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Life in Amherst, NH after leaving Merrimack


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Relocating from Merrimack to Amherst with the assistance of movers Southern NH offers a different living experience. Merrimack’s more commercial setting gives way to Amherst’s quieter, residential atmosphere. With tree-lined streets and a community-oriented feel, Amherst offers a break from the rush without sacrificing convenience. As a destination often chosen for its quality schools and historic charm, Amherst has its own unique qualities that make it stand out as a place to live. It’s worth exploring what you may expect from your life in Amherst NH after leaving Merrimack.

Contrasting life in Merrimack and Amherst

Merrimack and Amherst, both located in New Hampshire, offer distinct living experiences. Merrimack is generally more commercial, with shopping centers and businesses dotting the area. In contrast, when coming to Amherst with apartment movers Merrimack NH by your side you will find a more tranquil environment, characterized by tree-covered lanes and residential zones.

Moreover, when it comes to housing, Merrimack offers various options, including apartments and townhomes, often near commercial centers. Amherst leans toward detached single-family homes, many with sizable yards. Education is another differentiator: Merrimack has a broader mix of public and private schools, whereas Amherst is often chosen for its highly-rated public education system. These differences make each town appealing in its own way.

Exploring Amherst’s natural beauty

For those who appreciate the outdoors, Amherst offers an abundance of natural beauty. Its landscape features expansive green spaces, lakes, and wooded areas that provide a peaceful backdrop to daily life. Parks such as Baboosic Lake Park and Pond Parish Town Forest invite residents and visitors for hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying a picnic in a serene setting. For those interested in more active pursuits, cycling and kayaking are also popular activities. The town’s natural surroundings contribute to a calming atmosphere, making it an attractive option for those seeking a balance between accessibility and tranquility.

a bottle of wine and food on a blanket on a picnic
Revel in all the beauties Amherst is giving you.

Local events and social engagement

Amherst has a close-knit community that is actively engaged in local happenings.

  • Community events like farmers’ markets, craft fairs such as the Amherst Town Library Craft Fair, and seasonal festivals often draw residents together, creating a strong sense of belonging.
  • For those interested in culture, Amherst is home to art galleries like the Wiggin Memorial Library which often hosts art exhibitions.
  • While Amherst doesn’t have a standalone museum, it’s home to the Chapel Museum which offers historical insights into the town.
  • Furthermore, the nearby Amato Center for the Performing Arts in neighboring Milford provides a venue for local performances.

All these elements combine to offer a rich community life, making Amherst not just a place to live, but a community to actively engage in.

A focus on education and extracurriculars in Amherst’s schools

As for education, Amherst is often praised for its commitment to quality education, making it a sought-after location for families who tend to hire movers Amherst NH to provide their children with exceptional opportunities for upgrading themselves. The public schools are highly rated, with a focus on comprehensive academic programs and advanced learning opportunities. Extracurricular activities are another strong suit, offering students a range of options to explore their interests. From athletics to arts and academic clubs, there is something for everyone. Local organizations also partner with schools to offer community service opportunities, further enriching the educational experience.

a little girl writing something
Your new life in Amherst NH after leaving Merrimack will bring new opportunities for your children.

A culinary tour

In case you want to find out more about diverse food options, you should know Amherst offers a variety of dining options that cater to different tastes and preferences. You’ll find traditional American eateries alongside international options, such as Italian, Mexican, and Asian cuisines. Locally-owned cafes and bistros add a personal touch to the dining scene, often sourcing ingredients locally for a fresh dining experience. Health-conscious individuals will also appreciate the presence of organic markets and specialty food stores, where they can find locally sourced produce and artisanal goods.

Proximity to urban centers and access to essential services in Amherst

One of Amherst’s advantages is its strategic location, which allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds. While the town itself has essential services like grocery stores, medical facilities, and banks, it’s also conveniently situated near larger cities. Manchester, for example, is just a short drive away and offers a wider range of shopping centers, medical specialists, and entertainment venues. This easy access to urban centers means residents can quickly reach additional services and amenities as needed, without sacrificing the tranquility and charm of small-town living. It’s a balance that adds another layer to Amherst’s appeal.

Life in Amherst NH after leaving Merrimack and the cost of living

What can you expect from your life in Amherst NH after leaving Merrimack in terms of finances? Well, the overall cost of living is practically the same in both places, about 10% above the average. However, Merrimack, being more commercial, might offer more affordable housing options like apartments and townhomes. Amherst, on the other hand, leans toward single-family homes, which could mean higher property costs. However, Amherst’s reputation for quality schools and a peaceful environment might make the additional cost worthwhile for some families. Additionally, groceries and entertainment might be slightly more expensive in Amherst due to its smaller market.

white building with apartments waiting for you to start your new life in Amherst NH after leaving Merrimack
Sometimes it is worth paying more for something that guarantees a better life for the whole family.

Safety and healthcare services

Being a safe town, people often contact one of the best moving companies Merrimack NH in order to become part of the Amherst community. With a relatively low crime rate, the town fosters a sense of security and well-being among its residents. Regarding healthcare, while Amherst itself may not have large medical facilities, it’s in close proximity to specialized healthcare services in nearby cities like Manchester. Several local clinics and family practices offer basic healthcare needs, making it convenient for residents to access medical care without having to travel far.

The unique appeal of living in Amherst after Merrimack

Altogether, choosing life in Amherst NH after leaving Merrimack is a decision that will lead you to a different, but rewarding way of life. With its natural beauty, strong sense of community, and focus on education, Amherst offers a well-rounded living experience. Its convenient location near larger cities adds practical advantages, making it easier to access specialized services. All these factors make Amherst a compelling choice for those looking to relocate to New Hampshire.

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