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Formal decoration tips for your living room


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There’s nothing wrong with being in love with formal style interiors. Many of us remember our parents’ and grandparents’ living rooms and how they used to be formal. Before you dial preferred movers NH to haul that old oak sofa set from your aunt’s place, consider a more modern twist on your design. Today you have many options and ways to make your living room elegant and classy without resembling the one from the old days. There are great formal decoration tips on the subject. You just have to have an open mind. We will gladly share with you what works best and why. 

There are specific common characteristics to every formal style living room


Even though there are great ways to give your formal living room an update, you should stick to the basics. There are standard features that every elegant living room has. Those are antique pieces of furniture, window coverings, art on the walls, quality rugs, and elaborate chandeliers. If you don’t have some of these items, it doesn’t mean you cannot decorate your living room in a formal setting. Don’t call off your antique furniture movers just yet. Your antique furniture will look great in your living room even if you don’t have antique artwork on your walls. You can use whatever items you have to your advantage if you do it following specific rules.

room setup according to formal decoration tips
Make your living room decor classic but also contemporary

The number 1 rule in formal living room decoration

The first thing you have to take care of is your focal point. Your room needs something that will capture everyone’s attention when they enter. It would help if you had something beautiful around which you can build a story, add furniture, decorative pieces, or artwork. If you are among the lucky ones who own a piano, you can quickly transform your beloved instrument to be the star of the room. Find a place in your living room that would work the best and call piano movers NH to ensure a safe relocation of your piano. From there, you can start adding other pieces of furniture and incorporating everything into a complete formal look. Use classic decorative items like china or crystal to make a memorable impression.

The second rule of formal style decorating

When you find a piece that would best serve as the center of the room, think of furniture. One of the best ways to decorate a formal-style living room is to use wooden furniture. You can choose from different types of wood like oak or mahogany. If you like your furniture to have a shine, such finishing can also be an option. You can find great interior design studios or ateliers and have professional service delivery NH movers transport the pieces to your home. Put your sofa, chairs, and other furniture on the other side of your centerpiece. To avoid an old, dated look, you can use decorative pillows or some new upholstery. The look you are trying to achieve doesn’t have to have an ancient vibe. It can still be a modern classic. 

The third rule of formal décor includes elegant details

Everything is in the details. To make your living room shine and capture smiles, you need details. Use mirrors, artwork, lamps, pillows, and other embellishments. If you have been keeping some of these items in storage until now, call movers Nashua NH locals gladly recommend. Get a reliable crew to bring all those sensitive items like mirrors and chandeliers from storage and use them. Use them to define your living room space and give it some life. You can use crystal or silver formal dining plates to give your room some elegance and class. Do not exaggerate with the details. It is best if you are moderate and don’t over-embellish the room with many tiny but powerful pieces.

living room
Follow formal decoration tips for a successful living room makeover

Some other helpful formal decoration tips

If you follow some of the golden rules of formal decorating, you should consider decadent window treatments. Besides coverings for your window frames, you want to have rugs or something rich on the floor. Also, you want to have proper lighting that will give your room an elegant look. Many people opt for classic crystal chandeliers as the best option. However, there are some other ways you can light up your room if you don’t like crystal handing from your ceiling. Using natural light is imperative, even though you have window coverings. Avoid making your room dark and gloomy. You don’t want your family or friends to feel like they were sitting in a shady, lifeless place.

cozy living room decoration
Light up your living room with some unique decorative pieces

Get the perfect classic look with a modern twist

You might be drawn to classic elegant pieces of wooden furniture and like your living room to have a formal vibe. However, you want to incorporate some modern and contemporary elements that will keep the room updated. There are plenty of ways you can do this. Opt for natural tones of your upholstery or window coverings. Use pillows to accent how comfortable your sofa is. Use rugs with a more contemporary feel to them. Also, keep the room light and breeze. The room has to be functional, and you should arrange to sit invitingly. Even though it is a formal living room, you want your guests to be comfortable and even casual. Another great way to bring some modern into your décor is using more contemporary artwork. You want your art to appeal to your peers as it appeals to you.

Make your living room a cozy space to entertain your friends

Whatever way you want to go and whatever formal decoration tips you want to follow, make your room a cozy space. You want your guests to feel welcomed, and you want your living room to be inviting. If people start to wonder if they can even sit on one of your chairs, change something. Put a more modern twist to the room and ensure a positive vibe among all your guests. You can have a formal living room and still appeal to a younger side of yourself.

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