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How to handle a move emotionally?


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There is a common mistake people make when relocating that has almost nothing to do with actual moving tasks. You already know that the course of the relocation depends on you. How quick and efficient it is, whether it is organized, handled by professional movers or not, and similar. Still, one thing most of us forget about and, in the end, pay a big price for, is our emotional state. Relocations are big changes and, however exciting, they are terrifying. Even if you are happy because you are moving, sooner or later, you will start to feel the unexpected consequences of this drastic change. In order to help you minimize them, we will tell you how to properly handle a move emotionally and what to expect in the meantime.

What does it mean to handle a move emotionally?

Organizing tasks and making sure that your dates are in order is one thing. Organizing your thoughts is another. Logically, thoughts are much more difficult to organize because you have to control them in order to organize them. You are aware, that is not something that you can do with a simple rub on a lamp. The same applies to emotions because they are very closely linked to our thoughts and the way we perceive things. It is very possible for you to be overwhelmed with obligations and that can result in emotional neglect that you will not feel immediately but later on as things cool down.

A girl smiling because she is trying to handle a move emotionally
You must be in touch with yourself because emotional neglect is fairly common.

To handle a move emotionally means to always be aware of the change that is happening and to expect yourself to feel different kinds of emotions. You may experience panic, sadness, overemphasized happiness, and similar. All are normal. All those emotions represent your reaction. Being kind to yourself and knowing that yourself will help.

What can you expect to happen?

The most important thing to emphasize here is the fact that you might not be aware that you are doing something wrong. You might do everything perfectly right. Settle in after your household movers bring your stuff, arrange your new place, meet new people, and similar. Yet, you can do it at the wrong time and then experience a rush of all kinds of emotions that will lead you to believe that you have done all of this poorly. It is important to be aware of how people can feel and react and to acknowledge it within yourself. Do not let a swirl of emotions impact your rational side. Instead, collide them and let the one with arguments win.

How can you prevent an emotional outburst?

If you want to prevent an emotional outburst that comes out of nowhere, you have to be in touch with your feeling the entire time. First of all, once you decide to move, you should sit down and ask yourself. How do I feel about this change? Is this something that is good for me? If it is not, is my reason for doing it worth it? It is important to know your goals and motives because they are the ones that keep us going forward. They are more important than the past that we miss. Your life, up until the move, should be your past. One that you cherish dearly and will never forget but it should not be something that you miss every day of your life. If you do, then you are not satisfied with your present and the direction your future is headed.

A man looking at his laptop with concern
Always try to rationalize things. Some fears can be handled that way. A move is often a good change. You just need to remind yourself of that.

Now, to loosen up a bit with the explanations. Make sure that you are content with your reason for moving. You must know what your goal is and believe that what you are doing is worth it. A move can be scary but what comes after is the existing part. If you are moving your office, surely it is because better opportunities are waiting for you, and similar.

Should you talk about this with someone?

Whenever someone is feeling down and cannot seem to help themselves, they should turn to someone they can. In case you have moved interstate, the chances are, you do not have your friends close to you, and a video call sometimes just does not cut it. Scenarios like this, perhaps, incline that you must talk to a professional. A long time ago, talking to a psychologist was considered a bit odd and it was not acceptable as it is today. Thankfully, these days, people are turning to professionals for all kinds of issues, big or small, and they are successfully helping them overcome them. All of us need help and a person who studied human tendencies is definitely someone who can help you be aware of your problem and solve it efficiently.

Have patience and be kind to yourself

In the end, when all is said and done, you will see that you can help yourself best if you just have patience. Everything needs time and so do you. After all, you might not experience any of this. Maybe you were happy to leave everything behind and start over because, well, life does go on and some of us handle it a little bit better than others. Remember that that is completely fine and we all have our time to shine.

A hand holding a mug with a saying on it and a flower in it
Have patience and faith in yourself.

Now you know how to handle a move emotionally and help yourself enjoy it

If you follow our suggestions and stay focused on your goals rather than the things that were once a part of your life, you will handle this just fine. Your past can be in your heart but your present and future must be on your mind. You will be able to handle a move emotionally only if you focus on yourself and what is good for you. We hope you enjoy this change and we wish you good luck!

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