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How to avoid miscommunication with movers?


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Generally, there are a million tiny details and some big details that can disrupt the flow of your relocation. You can make serious mistakes that compromise the entire process or you can make a tiny mistake that costs you more than you counted on. Well, many people are aware of this and that is why they do everything in their power to organize all those details perfectly, hire professional moving assistance, and do everything else that helps them avoid any trouble. Unfortunately, where many make the biggest mistake of all is in their communication with the hired help. In all the commotion, you and your movers can easily end up in a misunderstanding. Therefore, we will be reviewing the question and possible answers on how to avoid miscommunication with movers.

If you want to avoid miscommunication with movers, here is what you should consider

As we previously mentioned, there are numerous ways how a move can go wrong and misunderstandings actually represent a very common one. When it comes to this, it does not help to think about whose fault the misunderstanding is. The damage is usually already done and all that is left for you is to fix it. Fortunately, you can avoid all of these shenanigans and simply do it right the first time. Still, you must remember that everything starts with you. Even the movers are your choice so be careful whom you decide on.

FOur people at a meeting talking
Everything starts with you. Who you hire and how you handle them.

First of all, hire quality movers, not just any moving company

Once you decide to relocate, you will immediately know that you must call someone to help you. It is, sometimes, acceptable to call friends and family but that is no guarantee and often results in damage, injuries, and whatnot. If you are relocating your office, the clever and logical thing to do is request commercial moving services from a licensed professional. Preferably an experienced one. Your friends are not exactly the moving help you should trust with such a serious move. Therefore, hiring good movers is the first step if you want to avoid miscommunication with movers. If they are not experienced or even impolite, things can go downhill and that is exactly what we want to circle around.

Create your own plan and then go over it with professionals

Once you decide to hire a company and you believe that they will be able to help you, you should start planning. Before you talk to your movers about anything, we suggest that you talk to yourself first. You must know exactly what you want, need, and what you plan on avoiding at all costs. Create your budget, reminders, plans with circled dates on a calendar, everything. Make a plan as if you were moving on your own. Even if you are not. Once you get all of that figured out, you will be able to be clear when you communicate with your chosen movers.

A piece of paper with writings on it
You are the one who can make this happen.

Be very specific and be very clear when explaining yourself

If you trusted us on our word and created a plan of your own, then this part will not be a problem. Once you hire your residential movers, they will get in touch with you in order to see and hear what you want and need. Now would be the time for you to get your plan out and start talking. Remember, it is better to be repetitive than to be unclear. Some tasks are more difficult than others and have more detailed explanations. When this happens, it is better to slowly go over the entire process more than once. In other words, be boring but do not leave anything to chance.

If you really want to avoid miscommunication with movers, remember to be polite

Besides being clear, you really should be polite with your movers and ask for their cooperation. If they sense that you are being rude or acting like a leader towards them, they will probably create an aversion towards you and will most likely stop trying so much. On the other hand, if you remain polite in your requests, professionals will always listen to you and every word you say. They might even take notes and ask their own questions. Just to make sure that you are on the same page.

Be present during the move

You do not have to participate physically but it would be nice if you could be present during the relocation. If you have requested packing services, you can always be with your movers during the process and guide them if you feel like you have to. If you are present, even if something does happen out of the ordinary or not according to plan, you can always act and put an end to it before it escalates.

A mover and a client working with boxes
Participate in certain tasks or just be present during the process.

To sum it up

As you can see, you can easily avoid miscommunication with movers but you have to know exactly what you want to achieve and let them help you. Therefore, be polite, be very clear, even repetitive, and perhaps take notes and be present during some more demanding tasks. Be in touch with them always. It cannot hurt and you will be thankful to yourself later. All in all, we hope that this was useful and that everything ends well. We wish you good luck.

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