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Getting the right insurance coverage when moving antique furniture in Manchester NH


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One of the most important aspects of moving is getting moving insurance. By getting insurance coverage for your belongings, you get that additional relief of knowing that, even in case something breaks in transit, you will not be at a financial loss. Of course, movers in NH have skilled employees who go through extensive training so damaged items are a rare occurrence. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry. But what happens if you have some vintage furniture pieces which are worth more than what the moving insurance covers? We are here to share tips on getting the right insurance coverage when moving antique furniture in Manchester NH.

Moving antique furniture in Manchester NH- what kind of insurance is best?

When moving with movers Manchester NH, you can choose from standard moving insurance options most moving companies offer. You can get:

  • Full value protection, or
  • Released value protection

Full value protection is the more expensive insurance coverage, but it also pays off more in case something gets damaged during your relocation. If you have expensive items as vintage furniture usually is, then this would be your go-to insurance option. Moving companies usually don’t charge extra for released value protection, but it only covers 60 cents per pound if any of your belongings break or suffer damage during the move. This is a very bad deal for pricey antique furniture pieces since they are worth even thousands of dollars at times.

vintage furniture
Learn how to choose the best insurance when moving antique furniture in Manchester NH.

Get additional insurance for moving vintage furniture from Manchester

Hiring antique furniture movers NH in Manchester is always a better idea than moving your furniture by yourself. However, if you have some high-value vintage pieces, you might want to consider getting additional insurance. Family heirlooms are priceless to some, and many people love collecting antique furniture pieces, which is all the more reason to get the right insurance coverage. The first step is to get an appraisal for your furniture so you know its true value. Once that is done, you will have a clearer image of the insurance coverage that is adequate. Getting additional insurance besides the regular released value protection the movers offer will give you more peace of mind regarding your cherished possessions.

Protect your furniture, get professional packing services

Another way of protecting fragile vintage furniture is to hire professional packers. The packing services Merrimack NH offers will be the best choice for your antique pieces. Knowing that professionals are handling your furniture will spare you many headaches and unnecessary stress. If you try packing your furniture by yourself, you may miss something, and the chance of items suffering damage increases. Getting proper insurance coverage and professional packing services is the winning combination!

old furniture
Professional packing services are the best choice for relocating vintage furniture in New Hampshire.

Moving antique furniture in Manchester NH doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is the proper insurance coverage and some professional help. And if you are downsizing at the same time, you will have so much fun decorating your new home. Having all your vintage furniture in your new home will give it a unique vibe for sure!



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