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How to protect valuables when moving from Salem to Windham


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The safety and security of your most priceless possessions depend on where you store them during a move. Even if you regard every individual you meet to be trustworthy, a single theft might quickly change your opinion. Why take a chance when you can avoid it? It’s extremely important to protect your prized possessions when moving any distance, but especially long distances. Find out below you can protect valuables when moving from Salem to Windham. If you have any further questions, don’t be afraid to contact movers NH customer service and we will help you out.

5 ways to protect valuables when moving from Salem to Windham

Moving is a true hassle for most of us. At first, you might be excited, yes. But once you find out how much logistics it takes to move a whole household, you may get a headache. The best way to move not only valuables, but the whole household is to hire a licensed and experienced moving company you can trust. For example, movers Salem NH. They will make sure to protect all of your things and safely move them from Salem to Windham.

protect valuables when moving from Salem to Windham like money and coins
Hire a reliable moving company when relocating valuables.

1. Make an inventory list

Make a list of everything you own before you start packing. Make a list of what you value and what can be attractive to curious hands if you don’t keep an eye on it. After that, plan out where you’ll keep them while you’re moving. The day before moving day, take photos of your belongings so that if they are lost, stolen, or broken, you can prove that they were there.

2. Store your valuables in a Safety Deposit Box

If you don’t need fast access, a safe deposit box is a good place to keep vital documents, pricey jewelry, and other priceless family artifacts. Until you’ve established your new home, your bank will hold your belongings for a fee. If you require urgent identification, don’t retain cash or anything else that you don’t immediately need.

3. Hiding spots

Even though you may already have your valuables under lock and key, finding new hiding spots is essential while moving. In order to keep your valuables safe when moving, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors recommends hiding them in your bag or in boxes covered with deceptive labels, like ‘Christmas Ornaments’.

4. Get insurance

Choose moving insurance to safeguard your possessions from loss or theft during the relocation process. Consult your movers Windham NH for more information. Ask one of our moving specialists about our insurance choices, and you’ll know your belongings are in good hands. Consult with your home insurance provider to learn what your policy covers between moves and whether or not you need to purchase additional coverage for very pricey belongings.

man getting moving insurance
Make sure you get your moving insurance in order to protect valuables when moving from Salem to Windham.

5. Watch how you pack

Make sure your items are packed safely. Use high-quality packaging products that we can supply as the simplest method. You may rest easy knowing that your valuables are safe in sturdy boxes that have been meticulously packed and tagged with heavy-duty tape. If you don’t have much time to pack, you can use our packing services NH so you make sure to protect valuables when moving from Salem to Windham.


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