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How to pack and move your family heirlooms to a new home in Goffstown


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Family heirlooms are very special and difficult things to move and pack. When it comes to packing, we need to be extremely careful, in order to have the most successful family heirloom relocation. During the handling process, the emotional worth and sensitivity of these things is the biggest roadblock. This is why it’s important to prepare ahead when it comes to packing and transferring family heirlooms. However, we always recommend you to search for one of the best Southern New Hampshire movers for any consultations or any help you need. If you think that you will pack and move your family heirlooms to a new home all by yourself, you are wrong!

Get your packing supplies

If you want to pack and move your family heirlooms with ease, you will need a lot of packing supplies. Go to the nearest shop and buy things such as:

  • Labels
  • Card boxes
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Tape
old records
As you may be aware, a family heirloom can be anything, thus its worth is enormous.

Okay, so if you have all of these things, you can start with sorting out your family’s heirlooms. In that process, you will maybe decide that you don’t need something anymore. In that case, you can pack these items and take them to the nearest charity or some organization.

Always have a plan to pack and move your family heirlooms

We are already mentioned in our previous articles how important is to have a plan of packing, and also a plan for relocating. Without a good plan, you will easily get lost in your belongings. Especially now, when you need to pack and relocate your family’s heirloom. Heirlooms, unlike clothing, novels, and other non-sensitive objects, are frequently quite valuable.

It’s critical to discover the appropriate approach to packing family artifacts, whether they have monetary or personal significance. The best option is to hire movers Goffstown NH, because professionals always know how to take proper care of sensitive belongings with a great value, such as family heirlooms.

How to properly pack and move family heirlooms?

Okay, so now that you have a plan, and all equipment for packing, we can start with simple tricks about packing sensitive belongings. If you have no time to pack on your own, you should hire professional packing services NH. However, if you wish to pack everything by yourself, here is the list with a few simple tips you should follow in order to save your family heirlooms:

person trying to pack and move your family heirlooms
As you already know, you need to be very gentle when picking things like this.
  • Always pack larger things first. In order not to ruin everything, try to pack larger things first.
  • Fragile items go on top. If you want to save your heirlooms, and you have a lot of fragile objects, you need to put them on top of the boxes. You can even use one special box just for fragile things, and label it before you go, so movers can be extra careful with it.
  • Use special zip bags for small things. Zip bags are a great solution for little things like figurines, earrings, jewelry, and the like.
  • Prepare special bubble wrap for most fragile objects. You will need a lot of bubble wrap if you have a lot of fragile objects. Take care that every tam is well secured before moving day.
  • Label all the boxes. For easier unpacking and storing, labels are a must-have when it comes to relocation. With labels, you will make yourself easier.

Prepare a storage unit

The best option is to prepare a storage unit for your family heirlooms. We suppose that you don’t have so much space in your house, and storing family heirlooms in the garage can be quite dangerous for your belongings. If you need to relocate your family heirlooms from another state, we recommend you to call interstate moving companies New Hampshire, and check out their availability.

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a month and a whole fortune to pack and move your family heirlooms. With the right people with you, you can do it very easily. Hope that you loved this article.


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