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How to tell your kids you are moving?


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During your lifetime you will have to tell your kids a lot of things. Because we understand how difficult it may be to tell your kids you are moving, we will look together at some practical ways you can use to ease up the process. Moving is a stressful event for a whole family, and you should be in sync from the get-go. Make sure you hire one of the moving companies Southern HN residents find to be the most reliable. That way, you will take the burden of organization off your chest and dedicate more time to your kids’ transition. If everything goes as planned, you will come out of the whole relocation process even more united.

The right time to tell your kids you are moving is – today

One thing you should be vigilant about when planning a move with kids is to be upfront. Kids usually pick up on the whispering and subtle signs that something is off. If you have school kids, they will probably know that something is going on, no matter how secretive you are. When you are sure about the relocation and already contacted movers Nashua NH to set up a moving date, it is time to tell your kids. It is better to have certainty when telling your kids such news. Being upfront with them from the beginning is excellent, but you don’t want to give them false information and regret it later. Make sure you have a set-in-stone moving date and all the relevant information before deciding to talk to the kids.

drawing as a great way to tell your kids you are moving
Drawing your new home is a great way to tell your kids you are moving

Using the correct language can help you break the news

The best thing is to be clear and concise when telling your kids about a significant change. Kids don’t usually like changes, so being direct about it will help you set the tone of your future conversations. The chances are you will have plenty of future discussions on this subject. When preparing to tell your kids you are moving, choose an age-appropriate language. Use simple examples of how the whole process will look like and what they can expect. Tell them you contacted your local movers to help you out and explain what does this mean. Prepare yourself for frequently asked questions and give short and straightforward answers. After you break the initial news, you should let them process it. Expect some follow up questions and even some disbelief.

Focus on the positive sides of the relocation

When breaking the news about your relocation to your kids, you should emphasize the good things first. Later on, as they process the information and ask you questions, you can go more in-depth. In the beginning, keep things short in a positive tone. Tell them they will get the chance to explore a new place or have a separate room or a playroom. Emphasize that this relocation is an excellent opportunity for your family and that you will experience these positive changes together. It is important not to exaggerate when telling your kids about the positives. Don’t promise them something that you cannot keep. Try to be realistic in your promises and don’t let them believe they are getting a puppy if they aren’t. They will most certainly ask for a puppy.

Let your kids express their emotions

A critical aspect of moving is that it is an emotional event for the whole family. Even you as an adult can feel overwhelmed with the entire endeavor. Having to think about the details of the relocation, like how to pack your kid’s toys or when to call piano movers NH, will help you deal with change better. On the other hand, kids will have a lot of time to think about the relocation and construct their ideas. Don’t let their imagination go wild; keep them on the ground by giving them precise information. But let them feel upset about the move. Let them feel angry or sad, and offer to console them or let them have some alone time if that is what they prefer.

girl peeking from box
Let your kids be emotional because moving is an emotional event for the whole family

Involve your kids in the relocation

The best thing to remind your kids about what will happen is to involve them in the process. You can schedule up regular family meetings where you talk about the move. Assign tasks to your kids and give them responsibilities. You can download a simple to-do list app on their tablet and let them learn how to use it. If they feel included in the process, they will get better used to the idea of moving. Talk to them about how the moving process will look like, step by step. Let them know they are a crucial part of the whole thing, and you need their support. Keep the communication open and be willing to answer their questions. Expect some disapproval, but be consistent and always keep things positive, no matter how upset or sad you might get.

family drawing on moving box
Go through the moving process together, one day at a time

Tell your kids you are moving in 3 simple steps

Your stress levels may rise significantly as the time to tell your kids approaches. Don’t let this situation intimidate you. Rest assured that everything will be fine, eventually. To ease up the whole situation, you can follow three easy steps:

  1. First, tell the kids why you are moving. It can be for a fantastic job opportunity or to be closer to your family.
  2. Secondly, tell them when you are moving. You can use time references tour kids know about, so you can either say you are moving in 3 months, in June or the summer.
  3. Lastly, let them know about all the positive and exciting things they can expect. Those can be a new playroom, a big yard, being closer to Grandma.

Time is on your side

If you are still hesitant and don’t dare to tell your kids you are moving, don’t be. Remember that time heals everything and that everything will be fine as time passes. The kids will get used to your new home and their new environment. They will have a positive moving experience and love the new opportunities ahead. Think positively, and you will get through this together.

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