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How to host a goodbye party before your move


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Relocations can often be emotional processes. This is the case especially if you are leaving your hometown or a place that you have lived in for quite some time. Every emotion is normal and getting sentimental is even healthy. It means that you have lived a good life and have made memories that will last a lifetime. When you think about it this way, it would be bad just to disappear without even saying goodbye to everything and everyone. Therefore, it is only in order for you to host a goodbye party to mark the end of an old chapter and the beginning of a new one. Having said this, before you call your professional moving company, take a look at our guide and put your party shoes on.

Why should you waste so much time just to host a goodbye party?

First of all, a goodbye party does not have to take up so much of your time. It can be a quick one that will serve as your last memory that is connected to your, soon to be former, address. Well, unless you want to make it a spectacle but we believe that that is not the point so we will just assume that you want a normal, neighborhood party. Once you change your address, especially if you are moving to another state, you will certainly have an emotional reaction. Not everyone cries but we all get a feeling of longing at some point.

A girl looking at photos
You will miss your old home and cherish all the memories you have. Why not make one last memory?

Once you do, you will probably feel bad if you did not make a grand finale out of your relocation. It might sound silly at first but trust us, you will love your goodbye party and you will certainly be thankful to yourself for hosting it. If nothing else, your friends and neighbors deserve a chance to say their official goodbyes in a sentimental way, right?

How to approach this properly?

There are, of course, numerous ways of doing this. We understand that you have many other things to think about that are probably much more important than a party. You have to call and book a date with your household movers, make lists, organize the entire process altogether, and who knows what else. Still, everyone has time for a gathering and it does not even have to be expensive. Think about the perfect day. That can easily be a Saturday or Sunday since most people do not work during the weekends. Think about the time, you can have an all-day party or just an evening gathering. Whatever suits you and whatever you feel most comfortable with. That is, after all, the entire point.

Who will you invite?

This is an important question with an even more important answer. Who will you call to your goodbye party? Surely you have friends in the area and there are definitely some neighbors that you enjoyed spending time with. Yet, you might be a person who wants a small gathering with only the closest friends. If not, call the entire neighborhood. What matters is that you feel happy, satisfied, and are surrounded by people who are actually sad to see you go but are happy as well because you are making a big and ambitious step in your life. One of those people can even be the old cat lady from downstairs who always brought you your newspaper because the postman mixes your apartments all of the time. You will see that many situations were beautiful ones but you just did not know it until they became memories.

People at a table having dinner and saying cheers
Do you know who will you invite? The entire neighborhood or just your family and friends?

Will there be a theme?

Some people like themed parties and, we must admit, they can be very funny sometimes. Especially if your theme is something like ‘crazy drunk aunt’ or anything in that spirit. You can make it simple and not a masquerade ball. It is cheaper and you will definitely have a laugh with everyone who does dress up according to the theme. If, on the other hand, you are not as much into this kind of thing, you can always organize a casual get-together and have a laugh talking about the good times.

Do you want a quiet dinner or a night out in the club?

We are all different and some of us might like quiet dinners where food is served according to etiquette while others will want a night out with the entire city. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you are happy and that you actually had time to say goodbye to everyone you will miss. Even the postman or the old lady downstairs. In times where the coronavirus is still lurking, depending on where you are from, many clubs and coffee shops might be closed. Even if they are, that does not stop you from having a smaller and safe gathering with your friends. Everything can be managed if we want to manage it. That is the golden rule.

A woman holding a wine glass as an idea of how you can host a goodbye party
Maybe all you need is a peaceful dinner with the ones you truly love.

Now go host a goodbye party and start off a new chapter the right way

We hope that you had a wonderful life so far and that a new life after the move will be even better. More exciting with more adventures. Before you start it off, host a goodbye party to mark the end of an era. You will love yourself for doing so. Spend some time with the people who were your every day until now and have a good time. Remember to call your movers in the morning and treat that hangover. We wish you good luck. 

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