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Moving Your gun safe

From moving to private sales, we will pick up your new or existing gun safe and move it to your new space. Maximum weight limit for gun safes is up to a 1000 lb safe.


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Moving Your Gun Safe


When we discuss moving a gun safe with a customer we will ask about important details to help make the move go smoothly.


The most important thing with moving gun safes is, how much does it weigh?

People rarely know how much their gun safe weighs and they will say, “I don’t know it’s heavy” or, “I think it weighs 500lbs”.


We can’t properly plan to move your gun safe based on unknowns. We have to know the actual weight. It is possible to have three gun safes with the same dimensions, but the weight of each one is drastically different. One may weigh 300lbs and the other can weigh 1500lbs, but they look identical in size and shape.


There is no sticker on a gun safe that tells you how much it weighs and to get accurate information often requires you to do some research and consult the manufacturer’s Web site or contact the gun safe manufacturer directly.


Knowing the weight, where the gun safe is located and where it will be moved to, are all vital details to plan a move. The weight and the location will determine how many men are required and the type of equipment that we may need to move the gun safe from the current location and into the new location.


There’s allot to moving it safely, and we need as much information about these vital details as possible to provide an accurate cost for the move and ensure the movers are properly prepared.


Please contact us at (603) 262-9116 if you have questions, want more information or wish to schedule to move your gun safe.

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