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How to recognize quality commercial movers in Merrimack


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The success of your relocation depends mainly on the moving company you choose. This will affect whether you’ll remember it with a smile or a sigh. According to some scientific research, relocation is stressful almost like a divorce. Even more so, if you do not pay special attention to the moving company selection. So, spare yourself and get trained and respectable movers. But how to recognize quality commercial movers in Merrimack in an already crowded market? There are a few pointers to guide you through the selection process, which we will cover further in this article. Michael Brooks Moving might be the right choice for you if you want a professional company with high-quality services. With us, you can be sure that our customers and their satisfaction come first.

Experienced moving company

Experience is the crucial attribute your moving company should have. With such a company, errors are reduced to a minimum and customers can expect only the best possible service. Companies just entering the business often lower their prices to attract customers, but with them, you never know what you’ll get. On the other hand, companies that survived in business for many years don’t need such tricks. Their reputation and their customers speak for them and testify about their services. That is the case with our quality commercial movers Merrimack NH. Our team of movers is made of skilled crew members, trained to handle even the most demanding tasks. They will expertly pack and insure all your belongings, even your valuables, and antiques. You can rely on their experience and expertise, without worrying about the outcome. And that means a lot at the moment of relocation when whole your life shifts.

a staff member of a quality commercial movers in Merrimack holding a cardboard box next to a moving van
Always opt for a moving company with many years of experience.

Quality commercial movers in Merrimack have high-quality equipment and gear

Other vital segments of any professional moving company are its resources and its gear. It’s impossible to move bulky furniture or appliances without proper equipment. Some of the equipment that any quality company should have are hand trucks, 4-wheel dollies, hydraulic dollies, sliders, etc. Not only does it enable moving and loading heavy items, but also speeds it up. And in addition, the use of these devices also reduces the chances of injury to personnel or damage to items. All of this is equally important for a company that wants to leave an impression of a reliable and professional company. Also, it would be desirable for your company to have vehicles of various sizes, and to service and maintain them well. The same applies to moving supplies necessary for packing services Merrimack NH. Any quality company will provide you only with top-notch packing materials.

Transparent pricing

Not so long ago, the moving business had a bad reputation. The practice of hiding real costs and adding extra charges caused mistrust among customers. That is why a transparent way of doing business in the company is very important to the clients. Only such companies can count on customer loyalty and expect customers to recommend their services further. But what is it that indicates possible scams and what exactly to look out for? And what are the differences that make one company stand out from the others? We have tried to clarify this below.

black calculator, money bills, dimes and a orange pen on the desk surface
Customers expect transparent pricing with no hidden costs.
  • First of all, a trustworthy company will never demand a deposit higher than 25% of the total estimate. For local relocations that would be no more than $500. Of course, for a long-distance move, the figures are higher. However, if they initially ask you for a deposit that exceeds this percentage, you may be dealing with scammers. Remember not to pay upfront in cash, but insist on paying with your credit card if possible. If the company is legitimate, that will not be a problem.
  • Moving companies usually offer two types of coverage in case something unexpected happens with your things. The first option is released value protection, which is not so great. According to it, compensation is calculated by weight, namely 60 cents per pound. Full value protection means your movers will cover the full replacement of lost or damaged items. Some companies also offer separate liability coverage and additional insurance policy from a third party. Generally, quality movers will inform you about their insurance policy on the spot.
  • You will receive an estimate in writing from any reliable company. This is the practice applied by our movers Merrimack NH, as well.

Recommendations and customer reviews

The experiences of others are highly valuable when dealing with moving companies. Online reviews can help you decide whether a certain company deserves your trust. With these testimonials, you can also inform yourself better about the moving process, prices, and everything else you might want to know. However, make sure you’re not browsing just any random website. Browse only official sites whose goal is to reveal scammers and support decent and respectable movers. Avoid companies with extremely bad reviews, but also be suspicious of those with only good rates. Also, avoid those with very little feedback, as they are mostly newbies. Anyhow, a trustworthy company will have a good ratio of good to bad reviews.

curly, black-haired smiling woman sitting at the desk and working on laptop
Browse online for quality commercial movers in Merrimack.

Specialty moving services

The moving industry has advanced considerably from simple transportation to a wide range of logistic services. Whether you need climate-controlled storage units, you need to relocate a pool table, or anything valuable and delicate, a reliable company has you covered. You get to choose how and when and under what conditions your relocation is going to happen. A moving contract will provide you with the workforce and moving supplies, transportation, a storage unit, etc. You don’t even have to worry about packing your inventory. That is exactly the case with quality commercial movers in Merrimack. We have a long history of successful interstate moves, as well as small moves, piano moves, home gym moves, etc. Our expertise and skilled team will provide you with a stress-free relocation.


“I have used Michael Brooks Moving Co. 3 times and was completely satisfied every time. His staff is professional and very careful with the whole moving process. I would hire them again and know it is going to be done right and worry free.”

- Paul Provencher

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