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Hidden gems to discover after moving to Merrimack


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There are many beautiful places in the world. And only the locals know about many of them, as many of those places are hidden behind well-known locations. Unsurprisingly, you will only find glimpses of such places after moving and interacting with locals. As a matter of fact, the best movers Merrimack NH has, are always happy to recommend some such places to new people. To save you some trouble, we decided to share some hidden gems to discover after moving to Merrimack!

Welcome to Merrimack

Merrimack in itself is a hidden gem! This beautiful town is located between Nashua and Manchester. Due to its location, it is undeniable that Merrimack is located in a perfect place! With easy access to the two biggest cities in the state, it opens many possibilities to its residents. Currently, around 26,762 residents are enjoying the small joys of this town. In recent years Michael Brooks Moving has witnessed many young, ambitious people moving here. Why? Not only does the town have a perfect location from which people can easily commute to the two big cities. But in the town itself, there are many good job opportunities. But if that wasn’t enough, don’t forget there are also hidden gems to discover after moving to Merrimack!

Skyline of the hidden gems to discover after moving to Merrimack
There are many hidden gems to discover after moving to Merrimack! This small town has many charms.

Twin Bridge Park and Kids Kove

If you look at the town center area of Merrimack, you will notice Twin Bridge park. The park spans over  27 acres of land. It was awarded to the city in 1928. The park is bordered by Baboosic Brook on its north and east sides and has gotten its name from its two bridges. Those two bridges have stood in place and helped people cross the brook since colonial times. Although, over time, they were reconstructed and made better, the massive stones used when they were first made are still present and are used to anchor them today.

Are you wondering why would some of the best apartment movers Merrimack NH has, recommend this park? Well, because here you will find many opportunities for different activities. For instance, a path for hikers leads through the forest of American Hemlock and Witchhazel trees. But lovely views and nature are not the only things the park offers. There is also a beautiful playground known as the Kids Kove play area. Little League baseball is also at Bise Field, along with a half-court basketball that is just made for kids that are a little older. Of course, parents can look at their kids and enjoy the day while sitting by the picnic tables.

A beautiful rock bridge over a lake
There are many beautiful locations worth seeing, as the mix of nature and architecture will leave people speechless.

Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Is there a better way to experience a place than to visit some of its best food and drinking establishments? One of the most known and respected local establishments is the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. This place pays a lot of attention to its roots and the area’s history. It is also a location where you will find some of the best drinks in the area. But that’s not all! Not only do they respect and cherish their heritage, but they also paint a picture of the excellent future they are working for!

After moving, people often need time to get accustomed to new surroundings. You can take this location as one of the best places to do that! Not only will you be able to experience the local drinks and relax, but you will also come in contact with many locals. So this will also be a good chance for you to make new acquaintances or friends.

A man holding a beer
Going out is a big help when meeting new friends and learning about your new city.

Wasserman Park

Some people don’t move alone. Many of them have pets by their side during the long and stressful relocation process. But that also means they will need to look for places where their pets can enjoy the outdoors. In these cases, many people get packing services Merrimack NH movers provide, and they focus on reaching suitable places. And almost all of them come to the same conclusion. The Wasserman Park! But what can you expect from this hidden gem?

First of all, this place does not just offer a dog park! There are many recreational opportunities that this park offers to the public. It is unsurprising to see many families having picnics and playing tennis, basketball, and many other sports during nice weather. But there is even more! Due to it being home to many bodies of water, it is also a location where you will notice a lot of fishing and swimming during the summer. It is a place worth visiting.

Reeds Ferry Crossing

If you are the same as us and enjoy beautiful scenes that look like they came out of a book or a movie screen, visiting the Reeds Ferry Crossing is a must! On the west side of the Merrmic river, a location was once known for having a ferry. Although the information on the ferry operation is hard to find, the fact that it is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the river has made many people interested in it and its story. Among many of the hidden gems to discover after moving to Merrimack, this one greatly impacted many industries as huge amounts of raw materials were transported from one shore to the other.

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