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How to move a piano to Amherst NH


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Everyone is aware that a piano has 88 keys, did you know that they frequently have more than 10,000 moving parts? It can be difficult to move such a delicate, heavy, and sophisticated instrument without causing damage. If you plan to move a piano to  Amherst NH, it’s best to do so with professional help. You can do it yourself of course, but it will require some planning and assistance. If at any point, you decide to give up and hire a professional to relocate your piano, feel free to contact movers NH. Without further ado, here is some useful advice for relocating that big old piano.

How to move a piano to Amherst NH in 5 simple steps

If you’re set on moving the piano on your own, it’s critical to be prepared. You’ll need the appropriate equipment, and it’s critical to check the piano’s fit at each stage. Follow these few steps carefully and you won’t have any problems. You can contact small moving companies NH  if at any point you feel like you need help.

a grand piano
Moving a piano is not really a one-person job.

1. Take measurements of the new space

You want to ensure that your piano will fit comfortably in its new location. Measure the space, doorways, and staircases to ensure that there are no impediments to relocating the instrument.

2. Make sure that you have the appropriate equipment for the job.

At the absolute least, you’ll require piano dollies, belts, and cushioning. However, the particular items you’ll need will differ according to the type of piano:

  • You will want piano dollies if you have an upright piano.
  • To move a grand piano, you will need specialized equipment called a piano board or piano skid board. Additional strapping and padding are required for this board, and you should confirm that it is the correct size for your piano.

3. Clear the paths

Ascertain that you have a clear way to the door in the area from which you are moving and from the door of your new residence to the piano’s location. If you hire piano movers NH, this is the only step you’ll need to do before the move. They’ll have all the other necessary equipment ready.

4. Depending on the type of piano you own, moving it will require the following steps:

  • When transporting an upright piano, ensure that the piano dollies you use are capable of supporting the entire weight of the instrument.
  • Before transferring a grand or baby grand piano, you should remove the legs.  Use straps and a screwdriver to secure the instrument to the piano board.
move a piano to Amherst NH to your new residence
To move a piano to Amherst NH safely, it’s best to hire professionals.

5. Loading and unloading the piano

Once you’ve removed the legs from your piano, wrap the piano with moving blankets, including the lid, keys, and all of the piano’s exterior. Secure all blankets with tape. The legs and pedals of the piano should also be wrapped with moving blankets. Gently tilt the piano onto the piano board after ensuring that all of the piano’s components are safe and secure. Use straps to hold the piano firmly to the piano board. The piano board should be pushed by at least 3 people in order to avoid any accidents. Re-assembling the piano’s legs and pedals is necessary after moving it into your new home. If you need help to move a piano to Amherst NH, consider hiring our reliable movers Amherst NH. Your move will go a lot smoother and you’ll save a lot of time if you hire them.


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