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How to still enjoy holidays when moving from Salem to Merrimack


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Sometimes, due to different circumstances, the day of our move is during the holidays. Of course, when moving, many people decide to move during regular days. But what if you can’t pick the date? For example, what if you need to start working at your new job right after the holidays? In some situations like that one, you don’t really have a choice. Michael Brooks Moving can help you move smoothly. And with our help, you can find ways how to still enjoy holidays when moving from Salem to Merrimack.

How to enjoy holidays when moving from Salem to Merrimack?

Salem is found within some of the finest zones of the state of Oregon. You’re roughly 60 minutes away from downtown Portland. That means you are around an hour out from Portland International Airport. But that’s not all; you are also located just 60 minutes from Eugene and are actually pretty close to the beautiful Oregon Coast. If you adore the outdoors, living in Salem places you directly at the core of it all. You’ve got unique local locations to roam, like the stunning Silver Falls. And there is an abundance of fun weekend travel getaways you can discover. Salem is enclosed by some genuinely stunning rural locations, offering you views for days. Many individuals that live here commute to Portland for work. After all, getting higher pay and paying fewer fees makes it a great deal. So where do movers Salem NH residents recommend help people move?

A bridge in a forest
People enjoy nature, and nice surroundings are always a nice thing to have in your new town.

Some people still figure out how to enjoy holidays when moving from Salem to Merrimac. Merrimack is a suburb of Manchester. There are 26,353 residents living in it. Merrimack is located in Hillsborough County. And is also one of the nicest places to live in the state. Living here offers citizens a light suburban feeling. And most people living here actually own their houses. The town has a lot of coffee shops and parks, as well as eateries and other places to hang out. As for people that have kids, you will be happy to know that the public schools here are above average. So no one is surprised that movers Merrimack NH has to offer are constantly helping new residents move in.

Moving during a holiday

When we find ourselves in a situation where we have to move during a holiday, we still want to enjoy it! So how do we enjoy holidays when moving from Salem to Merrimac? It’s actually not that hard. With proper planning, we can make everything possible. As such, we first need to start by making a plan. Naturally, this is a moving plan.  So it should contain everything from contacting the best local movers Southern NH can offer, a packing plan, and other essential aspects every move includes. Of course, to be able to enjoy the holidays even in the midst of a move, you’ll want to plan your activities following your arrival at the new home.

Decorating the home

How can you enjoy the holidays when moving from Salem to Merrimac? Well, decorating the place is a nice way to start. Instead of dull boxes piled up in the corner, you can decorate the cardboard and turn them into holiday boxes. Wrap them like gifts, paint holiday scenes on the sides, and so on. The options are infinite. You can even keep your kids busy by letting them draw on boxes. Prep ahead by bringing some of the supplies needed to decorate, including:

  • Markers
  • Building paper
  • Tape
  • Cotton balls
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bows
Decorated boxes
Make your boxes feel more festive by decorating them.

Explore the new surroundings

Taking time to explore your new surroundings during the holiday season can help make the transition to your new home feel more festive and enjoyable. While it can be tempting to focus solely on the task of moving, it’s important to carve out some time to have fun and discover what your new community has to offer. Consider visiting local holiday markets or festivals, checking out the holiday lights and decorations in your neighborhood, or attending a holiday concert or performance at a nearby venue. Not only will these activities help you get into the holiday spirit, but they will also provide an opportunity to meet new people and start building a sense of belonging in your new home. Moving from Salem to Merrimack during the holiday season can be a thrilling and exciting experience, and taking the time to explore and enjoy all that your new community has to offer can help make it all the more memorable.

Gift hunting

We doubt that your kids will be happy to welcome a holiday surrounded by cardboard. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the whole experience more fun for them! Actually, they can enjoy holidays when moving from Salem to Merrimack as much as you! Maybe even more. One nice thing is to create a game. Treasure hunting through the home, following instructions given by you in search of gifts! Doesn’t it sound fun? There are also many other ways to keep your kid busy when moving. So we doubt you will have a hard time looking for ideas.

A kid playing with boxes, representing what it looks like to enjoy holidays when moving from Salem to Marrimack
If you play with it your kid will also enjoy holidays when moving from Salem to Merrimack.

The family traditions

Moving can be difficult for most individuals, particularly for children. The holidays can serve as a reminder of all the memories and traditions that were created in your old home. Maintaining your family rituals is an excellent way to enjoy holidays when moving from Salem to Merrimack. Make sure to still keep your traditions, even when moving. If you have made a good moving plan, you have already picked out dates when you can implement them. Missing out on such important things can be a big deal, as significant as the move itself. So don’t compromise and organize everything properly. Your kids will be especially happy to celebrate something during such a stressful time.

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