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Items you cannot use bubble wrap on


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Bubble wrap is considered one of the essential packing materials. And let’s be honest, it’s unmatchable when it comes to protecting your items from physical damage, which is, naturally, one of our main goals when packing for the move. So why then professional packers rarely use bubble plastic when providing this service? Well, first because professionals know that there are many cheaper substitutes that they can use, it’s not eco-friendly but also because there are many items you cannot use bubble wrap on. If you are currently preparing for a move, surely you are starting to reexamine your decision regardless packing material choices you have made.  Still, you don’t have to worry just yet. First, look at the list below and then you can decide whether to consider other packing supply possibilities or maybe even hire professional Michael Brooks Moving to do the job completely.

Bubble wrap is a great packing material but you need to be careful

As we already mentioned bubble wrap is great packing material. In many situations, it can be the best choice to make. However, there are some negative sides to it as well. Mainly because of the material that it’s made of.  And that’s plastic, of course. There are certain bubble substitutes on the market. Unfortunately, they aren’t so widely used at this point, which is why we will concentrate only on the most popular, plastic, version.

The good thing is that, even though bubble wrap is many times the best choice, it is never the only choice. So the downsides of bubble wrap can easily be avoided by choosing another option for packing your items. Unfortunately, despite the fact that movers Salem NH and most professionals on the moving market know that there are items you cannot use bubble wrap on, only a handful of their customers are aware of this fact. The lack of knowledge can sometimes lead to a disaster.  Luckily for you, in a few moments, you will have the knowledge necessary to prevent the disaster from happening during your move.

a person wrapped in bubble wrap
Bubble wrap is one of the best packing materials on the market

Condensation is one of the main reasons why some items cannot bear being wrapped in plastic

We briefly talked about plastic material, which is one of the main problems with bubble wrap. Since it is waterproof it is good for protecting your items from the rain, for example. Still in addition to being waterproof, plastic is also airproof. The environment that can be created when an item is completely sealed in bubble plastic can create a fertile ground for condensation. Especially when temperature fluctuations are involved as well.

Keep your electronic devices clear of plastic wraps

Condensation is dangerous for many types of items. Still, when you think about the water and the damage it can cause the first thing that pops up to mind is electronic devices. Computers, cell phones, musical components, TV screens. And those are only the most common items that household movers NH find during residential relocations. If you have an electronic device that must be protected from moisture of any kind, you shouldn’t use bubble wrap on it.

Wooden objects can easily be harmed by condensation

Wood is also one of the materials that can be particularly affected by moisture. Of course, when we talk about wood we are thinking about furniture. Even though wood is becoming more and more expensive, most furniture in our homes is still made of this material. Unfortunately, many people forget about this and use bubble wrap to pack their wooden household assets. And do not think that this only stands for long-term storage situations. Moisture can damage wooden items faster than you think. Our suggestion is to either use some other solution or hire professional furniture movers NH to handle this difficult task for you.

Avoid using bubble wrap on metal objects

A wet environment is also fatal for metal objects. Unpainted metal is especially vulnerable as it can develop rust after just a few hours of exposure to moisture. That is why you need to be very careful when applying bubble wrap. It may be ok if you are moving locally and those items need to be packed only for a few hours during the day. However, if your items will spend the night in a moving truck, sealing your metal items with bubble wrap may not be the best solution.

rusted item
Condensation can easily damage metal items

Plastic can easily cause static electricity

Besides condensation, there is another problem that plastic can cause. You probably know how easy it is to create static electricity only by rubbing your hair against a plastic object. That is exactly what happens with bubble wrap as well.

Delicate devices can be harmed by static electricity

Electronic devices are especially vulnerable to static electricity. Of course, it is not a thunderbolt and many standard everyday devices will not even feel it. But there are some delicate pieces of equipment that static electricity can fiddle with. There are even three types of damage that this manifestation can cause in certain items. We won’t go into details. But if you own some kind of electronic device that you are not certain about, the best thing would be to avoid wrapping it in plastic altogether and find another solution.

Bubble wrap’s strength can also be its weak point

Plastic is also a very strong material. Stronger than most people are aware of. Of course, this strength gives bubble wrap endurance. But sometimes it can be too strong for certain situations and objects.

Avoid wrapping delicate and very fragile items in bubble wrap

If you are moving a delicate item with many fragile and thin parts, wrapping it in bubble wrap can cause more harm than good. This can refer to certain types of art for example painting where it can cause indentations in the canvas. But also structurally weak items that cannot endure the kind of pressure bubble wrap can cause.

Plastic can cause a chemical reaction with certain substances

It is known that certain types of materials can create a chemical reaction with plastic. Especially when the heat is involved and there is a contact between two materials for longer periods of time. It can cause irreversible damage to certain items. So you better be careful if you are planning to pack these.

Be careful when packing oil paintings

Oil paintings are delicate items. And since bubble wrap is known for its protective properties it naturally appears as a solution when packing occurs. And that may be the case if you make sure that the bubble plastic doesn’t actually touch the painted surface. The oil in the painting can cause a chemical reaction with varnish and that way cause irreversible damage to your valuable painting. Therefore, always use other materials between the canvas and the plastic wrap.

oil painting
Oil paintings are just one of the items you cannot use bubble wrap on

Avoid packing freshly painted items and items with lacquer finish on them

Of course, painting is only one thing that bubble wrap can create a chemical reaction with. However, this refers to all sorts of painted items. Especially with freshly painted items and those with lacquer finishes. It can be a guitar or a nicely painted chair. Avoid packing similar items with this material if you want to avoid damage.

You can greatly benefit from using bubble wrap but only if you use it properly

As you can see there are really many items you cannot use bubble wrap on. So is it worth buying it at all? Of course, it is. It is still one of the best packing materials on the market. You just need to be careful when you are using it. That way you can benefit from it vastly.

“I have used Michael Brooks Moving Co. 3 times and was completely satisfied every time. His staff is professional and very careful with the whole moving process. I would hire them again and know it is going to be done right and worry free.”

- Paul Provencher

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