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How to downsize when moving


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Moving is never easy, that’s a fact. If you need to declutter or downsize to a smaller home, it’s even harder. That’s why you need all the help you can get to make it work. From the best movers nh to useful tips on how to downsize when moving. Whichever the reasons are. We have got you covered. Stay with us and find all you need to know on this topic.

Start to downsize when moving with good and thorough planning

Everyone who has ever had to downsize knows the importance of planning. Also, Milford NH movers suggest the same. If you have to downsize when moving, it’s hard to part with possessions if you don’t have a plan. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to declutter is to plan out each item’s purpose and location. So, if you can’t think of its purpose or you can’t find a suitable place, it’s easy. Those items are ready to be decluttered to maximize the space. You see, this step isn’t hard at all, yet brings good results in downsizing your home when moving.

A person's hand writing on a paper
Good planning is the key to successfully downsize when moving.

What’s more to know about downsizing when moving

As we already mentioned, there are many steps you can take to go through with your goal. And that is to successfully downsize when moving. Here’s what else we suggest you try. Besides hiring the best household movers.

Measure your furniture and your new home

Another great way to downsize when moving is to think about the inside of your new home. Then, you should be able to see which of your old items and furniture will fit in the available space. Hence, take measurements of your new house and your furniture to see what fits and what doesn’t. Also, if you are planning on moving your furniture, don’t forget to create a layout sketch of the space. That will help you to envision your new home and see which items don’t fit and need to leave behind.

Downsize when moving, but keep your cherished items and fill the space

Decluttering and downsizing when moving doesn’t mean you have to leave every potentially unnecessary item behind. Because of course, not every belonging has to have a purpose and use. Of course, some of them hold sentimental value. So, if it’s too painful to lose, keep them. You can place them on a decorative shelf and keep them close to your heart. Or if your new home has space to hang your clothes, don’t feel obligated to toss all your favorite sweaters. Downsizing doesn’t mean to throw everything away, but to be good at prioritizing, to save space.

A person folding clothes on a bed trying to downsize when moving
Rearrange your clothes, but don’t throw all of them.

 Set time limits when downsizing your home before moving

This advice has two parts. The first part is that if you’re feeling overwhelmed, set a 15- minute timer to go through the junk drawer. We assure you this little time-trick will make the decluttering process manageable. Then, set a time limit to determine which items you can afford to get rid of. The key is simple- if you haven’t used it in a year, you don’t need it.

More tips on how to downsize when moving

  • Digitalize documents, as papers are the worst offenders in cluttered homes. Therefore, it is necessary to purge your bills, paperwork, and documents. Some of the items can simply be thrown away, while other can become a digital document. You can store them and keep them on a flash drive or external hard drive.
  • This is a good opportunity to give to others. It’s no doubt that someone else may have a better use for your extra set of measuring cups, right? You can either give it to some of the family members, or you can donate to a local charity. The choice is yours.
  • While downsizing when moving, don’t overdo it. It’s not rare some tend to part with more belongings than they should. Eventually, this leads to repurchasing those items later because they are still necessary. So, we advise you to take inventory of your belongings so that you know what you have and need. Finally, when moving, ask your moving company about minimum weights and use all the space and weight you’re granted.

Decide what to sell, toss, and donate before you downsize when moving

After you decide to get rid of some items, there are three things to do with them. You can sell, donate, or toss. While some items are so worn that you have no other choice but to toss, others are different. Other items can even make you a few extra dollars or go to someone in need.

When to sell?

As moving already costs money, why not earn some money in the process? However, not every item you don’t need is worth selling. So, list your unwanted items for sale if:

  • They are in good condition and not worn out or broken.
  • It is worth more than the price to organize their sale. This one is especially true if you plan on organizing a garage sale.
  • You have the energy and the time to organize the sale. As there are multiple ways to sell items today, choose the method that works best for you.

When to donate?

As for the selling, there are some rules on items you should typically donate.

  • Donate items if they are in good condition and don’t need repairs.
  • If an item is sell-worthy, but you don’t have the time to organize a sale for it. Also, note that some organizations offer documentation for a tax deduction, so there’s still a benefit for you.

Sometimes, instead of selling your items, you can make a good gesture. You can donate the items you don’t need to local organizations, for instance.

Do something great neon sign
Do something great and donate.

Let’s wrap it up

After you’ve read how to downsize when moving, you could see that downsizing takes time, but the effort is worth it. Only this way you can live simply and maximize the space in your new home. We wish you the best of luck.

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