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How to treat your moving crew in Salem


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People are usually hiring movers because they are skilled. Besides, they have all the necessary equipment for moving and loading your property. And, by hiring movers NH, you can be sure that your move will be a success. However, don’t forget that movers are usually working on a tight schedule. Therefore, be sure to treat your moving crew in Salem respectfully. Make sure that you or an assigned person is present before their arrival. So that they don’t lose precious time waiting for you to show up. Avoid going around and giving them advice. Instead, you can help them in other ways. And, if you are satisfied with their work, show your appreciation. You can do that by tipping them. And by writing a good referral.

Most people are not sure how to interact with their movers

Before the arrival of your movers, you have already organized everything you could. Now is the time to leave the job to them. So, they will do the loading, transport, delivery, and unloading of your things. However, you will be spending a lot of time with them. And, there the problem comes. Many people are not sure how to interact with the movers.

We understand that moving day can be very difficult for you. However, keep in mind that Salem movers don’t need your advice. They are experienced. And know exactly what and how to do. Instead, help them in some ways. For example, offer them some refreshments. That way, they will restore their strength. And they will rest a bit as well. Also, there are several other ways to help them. Knowing what is expected from you will help you to relax. So, we’ve prepared some advice on how you can help your Salem movers.

people eating pizza, an example how you should treat your moving crew in Salem
You can treat your moving crew in Salem with some refreshments.

Make your Salem moving crew feel comfortable

You don’t need to treat your moving crew in Salem as guests. However, they will be working really hard moving your property. So, when they arrive, greet them politely and in a friendly tone. You may also introduce your family to them. That way, they will feel welcome, and more comfortable.

After the introduction, walk them through the house. That will help them to define their moving routes. Also, inform them that you and your family will be around. And that they can feel free to ask when they need something. Or, that they can approach you in case they need your help. Be sure that movers Salem NH will be very thankful for such a reception.

Providing basic requirements is a nice way to treat your moving crew in Salem

Moving and carrying things is hard work. So take care of the basic needs of your movers. Here’s what you can do for them:

  • Make sure they have enough water and juices for drinking
  • Offer them coffee – most of your movers need caffeine
  • Provide them with access to a clean bathroom, equipped with hand sanitizers and paper towels
  • Maintain the temperature of the apartment – provide fans if it is too hot, or heaters when it is very cold
  • Help them when they ask for your help

You can also offer them a light meal or fresh cookies. It’s not a big expense. And be sure that your Salem movers will really appreciate that gesture.

Two movers in uniform transporting the furniture in the apartment.
Keep the moving path clean for your Salem movers.

Keep the pathway always clean for your movers

This is also a way to help small moving companies NH. Namely, when they move and carry boxes, they can’t see much. They certainly won’t be able to see if there’s an obstacle in their way. And, in case you have pets, kids, or elderly family members, they can unintentionally cross movers’ way. If they collide, the movers can drop the box. And that is the easiest incident that can happen. Unfortunately, there can be much more serious consequences and even injuries.

That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on the path the movers are taking. Knowing that you are taking care of it, will also help them to relax. And to walk more confidently. Therefore, the move will go faster.

If you have an apartment, make sure your movers can use the elevator

Whether you’re moving in or out, make the job for the Salem crew easier. Namely, if you have an apartment in the building, make an agreement with the building managers. Make sure that your movers can use the elevator to carry your belongings.

Also, reserve the parking lot which is closest to the entrance. This will help your movers can easily transfer items from the moving truck to the building.

Moving in or out of the house

If you are moving in or out of the house, make sure that the moving truck can drive as close as possible to the entrance. Also, clear all access roads, whether of branches or stones. Or from snow and ice if you move during the winter. That way, local movers Southern NH, will have clear and easy access to your home.

Movers unloading rolled-up rug.
Make sure your movers can park a truck close to the house entrance.

Tipping is not your obligation, but it is a nice gesture

Your movers are paid for the job they do. However, if you are satisfied with the work of the Salem moving crew, it would be nice to tip them. That will also show how you appreciate all the job they did for you. But, how much should you give them? Well, the average tip is $5 per mover, per hour.

You can give tips directly to the movers. Or, you can give a lump sum to their foreman. You can do that when you are dealing with reputable movers like your Salem crew. They are very honest people. And you can be sure that they will share tips in a fair manner.

Write a review of your mover

Reviews are very important in the moving industry. They helped you find the right movers. Likewise, your review will help someone else. It is also valuable for your movers. If you are satisfied with their work, you can treat your moving crew in Salem by submitting a review about their work and skills. You can also write a nice letter of appreciation to the company manager. That may bring them some awards from the company as well. As you could see, treat your movers in a polite and nice manner. In return, they will make your move a nice, positive experience.


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