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How to pack your ski gear for an interstate move


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For every winter-activities lover, skiing is a must. If you love to ski and go skiing every year, you probably have your own ski gear. As we all know, ski equipment is not at all cheap. This is why we want to keep it safe when we move. Replacing a damaged piece of ski gear can cost quite a lot, so taking the time to pack it carefully is crucial. If you want to know how to pack your ski gear for an interstate move with movers NH residents love and trust, check out our tips. We are sharing the best ways to pack your gear and have it as good as new after your relocation.

Safely pack your ski gear for an interstate move

Packing your ski equipment for a cross-country move with interstate moving companies New Hampshire sounds complicated, but it really isn’t and all you need is a bit of extra time. Although time may not be something you have when moving day approaches, you will thank yourself for following a few extra steps to properly pack your ski gear. You need to keep the following in mind:

  • how to pack your skis
  • the best way to pack your helmet
  • safely pack your boots
  • pack other ski accessories such as goggles, bindings, wax, etc.
man skiing after the move thanks to tips on how to pack your ski gear for an interstate move
With a few simple steps, you too successfully can pack your ski gear for an interstate move.

How to pack your skis

When it comes to packing skis, your safest bet is to go out and buy a special box just for them. There are different kinds of moving boxes. The long and narrow ones are perfect for putting your skis in. Of course, you want to wrap them tightly in bubble wrap and packing paper before placing your skis in the box. Placed in a proper box, and wrapped tightly, your skis will go through your relocation damage-free.

How to pack your helmet, boots, and other accessories

If you are not getting packing services Merrimack NH, you will need to find ways to maximize the safety of your ski equipment. To properly pack your helmet, wrap it in bubble wrap and packing paper, and then carefully place it in a large box. Make sure it doesn’t tumble around in the box, as well as not to put anything heavy on top of the box containing your helmet. As for your ski boots, they do not require extra care since they aren’t easily damaged. Wrap them in packing paper and place them in a box, and you should be good to go. For your goggles, you want to protect them with styrofoam or several layers of bubble wrap and packing paper to avoid scratches. Any other tiny accessories you have can go into a separate, small, properly labeled box.

friends on a skiing trip
Be careful when packing your goggles as to not scratch them.

Get professionals to pack your ski gear for an interstate move

There’s no one better to pack your ski gear for an interstate move than the professionals. Having packing experts pack your household for your move is the best decision. Whether you choose home gym equipment movers NH, or a full-service move, your belongings will be in the best hands. Packing experts know how to protect ski equipment. You will not have to worry about missing any steps. Simply trust the packers to do their job, and enjoy a stress-free interstate move!


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