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How to keep antiques safe during relocation


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Antique furniture is valuable and often irreplaceable. But it’s difficult to move it. So here is how you can keep antiques safe during relocation. Our team of experienced movers NH came up with a couple of tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Pack accordingly

Antique furniture can be quite fragile, so it’s important you pack it carefully. And if you find it difficult to pack properly, you can book one of the best local movers southern NH to pack everything for you. There is no need to worry about damaging your antique items during transportation because professional movers have years of experience in packing a variety of items. So, without a doubt, your antiques will be in safe hands.

Get the right packing materials

Packing is an incredibly important step when moving antiques. You can’t use random newspapers and bathroom towels. As you probably know, antique furniture pieces are very delicate. So you need to be extra careful when choosing the packing materials. If you choose to pack your antiques yourself, be sure to get the right packing materials to keep antiques safe when moving homes. If you want to leave it to the professionals, look for skillful movers Londonderry NH, and you can be sure they will use materials of the highest quality.

A picture of antique lamps
Get the right packing materials to keep antiques safe during relocation.

Hire professionals

Depending on what items you are moving, you can do it yourself or book a company. If you are moving valuable items, it’s advisable you bring in professionals. It’s important to look for reliable and qualified antique furniture movers NH, to ensure your furniture pieces stay damage-free. Moving antique furniture requires people with specific knowledge. Hiring professional antique movers has a lot of benefits:

  • They have insurance, in case something happens during the transport. 
  • They know how to use padding to keep antiques safe during relocation.
  • They’ll bring acid-free paper that’s necessary when packing antique furniture.
  • They can easily move fragile and large items.
  • They have years of experience. 
person carrying a plastic container in order to keep antiques safe during relocation
If you want your antiques to stay damage-free, hire professional antique movers.

Get insurance to keep antiques safe during relocation

Whether you are moving kitchen appliances or valuable antique pieces, it’s important to get moving insurance. Every reputable moving company is licensed and insured. And if your company isn’t offering insurance, take that as a major red flag. The best way to ensure the safety of your valuables is to determine the insurance value before working with a moving company. Often, moving companies have limits to the insurance they provide, so be sure their options are acceptable for you before you book their services.

Get a storage unit

You really want to avoid storing antiques in the basement or the attic. It’s too hot, cold, or damp! So it’s better to get a proper climate-controlled or temperature-controlled storage unit, where your antiques will stay in perfect condition. Moving special items can be tricky. Antiques are especially difficult because they are so fragile. But with proper care and a team of professionals, you will keep antiques safe during relocation.


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