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How to spot moving scams


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Sometimes, it can happen that moving away is tricky. In addition, to relocate successfully, you need to find proper movers. They need to be affordable and reliable, above anything else. But it can happen that they are not. It is important that you spot moving scams right on time. So, they don’t trick you. Finding Southern New Hampshire movers that are trustworthy is not that hard. You just need to know what exactly to look for in one moving company. And what to avoid. There are some signs from the early start. So better figure out what are they and prepare yourself!

You can easily spot moving scams if they don’t own a proper license

One of the main things that you need to look for in a moving company is if they are licensed. Without a license you can definitely figure out something is not well here. Professional service delivery NH needs to have years of experience and an approved license. If they don’t have these qualifications then you can spot moving scams here. Why would you trust a moving company without a license for working when you have the ones that are licensed? It is not even allowed to work without one.

One woman showing documents to another woman.
Spot moving scams immediately if they don’t show you their license.

Since the moving companies are using trucks and truck services, they have to be licensed. If they are not, you can be definitely sure it’s some sort of fraud. There are certain ways on the internet how you can check if a moving company is licensed properly or not. It is very easy and it takes only a few minutes. Better do that than regret afterward. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is not a scam or something like that just because they are licensed. This is just one of many factors to check on.

If moving costs don’t match the agreed ones…

Sometimes spotting movers that are not reliable and are about to trick you is through the price. There is no need for one reliable and trustworthy company to have some hidden fees. Okay, it can happen sometimes that you have extra costs, but they tell you that in advance. Most likely on the first conversation you have with them. Also, those moving companies that are scams will tell you a much higher price at the end than the one you agreed on. You can check this out by reading other people’s comments and reviews. If they are complaining that the costs were much higher in the end compared to the agreed price, stay out of there! It is better not to risk it. It can also happen if the relocation lasts much longer than expected that the price raises, but not too much.

Another thing that they are doing differently than the normal moving companies is the way they charge. So, normally movers Windham NH should give you a price according to the weight of your shipment. And when it’s a scam we are talking about, the price you according to the cubic feet of space that is taking in a moving truck.

Guy and a girl with a lot of money on the table and computers.
A moving company that is a scam will try to take as much money as possible from you.

Spot moving scams when a company has multiple names or they don’t have a logo!

What is definitely very suspicious, is if you figure out that the moving company is using multiple names. It can be in the paperwork and documents, on the website, or in their office. Gun safe movers Merrimack NH, or any other type of movers should have only one name. If it is a real company and they are reliable, they shouldn’t use false and many names. What looks like a scam, even more, is a fact that sometimes moving companies don’t have an official address, office, nor logo.

 If you come up with a moving company like that, you know for sure it’s not a real one. They just made a scam to take your money and maybe even your belongings. That is why you need to be even more than careful and prepare for this. Finding reliable movers might be a longer process than you expected, but don’t worry. You will find them.

If they ask for a deposit or to pay before their service…

Normally, moving companies don’t ask you to pay until they deliver everything to your new place where you are relocating. If they ask you to pay everything before, even if it’s a deposit, watch out. They will probably try to scam you. Even if they ask you to sign any kind of an agreement or contract before they even estimate and calculate approximately how much the services you are going to use will cost you.

Scammers are always in a rush, and this is the easiest way to recognize them. Real movers have no need to rush you when you are making decisions. Not even when it’s time to pay. This doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to pay in some decent time after they did their job. It wouldn’t be nice at all. But there is no need to pay anything in advance, and after all, it’s impossible to know the exact price! They first need to weigh everything so they can do their calculations with the services.

A man sitting in the trunk of his car with moving boxes and holding his head with hands down.
It’s important that you find movers whom you trust.

How to avoid them

Now, once you know how to spot those scammers and unreliable movers and companies, it’s time to learn how to avoid them. It’s actually quite easy. But it won’t be enough just to follow the facts written above. When you are looking for a decent moving company, the first thing you should do is follow the word-of-mouth method. Start by asking your friends and relatives. They wouldn’t recommend you scammers, and you will know everything about a moving company from the first hand. Which is the best option possible.

If you don’t have anyone to ask, then you will have to surf the internet and try to find your movers. It will be important that you read all of the reviews, comments, and see their ratings. This will help you figure out if your moving company is a legitimate one. Be careful which moving company you are about to hire, they are going to have your whole life in their hands after all. The most important thing is that you trust them.

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