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How to pack your bedroom for relocation?


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Some people like to pack their household according to a certain system called room-by-room packing. This is more or less a great way to handle the packing process if you plan to finish everything within a couple of days. Since every room requires a different approach because of the different items it contains, you should be informed about what is the most efficient way of packing each room. As professional movers, we will help you by telling you how to pack your bedroom for relocation.

When you pack your bedroom for relocation, here is what you should know and do

As we previously mentioned, each room requires a different approach and that includes the bedroom. Your bedroom usually does not contain items that you cannot live without for the next two days while you pack so this might one of the first rooms you start with. Most people have bedsheets, their closets, and perhaps some decorations or smaller pieces of furniture like an armchair in there. This does not sound too complicated to handle and it really is not. All in all, here is where you should start.

A big luxury bedroom
Even the biggest bedrooms do not contain too many items so you will not have your hands full with this room.

Make sure that you have all the packing supplies you need

Much before you start packing any room, you should make sure that you have all the packing supplies you need. Most people decide to request packing services because then they get professional packers who bring their own reliable and new supplies. If you are not going to do this, you will have to pack everything accordingly on your own. We understand that used packing supplies are much cheaper and that they seem just fine but just keep in mind that they are not as reliable as you might think. On the contrary, just because the box does not seem used up does not mean that it is not.

Therefore, instead of compromising the safety of your items, just buy new packing supplies that can hold anything, under any circumstances. You will probably need many different boxes of adequate size, a lot of bubble wrap and shrink wrap, and other similar materials like foam padding for example.

Before you pack your bedroom, assess the situation and start with decorations

When you enter your bedroom, take a long, hard look at it. First, all chairs, bedside stands, and similar small furniture should be put aside and packed amongst the first things. You should keep that furniture in a corner where it cannot get in your way while you pack other things. Yet, before you start handling the furniture, we recommend you do your decorations. Surely you have shelves, picture frames, paintings, and similar. All of it should be packed first and put safely aside in boxes that are properly labeled. For items that have a decorative role, it is enough to use bubble wrap and shrink wrap. Make sure that you use boxes that are of appropriate size and that you have more than enough foam padding.

A person givin you an example of how you should pack your bedroom
Always start with decorations and smaller items that you have in your bedroom.

Some clothes go into the essentials bag, the rest go into boxes and bags

Everyone has heard of the essentials bag and you are aware that certain things that are necessary go into it. This includes many things and a change of clothes or two is one of them. Everything else should be packed. We recommend that you take two sweatpants, shirts, socks, undies, and everything else and put it aside for that bag. Then, you should take your boxes and bags and start packing your entire closet. The bedroom is usually packed one or two days before the move so that means that two sets of clothes are enough for you. Clothes do not need too much protection if any at all.

You could, perhaps, buy those cardboard boxes that are lined on the inside with soft plastic. They can protect the clothes from possible moisture and seem cleaner. Just make sure that you pack comfortable clothes in your essentials bag so that you can maneuver easily during the move. 

When you pack your bedroom, then bed and the closet go last

The bed and the closet go last and, if you had an agreement with your household movers that they arrive around noon, you can get up early. First, you will pack the bedsheets you slept on and then you can start packing your bed. Logically, you will disassemble it as much as you can without damaging it. After that, you should use a lot of protective materials to protect those parts. Using bubble wrap is essential and using a lot of it is recommended. If you, by any chance, have the boxes you bought your bed in, then that is great. They are certainly the right size. If not, just make sure that you bought boxes that can safely contain the disassembled parts of your bed so that they do not damage during the transfer.

A white closet
People rarely have walk-in closets like in the movies. Most have shelves or an actual wooden wardrobe.

Just make sure that you do it all within a few hours

As you can see, there is not too much work involved when you pack your bedroom. Nevertheless, it is important for you to follow the exact order we recommended. If you can, call and hire professionals. They will help you with the furniture and heavy items. All in all, we hope that everything goes well and that you manage everything very quickly. We wish you good luck.

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