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How to prepare your kids for a move?


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Moving can cause many sleepless nights if you are an adult. For kids moving can be pretty stressful, too. Because kids cannot often see the complete picture and cannot imagine future scenarios, relocating to a new home can seem even tragic. It is your job as a parent to learn how to prepare your kids for a move. It is vital to start preparing them as soon as you know for sure that you are moving. Right after you schedule your moving day, the ball starts rolling. Try to ease the process by opting for some of the best movers NH can offer. That way, you can focus on your kids and their feelings while trained moving professionals do their job.

It is never too early to tell your kids you are moving

People often think that keeping specific life changes from their kids is better than telling them right away. However, moving with your kids to a new home is one of the significant changes your family will experience in a long time. Having your kids involved from the early stages of preparation can be beneficial for both you and them. Please don’t wait for the last second to tell them what is going on. As soon as you contact your movers Nashua NH, say to your kids you are relocating. Don’t be afraid of their reaction and think in advance what you will say. Try to explain the reasons and the rationale behind the decision to move. Help them understand that this is something you have to do together as a family. Be there for their questions and concerns.

family preparing for a move
Talk to your kids about your upcoming relocation without being afraid of their reaction

Prepare your kids for a move by reminding them of what is going to happen

If you have small children, you know that their attention span can be short. Even their memory can do tricks on you. One day they will be aware of the move, and the next day they will act as they forgot about it. It would help if you reminded them about the relocation, whenever it seems convenient. Try to sound excited and happy that you are planning a move together. Remind them of steps you are going to take until moving day comes. Explain to them how household movers look like, their job, and how they will help you move to an entirely new house. You can even play games and pretend you are moving to a new room. That will help your child conceptualize the whole process while making it easier to understand.

It is usual for your kid to get upset with your decision to move

Moving is a significant change for everyone. Even if you think you did an excellent job preparing your kids for a move, they might still be upset. Kids feel this way because they didn’t partake in decision-making and feel powerless and scared. Even though the change may be better, they don’t want to leave their room, school, teachers, friends, and neighbors. They will soon leave everything they know and feel familiar with behind, making them feel sad and upset. Moving is an emotional experience, so you should allow them to express their emotions, whatever those might be. Try to cheer them up and show they will not feel this way forever.

parents and kid preparing for a move
Prepare your kids for a move by reminding them what is going to happen and when

Involve your kids in the moving process by letting them make decisions

An excellent way to involve the kids in the whole moving process is to let them choose some things. They can select the color of the wall in their new room. You can let them pick new curtains or a new rug. Let them decide what toys they want to keep while you are staging your home for new buyers. You can go to the furniture store together and give your kids a chance to choose some pieces for the kitchen or the dining room. Use professional service delivery NH to have the things safely transported to your new address and use the free time to take your kid for ice cream. Letting your kids in on some of the decisions, even if they seem trivial, can mean a lot for their self-esteem and sense of association.

Prepare for moving day by making a plan

You can create a simple plan for moving day with tasks for each member of the family. Talk to your kids about the project and let them suggest and pick chores to do. As the moving day approaches, explain to them in detail what will happen and what can they expect. Pack their favorite toys, books, or some other stuff to keep them entertained. You can always load your kids’ tablet with cartoons or music they like. That will make them feel more comfortable and switch the focus from the move a bit. You can involve your family or your friends to come and help with the kids. Having around people they care about will help them feel secure while this significant change is happening.

family having fun with moving boxes as a way to prepare your kids for a move
Involve your kids in the moving process as much as you can and they will surely show interest

Whatever you do, always stay positive and keep smiling

Even though your move is perhaps imposed by a new job or even financial issues, you have to be optimistic about it. Your kids should see that you have a positive attitude, and they will copy your demeanor. Be happy when telling them about the new house, and let them know it is OK to feel scared of the unknown. With some strong words of encouragement and constant reminders of how good the change will be for the whole family, you should be able to prepare your kids for a move. Small children will adapt faster, and schoolchildren might have a hard time letting go of their friends. Eventually, everyone will start loving the new place and calling it home.

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