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How to pack breakable items for an interstate relocation


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Packing is one of the most difficult and demanding processes in every move. As such, it requires a lot of attention and effort, especially when it comes to a slightly more complicated type of relocation such as interstate moving. The Michael Brooks Moving Company is at your disposal, immediately. They can be of great help to you. So, don’t avoid their help! For example, so far you have packed half of your home, you have fragile and delicate things left, and a little bit of furniture and clothes. Well, let’s see how to pack breakable items for an interstate relocation.

First, sort and prepare your breakable items for interstate relocation

When it comes to breakable items, you will need a little skill. Breakable items are usually glass and ceramic items. In most cases, these are glasses, cups, souvenirs, decorative vases, mirrors, etc. When it comes to such things in your apartment, we advise you to consult with apartment movers Merrimack NH. They will most likely advise you to leave the packaging of these things for last.

A breakable item to pack.
Pack breakable items for an interstate relocation isn’t an easy job, so, be careful.

Before you start packing, sort all your fragile items. Separate the smaller ones from the larger ones, and prepare them for packing by washing them, cleaning them of dust, etc. depending on their purpose. You can also sell or give away things you no longer need.

Find adequate packing & moving supplies

This is also one of the steps you need to take before moving on to the next level. So, make sure you get the right packaging. It’s always desirable that your items be packed in the original packaging, but if you don’t have it, you can improvise. You can get the packaging directly from your moving company, in local stores, or buy it in online shops such as

For packing breakable items you need moving boxes, tape, bubble wrap, protective foil, and fragile stickers.

How to pack breakable items for an interstate relocation – Usefull tips

We know that packing is one of the most difficult and tedious tasks that will take you the most time. And for that reason, we decided to reveal to you some useful tips for packing your breakable items. So, let’s see!

  • Find and hire one of the best interstate moving companies New Hampshire.
  • Sort things by size, and pack them in that order.
  • Wrap each item in a bubble wrap to protect it from damage.
  • If you are packing plates, put soft foil between them.
  • Fill boxes with crumpled newspapers before placing glasses or cups.
  • Stick fragile stickers and be sure to mark moving boxes.
mom and daughter pack breakable items
For packing breakable teams you need to sort your things and find adequate packaging.

Ask for professional help

Hiring a professional moving company is a smart choice, especially if you have some other thing to take care of during the relocation process. Movers Merrimack NH are at your disposal at all times. And when you pack breakable items for an interstate relocation, they can give you the best possible tips. Also, if you use professional packing services, your things will be in safe hands!


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