.

Bedford is an ideal town for families

Much like many other places in New Hampshire, the Town of Bedford is more than just beautiful. It is an ideal town with a suburban movie-like feel that everyone enjoys. Most residents own their homes and that gives you high hopes in terms of settling down and having a peaceful life. There are many parks and many coffee shops that you will enjoy sitting in while drinking your morning or even afternoon coffee. Above all of this, the crime rate is significantly lower than in 68% of other cities and towns across the US. Having all of this in mind, Bedford sounds like the ideal place to let your roots grow and your offspring bloom.

A white suburban home
You can enjoy your peace and quiet in Bedford, NH.

Cost of living in Bedford

Bedford is nice but also an affordable place to live. The cost of living for one person with rent is $2651, which is more than $230 above the national average. The average cost of living for a family of four here is around $6071, which is $500 below the national average. Nevertheless, it still ranks among the top 13% of the most expensive places to live in the world.

Housing costs

Even though living in Bedford is affordable, buying a property here is not. In 2022, the median home price in Bedford NH was around $690,000, which is 19% more than in 2021. As far as rents are concerned, the median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Bedford NH in 2022 was $2,190. For a 2-bedroom apartment, the average rent was $2,849. And 4-bedroom apartments averagely cost around $3,500 a month. Also, an average utility bill that includes electricity, water, heating, and gas is around $224.

The best schools in Bedford NH

Bedford is known as a place with highly-rated schools. People from all over New Hampshire wish to move here because of the educational opportunities this place offers. And you will have plenty of public and private schools at your disposal. Here are the schools that are expected to be the best in 2023:

  • Memorial School
  • Peter Woodbury School
  • Riddle Brook School
  • MicroSociety Academy Charter School
  • Mill Falls Charter School
kid in a school hallway
Good schools are one of the reasons why Bedford is considered the best suburb to live in New Hampshire

Why choose us

At Michael Brooks Moving you can find all that you need for a safe and carefree relocation to, from, or within Bedford NH. Here are some of the things that you can expect to get when hiring our movers in Bedford NH:

  • Every detail of your move carefully planned
  • Full support throughout the process
  • A team of professional movers 100% dedicated to ensuring your move goes in an enjoyable fashion
  • Safety and protection of your precious belongings are guaranteed

We are one of the best and most affordable moving companies Bedford NH has to offer

Now that you understand that we offer moving services superior to other moving companies Bedford NH has to offer, you are probably wondering how much will this cost you. Luckily, you have run into a moving company whose main goal is your complete satisfaction. That is why our movers in Bedford NH are providing moving services at competitive prices. To check our rates, give our Bedford office a call or contact us online where you can get a free moving estimate in just a few clicks.

Request a free moving estimate from the movers Bedford NH locals always rely on

It is necessary to have quality moving assistance when you are relocating, even locally. Michael Brooks Moving gives you some of the most professional and reliable movers Bedford NH has to offer. Enjoy your moving experience and do not compromise it by handling everything alone. The finest movers in Bedford NH are here to help you with whatever you need and whenever you need it. All you have to do is contact us and request our moving services or simply request a free moving estimate directly on our website, anytime at all. We are at your service.

“I have used Michael Brooks Moving Co. 3 times and was completely satisfied every time. His staff is professional and very careful with the whole moving process. I would hire them again and know it is going to be done right and worry free.”

- Paul Provencher

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