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    How much does moving a gun safe cost? How do I get ready to move my gun safe? Get these answers and more about hiring professional gun safe movers below.

    If you’re looking to move in the near future, then you probably have a few items you’re especially concerned about moving.

    One of them might be your gun safe, which needs to be handled with extreme caution.

    Many people make the mistake of trying to move it themselves, which ends in hundreds of dollars in damage to their guns.

    Instead of turning it into a DIY project, be sure to hire professional gun safe movers to get the job done right.

    Here is everything that you need to know about gun safe movers. These are the reasons that you should trust them, rather than yourself, for the big move.


    The one dolly that comes along with the moving truck you rented isn’t going to be enough to safely move your gun safe.

    If you have any steps that you need to move the safe up or down, then you need to have an expert gun safe mover perform the task.

    Because of the different resources that they have available to use, the process takes as much risk out of the equation as possible. For example, they might have moving trucks with motorized lifts to prevent anyone from carrying it up the ramp. They also have blankets with the proper material to protect your gun safe while it’s in transit.


    Perhaps this is your first time moving since you purchased the gun safe. If so, even you have little previous experience with moving gun safes. Meanwhile, hiring professional gun safe movers helps you add the proper amount of experience and know-how to get the job done right.

    They’ve seen everything and heard of everything else. If there are any potential risks in moving your gun safe, they’ll be able to identify them before you start moving it. They also have a solution to any potential issue that might occur. Thanks to the equipment that they have, they can also protect your current or future home from damage during the move.

    Lastly, a professional gun safe mover will know the best processes to ensure the safety of everyone involved. By putting it in their (very capable) hands, you’re protecting yourself and your family from potential injury.


    In order to get the job done safely, it takes a few minutes of properly preparing your gun safe to be moved.

    That might include things like lightening the load inside the safe, placing blankets on the walls and floors, or temporarily taking off doors.

    It all depends on the quality and size of the gun safe. If the safe is relatively small, then a lot of these steps can be avoided. If your gun safe is larger than most, it will take more preparation to safely transport it.

    Protection during the move is key: protection of your safe, your self, and your property. The only way to ensure protection for all three is to set time aside to devise a plan for both loading and unloading the gun safe.


    No matter how safe you are, there is always going to be a risk for damage while you’re moving your safe. Something unforeseen could happen, such as the safe falling through your wooden staircase. Without proper insurance in place, you’ll be losing out on thousands of dollars with no hope of being properly compensated.

    However, professional gun safe movers always carry insurance with them. The insurance protects you, them, and all of your belongings. That way, if an accident were to happen, you would be covered from the loss.  Having that coverage can give you peace of mind during the big move. Now you can trust the movers to care for your gun safe and, if something were to go wrong, you’d be protected from it.


    In order to get your gun safe from point A to point B as safely as possible, proper measurements need to be done. Doing so can assure that the moving truck is properly equipped for the dimensions of the gun safe that you own. If your gun safe is larger than the normal size, then the moves can adjust the moving truck in order to accommodate.

    Plus, the size of the safe will dictate if there’s a need to do things such as remove the door and request a higher headcount of movers. The dimensions of your gun safe will also help the service give you as accurate a quote as possible.


    You have enough to worry about with the move as-is. Moving a gun safe is a much larger task than most people realize.

    If you were to place it in the hands of a professional gun safe mover, then you rid yourself of the worry. They’ll come in and take care of it so that you don’t need to lay a finger on it. This will free you up to focus on things like activating your utilities at the new place, adjusting your budget, planning the rest of the move, etc. Now that you’ve seen all the perks of hiring professional gun safe movers for your gun safe, it’s time to find the right fit.


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