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How to throw a housewarming party after relocation


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We hope that you will have a pleasant relocation without any major issues. You can ensure this by hiring a moving professional such as Michael Brooks Moving and following their suggestions. On the other hand, even with their help, the relocation will take its toll on you. FInancially, physically, and especially emotionally. We are all aware of how sad and nostalgic people can be after they have moved. There are many things you can do to make your post-relocating period happier and one of them is to throw a housewarming party. With a few suggestions from us, you will enjoy the preparations as much as the party itself.

In order to throw a housewarming party, you must first take care of some important obligations

Before you start organizing the party, you must take care of some, unfortunately boring, tasks. They include all the post-moving activities that are waiting for you. From phone calls to leaving reviews for your movers, changing your official address if you have not already, and similar. The sooner you start handling these obligations, the sooner you will be rid of them and you can continue with your regular activities.

The most time-consuming task will be the unpacking process. If you previously requested packing services Merrimack NH, you will probably have an easier time unpacking. Professionals know exactly what to do and they are very well organized. If not, then just make sure that you unpack as soon as you can because if you leave it for tomorrow or the next week, you will have a hard time organizing yourself. 

A family unpacking in order to throw a housewarming party
Make sure to take of everything as soon as you can and you will have enough time to throw a housewarming party properly.

Start with the guest list

If you have worked with one of the best moving companies derry NH has to offer, then you will not have a hard time. They will surely help you manage everything there is to manage, and if Derry was your place of choice, you will have a lovely time. We understand that it is hard to make a guest list if you do not know your neighbors or pretty much anyone at all. On the other hand, this housewarming party also serves as an ideal excuse to meet them. If you show your friendly side right away, people will remember you as such. 

A guest list is not a must, it is just something that can serve as a reminder of whom you called and invited. You can start with your nearest neighbors and the people you met first once you moved. Everyone likes new neighbors so you probably will not have a hard time communicating.

Do you have any ideas about the food you will be serving?

Maybe you do not think that the food is that important but trust us when we say that it is. Food is something that brings people together or takes them apart. Alcoholic drinks are always optional, especially since there are many people who do not drink at all but there are surely no people that do not eat at all. You can make the food on your own or you can buy it. Whatever you decide, we are sure that your guests will love it. If you do not have any ideas, we have some that you might like. First of all, if you feel like making something cute but tasty, then maybe you will like quick bites much better than some actual dinner-like food. You can always find some ideas on Tasty. co because they have great, quick, but very tasty recipes.

Bruschetta on a table
Something quick, light, and tasty is, perhaps, the best choice.

If your party is bigger than just a few people, then quick bites are definitely the better option. Cooking an actual dinner or ordering pizza is acceptable when you have 10 people tops. Otherwise, you will just be bothering yourself, a lot.

Decorations are optional but the date is very important

Decorations are sometimes just an expense you do not need. They can be fun and all but are just a bore to clean up at the end of the day. You can have balloons and similar but trust us when we say that they will only be a bother one way or another. Therefore, just skip the decorations. On the other hand, the date of the housewarming party is very important. Weekdays are a bad choice and we do not recommend them. You would have to have your party in the evening and people would have to work in the morning. Weekends are, on the other hand, great, and you do not have to worry whether you organize your party in the evening or during the day.

Make sure to call and invite people on time. Some of them can make plans in the meantime. Therefore, a week or even two in advance is completely fine. Catch them before they organize something else. Just like you, surely they make their weekend plans in advance.

A calendar with motivational words
Choose a good date and tell everyone about it on time.

We are sure that you will throw a housewarming party of the decade

We hope that we gave you some great ideas for your party. Combine them with your own and you will throw a housewarming party everyone will remember in the most positive way. You will meet a lot of people and perhaps even a lot of friends. We wish you good luck.

“I have used Michael Brooks Moving Co. 3 times and was completely satisfied every time. His staff is professional and very careful with the whole moving process. I would hire them again and know it is going to be done right and worry free.”

- Paul Provencher

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